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Sunol Regional Wilderness

Date: (Sun.) Apr. 3, 2011
Location: Sunol, CA
Event Director: - 408.773.8881
Course Setters: Luc Poppe, Mark Blair
Type: B; Standard seven-course event for beginners through advanced

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Event Write-Up


For the second year in a row, we enjoyed a very nice dry sunny day after weeks of rain. Perfect weather to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first BAOC A-meet at Sunol (which was also the first use of the present map). About 150 people came out to enjoy the wildflowers, wildlife, and assorted orienteering adventures. I bet you saw a cow or two, and probably some wild turkey. Some Orange & Red orienteers even had a close encounter with a large rattlesnake at water control #63. Everyone returned safely back to the Finish though, with several runners opting for a second course.

Gian Coolen took the honors on the White course while his sister Cornelia came in first on Yellow, a few minutes ahead of Julia Doubson, the 2010 BAOC Junior of the Year. Rex Winterbottom, usually an advanced runner, easily won Orange. Paul Sangiorgio came in 2nd, and Harold DeMoss third. Meg Holmberg and Tim Erickson, in only their second orienteering outing, successfully finished their first Orange course after first completing Yellow.

On the advanced courses, Dennis Wildfogel, Torstein Hole, Tapio Karras, and Jonas Kjäll beat the other runners on Brown, Green, Red, and Blue, respectively. Torstein was visiting from Norway, and had arrived only the day before the event. Jonas and Mikkel Conradi completed the grueling "BB" course, also known as the "first Blue, and why not, let's do Brown also" course. That's a combined 11.4 km (as the crow flies) and 650 m climb (and that may have been a bit understated).(*) They finished #1 and #2 on Blue, and also were #1 and #2 on Brown (albeit as their 2nd course). The Red course may have been a bit long, but let's just say it was a good warmup for the upcoming Pacheco A-meet.

(*) Alex and Mikkel later estimated that the climb on Blue was closer to 600 m, which makes the total climb on their combined Blue/Brown run closer to 830 m. How about that!

Special mention also to the Kim family for turning in a real family effort. Andrew successfully completed White, Natalie came in 3rd on Yellow, and Daniel successfully ran his first Orange course finishing under 2 hours. Meanwhile mom, Susan Kim, staffed the beginner starts.

Unfortunately, we had a few control mishaps. Some were out of our control (no pun intended), but we definitely messed up on one.

Rex Winterbottom provided us with pizza and other goodies to keep us fed and happy while ...

Of course, none of this could have been possible without the help of many volunteers. Jim Fish and Trinka Gillis set up a volunteer table at Sunol, and will do so again at future events. Stop by and sign up to help your club. You don't need any experience to be of great help.

Ok, time for a big drum roll, and my sincere thanks to all the Sunol volunteers. I counted over 30 club members that helped me in one way of another. That's one for each 5 runners!

Course Setters: Mark Blair and Luc Poppe, with very special assistance from Cedric Lasfargues. Mark, Luc, and Cedric helped out with numerous other tasks, and I couldn't have done the event without them. A big thank you.

Registration & Setup: James Wilson (crew chief), Rex Winterbottom, Luc Poppe

Beginner Starts: Trinka Gillis, Susan Kim, Vicki Woolworth (Vicki is the winner of the BAOC Winter Series. Congrats!)

Remote Starts: Joan Roos, Cedric Lasfargues

Finish: Mark Blair, Matthias Kohler, Chuck Spalding

E-Punch & Setup: Rosemary Johnson (crew chief), Greg Ehrensing, Evan Custer, Peter Graube. The E-punch team tested out the new OE2010 e-punch software that will be used at Pacheco. After an early morning attitude, the software seemed to behaved professionally.

Social: Rex Winterbottom (great pizza!)

Video Clinic & Setup: Jay Hahn

Live Clinic: Nick Corsano

Setup: Jim Fish (great kudos to Jim who gets there at 7:30 AM, and helps out all through the event)

Early Runners: Mikkel Conradi, Jonas Kjäll, Vicki Woolworth, Evan Custer

Website Updates: Chuck Spalding (too many updates to count, and always posted quickly)

Map Corrections & Printing: Bob Cooley

Event Application: Steve Gregg

And last but not least ...

Control Pickup: Harold DeMoss (crew chief), Penny DeMoss (4 water stops must be a BAOC record!!), Deron van Hoff (back to Blue 11 for a great view of Calaveras dam), Peter Graube, Cedric Lasfargues, Alex Finch, Tapio Karras, Marina Keating, Steve Gregg, Greg Ehrensing, and Jim Fish

Lost and Found


To the man who volunteered his Swiss Army Knife to use for cutting up the pizza — I have it. You weren't around at the end of the day, and I didn't want to leave it on a table where it might get left behind.

