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Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Date: (Sun.) Sep. 14, 2014
Location: Boulder Creek, CA
Event Directors: - 650.321.9713, - 831.439.9822
Course Setters: Nick Corsano, Nick Giori
Type: B; We return to this beautiful park, after a long absence, for point-to-point courses for beginners through advanced

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Event Write-Up


Thank you to everyone for coming out to enjoy the day at Big Basin, after our 9-year hiatus! The weather was excellent, and the folks jubilant.

About the terrain: Did someone say "steep"? With a side order of "technically challenging"? Well, Big Basin was made to order, and Nick Corsano and Nick Giori cooked up some good courses just for the day! The map is quite out of date, and the Nick's did their best to make corrections and updates in pertinent places. However, that didn't suffice for many on the intermediate and advanced courses, who unfortunately succumbed to the maps flaws, and DNF'd. Fortunately, there was enough accuracy on the map, and careful placement of checkpoints, so that, on the Beginner courses (White and Yellow), only one starter fell prey to the harsh condition of the map.

On the White course, Boy Scout Troop 273 did well, coming in first and second, followed by Alison Weber from GCO in third. On Yellow, Ann Drevo eked out first place, just ahead of Boy Scout Troop 80 in second, followed by William Murphy in third.

On the Orange course, Fillian Swift and COOL member Johanna Karras battled it out for first and second, respectively, followed by Denis Kourakin in 3rd. Dennis Wildfogel showed that he's a native of the area, acing first place on Brown by 10 minutes! Trevor Pering and Gary Carpenter came in second and third.

On Green, Tapio Karras was the clear winner, Eric Stoutenburg came in second, followed by Nadja Rutz in third place. On Red, Mikkel Conradi dusted the field for first place, with François Léonard and Deron van Hoff coming in second and third, respectively.

Thank you to everyone who pitched in and volunteered to make this event run smoothly and successfully! Hopefully I haven't missed anyone in the list below.

Nick Corsano – Event Director and Course Setter
Sharon Evans – Co-Event Director
Nick Giori – Assistant Course Setter
Mark Prior – Pre-runner/vetter
Marina Keating – Insurance
Bob Cooley – Map printing
Steve Haas – Registration
Esther Heller – Registration
Rosemary Johnson – E-Punch
Jeff Lanam – E-Punch
Mikkel Conradi – E-Punch
Peter Graube – Beginner Clinics
Deron van Hoff – Beginner Clinics & driving to Redwood City to transfer event supplies
Judy Kohler – Beginner Clinics
Stephanie Maclean – Beginner Clinics
Vickie Woolworth – Beginner Clinics & control pickup
Anna Prang – Starts
Chico Hernandez – Starts
Ray Kemp – Taking the Start banner to the Start
Gary Carpenter – First runner & finishes
Matthias Kohler – Finishes
Meggan Wenbourne – Finishes
Susan & Natalie Kim – Control pickup
Misha Krevlaski – Control Pickup
Frederick Lee – Control Pickup
Matej Sebo – Control Pickup
Greg Ehrinsing – Control Pickup
Matthias Vangbo – Control Pickup
Natalia Konkov – Control Pickup
Dan Vannatter – Husband extraordinaire, refreshments, control placement, and all around support/assistance!
Derek & Stephanie Maclean – Taking all the equipment to Calero
Cornelia Coolen – Taking all the remaining refreshments
Didn't catch the name – Good Samaritan Volunteer​—​helped carry things back from the Starts when Starts closed
Ranger Luke Ware – Ranger Monitor
Ranger Emily Bertram – Head Park Ranger
Judy Hill – State Parks Special Events Coordinator

If there are names above that you don't recognize, it might be because they are my family and friends who very generously responded to requests for help.


Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Boulder Creek, CA
Sunday, September 14, 2014

White Course   Yellow Course   Orange Course   Brown Course   Green Course   Red Course

Also see control-by-control timing in the WinSplits results (

We apologize for the incorrect finish times given at the event. The corrected results are below. Sorry, but I didn't bother to correct the WinSplits results ( for most of the people that didn't finish their courses. I didn't see the point of making the last split correct if you missed five or many more controls. For the few people who did miss only one control, I corrected your finish split. These folks have the control number that they missed listed in the results.
Rosemary Johnson (E-punch Director)  

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget. (Use of RouteGadget is explained here. RouteGadget for this event is here (

White Course    (2.1 km, 80 m climb, 10 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                              Time
   1  Troop 273A (4)                       30:49  
   2  Troop 273 C (4)                      32:46
   3  Alison Weber (GCO)                   38:18
   4  Troop 273 B (7)                      40:49
   5  Brad & Lisa Melton                   46:12
   6  Sidney Whiting, Olivia Andrakin,
        Grace Romero                       46:42
   7  Rajesh & Vidit Agrawal, Dinesh
        Thirumavalavan, Rahul Vishnoi,
        Thiruma Veluswamy                  48:36
   8  Julian Shinazy, Clifton Horne        54:27
   9  Prindiville family of 4              54:53
  10  Ravi & Srinivas Gadgil             1:02:03
  11  Diane Hall, Laura Romero           1:19:54
  12  Beatrice & Jay                     1:32:01
  13  Umma Olcese, Luis Sotomayor        1:33:28

