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Marin Camping Weekend

Camp Tamarancho

Date: Jun. 29 - 30, 2013
Location: Fairfax, CA
Event Director: - 415.456.8118
Course Setters: Bud Laird, Randy Franklin, Andrew Peterson
Type: C; 2-loop relay course for pairs and solos on Saturday, Scramble on Sunday

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Event Write-Up

By , Event Director

The first Marin Camping Weekend at BSA camp Tamarancho:

Well, despite the heat, E-punch hiccoughs, a participant's RV that had to back track on Iron Springs road, and a competing event down in LaLa land, we had an absolutely wonderful time!

On Saturday, rogaining champion Bud Laird set dual courses, a Brown and an Orange course, roughly paralleling each other. People could try one or the other, or both. While many intended to complete both courses, only four hardy souls actually did. The downfall for most was the 91-degree temperature, and the fact that about half of both courses stayed in the bright, draining sunlight of open meadows and hillsides. The courses were fast, with multiple route-choice options on every leg, and good spectating opportunities for people willing to stand out in the sun and cheer them on!

About 20 people decided to camp out Saturday night, including several families and groups with lots of juniors. The excellent camping facilities, within a short walk to the staging area on Staff Hill were much enjoyed, and I don't think you can camp in the Bay Area anywhere else for $10 per adult. In my opinion, BAOC should consider offering this camping option whenever we hold an event at Tamarancho, even if we have a one-day event.

On Sunday, we had the Wilderness Scramble. Randy Franklin and Andrew Peterson designed a Scramble with something for everyone. Controls were located in every corner of the map, with a gratifyingly large number located in the central part of the camp, easily reached by even slow walkers. Control point values were variable, based on distance and technical difficulty, tempting many to explore the far reaches of the map in search of high point values. Sunday was a bit cooler than Saturday, which helped, along with the fact that we started earlier in the day, before the day's heat reached it's maximum. At the mass start, people scattered in every direction, quickly disappearing from view. Just before the first deadline (90 minutes) people started to pop out of the nearby woods and hustle in to the finish line. We then had another period of calm before the participants in the 3-hour competition started to come in. Randy told me there was no way anyone could get all the controls in just three hours, but Dennis Wilkinson almost proved him wrong, getting all but one control, and finishing under the three-hour time limit, an amazing feat, considering the heat, the distance, and the huge amount of climb needed to reach all the controls.

Staff Hill proved a great place for people to hang out before and after completing their courses each day. We had lots of tables to sit at and plenty of food and drink for all, shade, and even shower facilities, which were quite popular on both days. Located a very short walk from the parking lot, and being in the center of the main area of the camp, made it a very usable and convenient event center.

Besides our courses setters, Bud, Andrew, and Randy, I must not forget to thank Rosemary Johnson and Jeff Lanam, who got the E-punch system to work, even when it didn't seem to want to, and provided splits and quick results for everyone both days. Steve Gregg helped out with E-punch as well, and it was a big relief to me not to have to resort to my back-up plan of punch cards and manually calculated results. Thank all three of you very much!

The Camp Tamarancho ranger, Dana, was extremely friendly and helpful throughout the planning and executing of the event. He even brought out garbage cans for us, and picked them up afterwards so we did not have to haul out our trash!

This turned out to be a very fun event to put on, no insurmountable difficulties occurred, and I was especially pleased to see the many adventure racers and families that came out. Now if we can only have cooler weather next year!

E-Punch Comments

By , E-Punch Director

I want to mention that it was the Irish Orienteering program (which I was going to use for the two-person relay) that I couldn't get to work on Saturday, even though I had tested it the night before and that morning at home. Fortunately, there was only one pair who had wanted to try this option, so it didn't have too much impact.

Mark Blair's QuickStick program ran just fine for the Saturday Classic courses.

For the Sunday Scramble, I ran SPORTident Score-O, which does a nice job of calculating the differing point values for the various controls and the penalties for the time violations. However, I don't use this complicated program enough to remember all the rules right off, so I had some head scratching to get it right. I usually do by the end of the day, and with Jeff's help, did again that day, so all the results came out right.


