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Emerald Hills Scramble

Date: (Sat.) Feb. 9, 2013
Location: Redwood City, CA
Event Director: - 650.365.4275
Course Setter: Frank Markowitz
Type: C; White (beginner) and Score-O courses in the Emerald Hills neighborhood and Edgewood Park

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Event Write-Up


Thanks to everyone who came out to our first Emerald Hills event since 2008. We had about 75 people show up to enjoy the event, with some groups as large as eight people. It was good to see so many families come out to this event.

It was a extremely beautiful winter day, so nice that even at 9:00 AM we decided to have registration and the refreshment table outside instead of in the indoor space that we had reserved. Some people did go indoors for a very short time to sit and plan their courses, or to use the microwave to heat up the tea, hot chocolate, or cider, but otherwise we all stayed outdoors.

This year we had 35 controls, so everyone would have to decide which ones to skip.

Matej Sebo, with 740 points, came in first on the 90-minute Score-O category with 25 of the 35 controls. He got all seven of the 50-point controls, which were all in or close to Edgewood Park. He got five of the eight 40-point controls, getting ones mostly in or near Edgewood. He skipped all the Canada College controls, including 3 worth 40 points each. His only penalty was 5 points for being a fraction of a minute late. Steve Gregg was able to get 690 points in slightly less than 90 minutes.

Scout Troop 206 should get "style points" on the 90-minute Score-O category, since they went just a little out of their way to get the doughnut stash that one of the boys had in his backyard.

Only two people chose the 60-minute Score-O category, and Marie-Josée Parayre came in first with 155 points. Robert Lewis, who came in second, was able to convince Frank that his answer to "What do the stair tiles represent?" was correct. The "correct" answer was geometric shapes, but Robert said, "To an engineer, it's geometric shapes, to an artist, it's flowers.", so either answer got counted.

The White course this year was longer than usual at 4.6 km. Alex Krantz came in first with a time of 49:40.

I'm wondering if we should have offered a 2-hour, or longer, option. Two of the 90-minute groups just stayed out there a little longer to get more controls, even though they would lose points. It was such a nice day, and such an interesting course, that I think I would have wanted to stay out longer and get more controls.

We had two visitors from other areas: Vesa Ruuska was visiting from Finland. Shirley Pierce, one of the first BAOC members, was here visiting from Oregon and went out on the course with her grandson, Kip Bunyea.

Thanks to all of our volunteers:

Frank Markowitz for planning such interesting courses, being so flexible, and for helping with everything at the event
Steve Beuerman for vetting the courses
Steve Haas for handling registration
Bob Cooley for advice on mapping issues and printing the maps
Rex Winterbottom, our club's Event Coordinator for helping make this event happen, and for being the greeter at the event
Chuck Spalding for helping with starts, finishes, results, and updating the event information on the BAOC website
Cornelia Coolen-Vogt for giving a beginner clinic
Dan Greene for helping with the results
Maria Keating for handling the insurance

I apologize if I've forgotten somebody.


Emerald Hills Scramble

Redwood City, CA
Saturday, February 9, 2013

White Course     (4.6 km, 10 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                       Time
   1  Alex Krantz                   49:40
   2  Gruendler group             1:00:23
   3  Luke Danek                  1:03:54
   4  Won family                  1:14:20
   5  Lost in Space               1:16:00
   6  Shirley Pierce, Kip Bunyea  1:26:39
   7  Rio Sleeth                  1:44:56
   8  Sadye clan                  1:46:50

      Tseng group                   DNF
      Donovan & Gavin Danek         DNF

60-Minute Score-O Scramble
                                                Gross    Penalties    Total 
  Pl  Name                              Time    Points  Time  Wrong   Points
   1  Marie-Josée Parayre               58:03    160            -5     155
   2  Robert Lewis                      48:24    110                   110

90-Minute Score-O Scramble
                                                Gross    Penalties    Total 
  Pl  Name(s)                           Time    Points  Time  Wrong   Points
   1  Matej Sebo                      1:30:34    740      -5           735
   2  Steve Gregg                     1:26:35    690                   690
   3  Eric Rosenzweig                 1:33:23    660     -20           640
   4  Greg Favor                      1:37:48    650     -40           610
   5  Vesa Ruuska                     1:29:30    530           -30     500
   6  Jason Reed                      1:30:47    490      -5   -20     465
   7  Andrew Theiss                   1:39:45    530     -50   -45     435
   8  Peter Graube, Cornelia Coolen   1:40:23    450     -55           395
   9  Graham & Christine Brew         1:36:35    410     -35           375
  10  Steve Haas                      1:28:18    350                   350
  11  Gavin Wyatt-Mair                2:04:32    510    -175           335
  12  Julia, Masha, Fyodor            1:21:00    240                   240
  13  BB group                        1:33:39    230                   230
  14  Jason Lee                       1:25:00    200                   200
  15  Al Theiss                       1:27:21    150                   150
  16  John Marold                     1:16:14    140                   140
  17  Judy Koehler, Silva Sheppard    1:19:40    120                   120
  18  Scout Troup 206                 1:27:58     80                    80
  19  Manfred, Michelle, & girls      1:48:46    120     -95            25


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)