Yellow Course   (2.2 km, 90 m climb, 11 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                              Time
   1  Ann Drevno                           50:48  
   2  Troop 80 (2nd group of 3)            51:38
   3  William Murphy                       54:19
   4  Troop 80 (1st grp of 3)              55:44
   5  Kristen Weber (GCO)                  58:54
   6  Rosemary Johnson                   1:01:18
   7  Anastasia Kurakina, Marina
        Kabatskaya                       1:01:47
   8  Natalya & Natalya Bondarenko       1:03:14
   9  Dario, Joe, Molly, & Adam          1:11:42
  10  Mike Rhys                          1:12:16
  11  Kate & Rachel Tennant              1:15:05
  12  Kate Colby                         1:25:23
  13  Kahlel, Keisha, & Sid Negus        1:29:22
  14  Christina Barrie                   1:31:17
  15  Troop 80 (3rd group of 3)          1:40:36
  16  Jada & Michelle                    1:48:02
  17  Deepak Bharadwaj, Ravi Shankar,
        Malini Kondabagilu               1:53:20
  18  Brad, Alex, & Kylie Wetmore,
        Arik & Shane Florimonte          1:55:21
  19  Misha Iakovlev                     2:01:05
      Vincent Leonard & boys               DNF    (control #10)

Orange Course   (3.6 km, 210 m climb, 15 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                              Time
   1  Fillan Swift                       1:14:08  
   2  Johanna Karras (COOL)              1:14:58
   3  Denis Kourakin                     1:18:28
   4  Daniel Sebo                        1:24:34
   5  Davy Williams                      1:52:35
   6  Sasha Iakovlev                     1:58:20
   7  Vin & Lopez families               2:26:33
   8  Justin Bakal                       2:47:10
   9  Brian Tennant, Ken Dillon          3:01:36
  10  David Dippon                       3:14:18
      Masha Konkov                         DNF   (control #13)
      Steve O'Keefe                        DNF
      Judy Koehler                         DNF
      Luke Martin                          DNF
      Team Rassieur (5)                    DNF
      Zellers family                       DNF
      John Martin                          DNF

Brown Course    (3.9 km, 235 m climb, 15 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                              Time
   1  Dennis Wildfogel                   1:24:33  
   2  Trevor Pering                      1:44:40
   3  Gary Carpenter                     1:49:47
   4  George Minarik                     1:55:39
   5  Andy Cretcher                      2:19:55
   6  Judy & Tom Cronin                  2:32:28
   7  Olga Kraght                        2:33:34
   8  Leslie Minarik                     2:33:53
   9  Leif Kirschenbaum                  2:43:57
      Vicki Woolworth                      DNF   (control #2)
      Jeff Lanam                           DNF
      Matthias Kohler                      DNF
      Bryan Pon                            DNF
      Spenser Tai                          DNF
      David Strong                         DNF
      Roy Want                             DNF
      Oleg Shakhnovsky                     DNF
      Team Nonvelo                         DNF
      Steve Haas                           DNF
      Natalie Kim                          DNF

Green Course    (4.7 km, 290 m climb, 18 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                              Time
   1  Tapio Karras                       1:27:44  
   2  Eric Stoutenburg                   1:31:00
   3  Nadja Rutz                         1:40:30
   4  Steve Gregg                        1:48:56
   5  Chuck Spalding                     2:02:09
   6  Marie-Josée Parayre                2:02:11
   7  Laura & Miguel Clark               2:14:44
   8  Gary Kraght                        2:18:43
   9  Werner Haag                        2:22:42
  10  Greg Ehrensing                     2:35:25
  11  Johanna Merriss                    2:37:09
      Cornelia Coolen                      DNF
      Ray Kemp                             DNF
      Theo Verhoeven                       DNF
      Scott Sampson                        DNF
      Peter Graube                         DNF
      Julia Doubson                        DNF

Red Course      (5.8 km, 380 m climb, 21 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                              Time
   1  Mikkel Conradi                     1:39:53  
   2  François Léonard                   1:45:52
   3  Deron van Hoff                     1:53:26
   4  Mattias Vangbo                     1:55:11
   5  Nikolay Chukanov                   2:24:21
   6  Travis Parker                      2:24:59
   7  Manfred Kopisch                    2:50:52
   8  Luc Poppe                          2:57:01
      Peter Graham                         MSP   (control #18)
      Matej Sebo                           DNF   (control #12)
      Nik Weber (GCO)                      DNF   (control #12)
      Misha Kreslavsky                     DNF
      Derek Maclean                        DNF
      Sam Colby                            DNF
      Kipley Fiebig                        DNF
      Cam Am                               DNF
      Frederick Lee                        DNF
      Gavin Williams                       DNF
      Cedric Lasfargues                    DNF
      Lubomir Sebo                         DNF
      Damian Swift                         DNF
      Eric Rosenzweig                      DNF
      Mark Eremeev                         DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)
MSP = Mispunched (one or more controls wrong)
GCO ( = Gold Country Orienteers, the Sacramento-area club
COOL = California Outdoor Orienteering League; the BAOC organization for juniors