Marin Camping Weekend

Fairfax, CA
Saturday–Sunday, June 29–30, 2013

Saturday Event     Sunday Event

Saturday Event

Also see control-by-control timing in the Saturday WinSplits Results (

Orange Course    (3.5 km, 200 m climb, 13 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                      Time
      Peter Holst                  DNF

Brown Course     (3.0 km, 150 m climb, 13 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                      Time
   1  Werner Haag                  55:13
   2  Christine Brew               58:29
   3  Bruce Wolfe                  58:48
   4  Bob Cooley                 1:01:30
   5  Ralf Burgert               1:06:39
   6  Bjorn Reinseth (Nydalen)   1:08:05
   7  Gavin Wyatt-Mair           1:23:00
   8  Bill Follette              1:27:49
   9  Johanna Merriss            1:33:19
  10  Greg Ehrensing             1:36:35
  11  Mike & Emily Defillipo     2:13:43
      Kyle Halliday                DNF
      David Jorgensen              DNF
      Vicki Woolworth              DNF
      Jeff Lanam                   DNF
      Brad & Alex Wetmore          DNF

Brown+Orange Course  (6.5 m, 350 m climb, 26 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                      Time
   1  Rex Winterbottom           1:48:30
   2  Graham Brew                2:13:26
   3  Steve Haas                 2:42:42
      Steve Gregg                  DNF

Orange+Brown Course  (6.5 m, 350 m climb, 26 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                      Time
   1  William Cusworth (COC)     1:56:38

Sunday Event

90-Minute Category     (37 controls, 1960 maximum points)

  Pl  Name(s)                                    Time   Points         Score
Family Class
   1  Greg Favor, Nancy Tomkins, Lyla Maymon   1:21:00    300           300 
   2  Rainbow Brites - Wongs                   1:24:49    200           200 
   3  Speedy Wolves - Wongs & Lees             1:24:21    160           160 
   4  Danny Fell & Lost                        1:24:44    160           160 
   5  MCCLTV - Girls w/adult                   1:24:46    160           160 
   6  Ian & Toni Hanrahan                      1:22:12    140           140 
   7  Ted & Harrison Lee                       1:22:26    140           140 

Masters Women Class
   1  Penny DeMoss                             1:28:50    540           540 
   2  Johanna Merriss                          1:36:05    540    -70    470 

Masters Men Class
   1  Philip Hoare                             1:32:16    460    -30    430 

Open Mixed Class
   1  Mavericks and Mavens - Laurent & Jamie   1:27:12    360           360 

3-Hour Category     (37 controls, 1960 maximum points)

  Pl  Name(s)                                    Time   Points         Score
Family Class
   1  Team Sporeales                           2:50:07    640           640 
   2  Speedy Gonzales's                        3:29:51    700   -300    400 

Masters Women Class
   1  Sharon Evans                             2:37:52    720           720 

Masters Men Class
   1  Ralf Burgert                             2:55:19   1340          1340 
   2  Bob Cooley                               2:58:13   1100          1100 
   3  Peter Graube                             2:59:15   1100          1100 
   4  Steve Haas, Bill Follette                2:55:53    940           940 
   5  Jeff Lanam                               1:48:22    280           280 
   6  Jim Fish                                 2:26:01    160           160 

Open Mixed Class
   1  Almost Always Lost - Tom & Betty         3:00:09   1040    -10   1030 
   2  Marshall and Lilly SOAR                  2:54:25    800           800 
   3  Aspen Extreme - Ally & Michael           2:55:34    580           580 
   4  Tom & Judy Cronin                        2:58:56    400           400 
   5  Scott Sampson, Mary O'Connell            3:17:27    440   -180    260 

Open Men Class
   1  Dennis Wilkinson                         2:57:31   1940          1940 
   2  Jonathan Owens                           2:58:41   1620          1620 
   3  Kyle Peter                               2:59:51   1580          1580 
   4  Ryan Van Gorder                          2:56:34   1340          1340 
   5  Ivan Lopez                               2:56:47    800           800 
   6  Peter Holst, Kyle Halliday               1:39:36    460           460 


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)