Comments on Control Pick-up


Penny and I became the "default" CPU coordinators at Sunol. All of the volunteer picker uppers looked very tired and beat up when they came in after their course, and I wondered how enthusiastic they would be about going out again and picking up controls. They were willing to go again however, and Luc and Theo really appreciated it. Deron van Hoff volunteered to go collect the farthest (mostly Blue and Red) controls on the eastern part of the map. Penny volunteered to collect the group next to Deron's to the east, this was after she suffered a painful blister wearing her brand new O' shoes on the Blue course.

Alex Finch went above and beyond the call of duty, and picked up controls along "Indian Joe Creek", topping at the highest control across from the "barn". Steve Gregg collected a large number of controls on the eastern side, next to Penny's grouping. Cedric LasFargues collected several controls in the very steep and difficult part of the map north of the remote start. A double thanks to him, since he had also put out those controls and probably several others.

Marina Keating, Peter Graube, Tapio Karras, and Jim Fish collected controls in the lower part of the map. And lastly, Greg Ehrensing volunteered to go get one control that was really out of the "loop" for anyone else — difficult access and high on a hilltop.

Mark Blair (who was also part of the course setting/administration team at Sunol in addition to Luc and Theo) spent considerable time looking for the "lost" control over hill and dale, doing an ever expanding search, hoping that whoever took it just got tired of carrying it, and threw it beside the trail. Alas, the search was fruitless — one of the casualties of Orienteering in areas where there is public access.

Thanks to all — without volunteer help the club couldn't put on the quality events that we do. Looking forward to the Pacheco Pass A-Meet. I also wish to thank the club members who have already volunteered to help pick up controls at Pacheco Pass.


Sunol Regional Wilderness

Sunol, CA
Sunday, April 3, 2011

Also see control-by-control timing in the WinSplits results (

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget (introduction; this event (

Note regarding the Orange course on RouteGadget: Note that since the 2nd control on Orange was stolen during the event, the Orange leg 1–2 was voided from the results. Thus, every Orange runner is missing a split on that leg. Since the stolen 2nd control affects also leg 2–3, that leg may get voided as well. If that happens, I will adjust the Orange course setup later. You can still go ahead and enter your route. — Tapio

  Pl  Name(s)                         Time

White Course    (2.2 km, 60 m climb, 10 controls)
   1  Gian Coolen                     26:05
   2  Johanna Karras                  40:18
   3  Jakob Vangbo                    46:52
   4  Fedor Karpelevitch            1:01:43
   5  Sophia Knapp                  1:05:33
   6  Misha Iakovlev                1:06:28
   7  Andrew Kim                    1:11:20
   8  Tim, Kathy, Cole, Gabby, &
        Addison Lewis               1:18:37
   9  Susan & Ousmane Carpentdale   1:25:13

Yellow Course   (2.0 km, 112 m climb, 13 controls)
   1  Cornelia Coolen                 23:14
   2  Julia Doubson                   27:58
   3  Natalie Kim                     33:11
   4  Gary Martinez                   34:03
   5  Marsha Jacobs                   35:37
   6  Daniel Sebo                     37:12
   7  Rory Maclean                    37:52
   8  Meg Holmberg, Tim Erickson      41:27
   9  Anthea Carmichael               43:16
  10  Emma Dzelzkalns                 51:45
  11  Danya & Sonya Karpelevitch      52:15
  12  Masha Konkov                    56:13
  13  Sasha Iakovlev                  57:53
  14  Richard Flory                 1:04:07
  15  Kajsa-Stina Vangbo            1:04:36
  16  Scott Haynes                  1:10:55
  17  Kevin Walker                  1:12:24
  18  Ting Kao                      1:25:01
  19  Simpson                       1:25:21
  20  Ev & Jean Beuerman            1:28:05
  21  Ernesto & Kathy Duque         1:32:57
  22  Althouse family               1:39:13
  23  Cuong Nguyen                  1:42:21
  24  Diann Dwyer                   2:09:00
      Don Richey                      DNF
  Second course
      Tim, Kathy, & Cole Lewis      1:02:18
      Judy Opsahl                   1:11:10

