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Emerald Hills

Date: (Sat.) May. 10, 2014
Location: Redwood City, CA
Event Director: - 650.365.4275
Course Setter: Frank Markowitz
Type: C; Beginner point-to-point course and "Western Massachusetts Rules" Score-O course for beginners through advanced

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Event Write-Up


Thanks to everyone who came out to our Emerald Hills event. We had only about 45 people show up to enjoy the event. Last year we had about 75 people come out for our Feb. 9 event. This year there were 60 controls compared to last year's 35 controls. This year we used the Western Massachusetts Rules instead of having a regular 60- and 90-minute Score-O.

It was a beautiful day for orienteering. I'm wondering why we had the difference in attendance. Are there more conflicting events in May? Do people prefer having less controls? Did the 40-control option scare people away? Before we decided on the format for the event, I took a poll on the BayONet: eight people voted for the Western Massachusetts Rules, and only two people voted for the traditional Score-O format.

The people who came to the event seemed to really enjoy the courses. We had quite a few newcomers, and since it was a small event, we were able to talk to everyone who was there. It's an interesting area, and Frank set challenging courses.

It was very easy to get the permit for this event from the Redwood City Elementary School District. I just called the school to make sure the date was available, turned in a short one-page form to the district office, e-mailed the insurance to them, and that was it. It would be great if it was always that easy!

It was also easy to work with all of our wonderful BAOC volunteers! I appreciate all that you do to help the club.

Thanks to all of our volunteers:

Frank Markowitz for planning such interesting courses and for helping with everything at the event
Werner Haag and Sharon Evans for vetting the courses
Steve Haas for handling registration and bringing the clocks and signs from the last event
Bob Cooley for advice on mapping issues, adding the extra areas to the map and printing the maps
Rex Winterbottom, our club's Event Coordinator, for helping make this event happen
Chuck Spalding for giving a beginner clinic, helping with registration and finishes, and updating the event information on the BAOC website
Barbara Robben for helping with the clean-up at the end of the day
Matthias Kohler for helping with the starts and finishes
Maria Keating for handling the insurance

I apologize if I've forgotten somebody.

Course Setter's Comments


The preliminary results are below. We had excellent weather and a generally smooth event.

Under the Western Massachusetts Rules, competitors could choose to reach 7, 15, 25, or 40 controls (out of 60 total). Only two finished the ultra-long 40-control course: winner Matej Šebo, and Steve Gregg. This option required an estimated 15+ hilly miles. The winners of the long- and middle-distance categories were Graham Brew (25 controls) and Oleksander Sokolov (15 controls). Marsha Jacobs won the 7-control event. There was also a White course with two variations.

Please let know if there are questions or corrections. Thanks to all who helped.


Emerald Hills

Redwood City, CA
Saturday, May 10, 2014

Short White Course  (3.2 km, 8 controls)
   1  Lorine & Holland            1:03

Long White Course   (3.9 km, 11 controls)
   1  David & Kevin               0:55
   2  Barbara Robben              1:05

Score-O, 7 controls 
   1  Marsha Jacobs               1:14
   2  Masha Konkov                1:15
   3  Judy Koehler                1:38
   4  Nick & Sonya Heys           1:57
   5  Amber & Karl Courtemarche   2:14
   6  Kristen St. John            2:15
   7  Pat & Skylar Collins        2:33
   8  Winnie & Derek Leung        2:38

Score-O, 15 controls 
   1  Oleksander Sokolov          1:27
   2  Daniel & Lubo Šebo          1:30
   3  Detcon - Lindsay & Ryan     1:32
   4  Pierre Delforge             1:34  (24 controls)
   5  Frank Slattery              1:36
   6  Scott Aster                 1:37
   7  Julia Doubson               1:40
   8  Fyodor Konkov               1:41
   9  Jenny & Casey O'Connor      1:45
  10  John, Will, Samuel, &
        Vincent Fitch             1:57
  11  Richard Chiburis            2:06
  12  Michele, Dan, & Ben Conway  2:52

Score-O, 25 controls 
   1  Graham Brew                 1:44
   2  Eric Rosenzweig             2:22
   3  Steve Haas                  2:25
   4  Jason Lee                   2:47
   5  Meg Gerstner, Alan
        Glendinning               3:44

Score-O, 40 controls 
   1  Matej Šebo                  2:35
   2  Steve Gregg                 3:03
   Overtime – No time recorded:
      Gavin Wyatt-Mair