Orange Course   (4.7 km, 240 m climb, 14 controls)
All Orange competitors were given credit for control #2, which disappeared part way through the day.
   1  Rex Winterbottom                40:48
   2  Paul Sangiorgio               1:14:57
   3  Harold DeMoss                 1:43:20
   4  Matthew Nichols               1:47:31
   5  Olga Seredenko                1:55:43
   6  Daniel Kim                    1:58:17
   7  John Marold                   1:58:25
   8  Paul & Kathy Li               1:58:42
   9  Darren Don                    2:05:27
  10  Barbara Finch                 2:16:16
  11  Shrumpjumpers                 2:34:46
  12  Moulton Lowell                2:49:12
  13  Nathan Kelso                  2:50:26
  14  George & Michael Haiggs       3:11:46
      Mike Miller                     DNF
      Nate & Jocelyn Seltenrich       DNF
      Milpitas ROTC 1                 DNF
      Sofie Vandeputte                DNF
      Michael Hay, Ann Jordan         DNF
  Second course
      Fedor Karpelevitch            1:17:19
      Meg Holmberg, Tim Erickson    1:57:12
      Emma Dzelzkalns               2:10:02
      Anthea Carmichael               DNF

Brown Course    (4.2 km, 170 m climb, 12 controls)
   1  Dennis Wildfogel                58:23
   2  Ingert Svard                  1:00:23
   3  Dan Greene                    1:02:50
   4  Gary Kraght                   1:03:29
   5  Chuck Spalding                1:06:39
   6  Steven Anton                  1:15:31
   7  Joe Knapp                     1:21:27
   8  Joe Scarborough               1:33:47
   9  Nick Corsano                  1:36:16
  10  Leon Berzins                  1:37:22
  11  Mark Rice                     1:41:28
  12  Stew Hintz (GCO)              1:48:03
  13  Trinka Gillis                 1:50:09
  14  Pavel Anisimov                1:56:27
  15  Evan Custer                   1:58:39
  16  Terry Gleason                 2:02:39
  17  Jeff Lanam                    2:02:54
  18  Michael Gorshenev             2:04:57
  19  Laura McKeegan                2:09:27
  20  Jan Vanhoutte                 2:14:54
  21  Nigel & Mary Gulstone         2:15:53
  22  Richard Opsahl                2:16:13
  23  Jennifer Kerr (GCO)           2:18:08
  26  Wes Erk                       2:19:02
  27  Ben & Jonathan Hallsted       2:24:14
  28  Jim Fish                      2:40:25
      Gavin Wyatt-Mair                DNF
      Peter Graube                    DNF
      Rosemary Davies                 DNF
      Max Marin                       DNF
      Joan Roos                       DNF
      Nancy Lindeman                  DNF
      Rosemary Johnson                DNF
      Steve Beuerman                  DNF
      Bob Cooley                      DNF
      Judy Opsahl                     DNF
      Lena Eydelberg                  DNF
  Second course
      Jonas Kjall                     30:15
      Mikkel Conradi                  39:03

Green Course    (5.1 km, 290 m climb, 14 controls)
   1  Torstein Hole                 1:03:21
   2  Eric Stoutenburg              1:11:52
   3  Andy Staatz                   1:14:25
   4  Matthias Kohler               1:17:07
   5  Kent Ohlund                   1:18:57
   6  Shura Kretchetov              1:22:31
   7  Mikhail Lipatov               1:23:09
   8  Nikolay Chukanov              1:26:28
   9  Russell Neilson               1:26:34
  10  George Minarik                1:27:57
  11  Ralf Burgert                  1:30:54
  12  Marie-Jose Parayre            1:34:35
  13  Greg Ehrensing                1:38:14
  14  Fyodor Konkov                 1:44:34
  15  Johanna Merriss               1:53:25
  16  Bill Wright                   1:58:16
  17  Phillip Hoare                 2:13:03
  18  Frederick Lee                 2:18:53
  19  Sean Campbell                 2:20:39
  20  David Hallsted                2:33:07
  21  Judy & Tom Cronin             2:36:09
      Vicki Woolworth                 DNF
      Kevin Staatz                    DNF
      Jeff Samuels                    DNF
      Stephanie Maclean               DNF

Red Course      (6.7 km, 340 m climb, 14 controls)
   1  Tapio Karras                  1:27:53
   2  Matej Sebo                    1:28:51
   3  Mattias Vangbo                1:29:10
   4  Steve Gregg                   1:36:05
   5  Derek Maclean                 1:50:37
   6  James Wilson                  1:51:55
   7  Lubomir Sebo                  2:05:36
   8  Bob Strauss                   2:26:13
   9  Max Baumhefner                2:29:44

Blue Course     (7.2 km, 380 m climb, 18 controls)
   1  Jonas Kjall                   1:02:01
   2  Mikkel Conradi                1:12:23
   3  Francois Leonard              1:13:44
   4  Dennis Wilkinson              1:22:38
   5  Greg Khanlarov                1:32:59
   6  Jonathan Owens                1:36:00
   7  Alex Finch                    1:44:35
   8  Deron van Hoff                1:49:59
   9  Penny DeMoss                  2:17:45
  10  Joe Smith                     2:45:14
  11  Joe Maffei                    2:48:26
  12  Marina Keating                3:15:50
  13  Nick Giori                    3:35:57


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)