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BAOC Summer Training Session

Date: (Thu.) Jul. 7, 2011
Location: Belmont, CA
Event Director: - 510.681.6181
Course Setter: Rex Winterbottom
Type: Training; Casual, fun, Score-O training event (with a social option)

Event Write-Up


We had a nice turnout of 25 on a warmish evening in Belmont. Many said, "Wow, I didn't know this park was here." While off-trail wasn't happening due to the chaparral, the many trails (often hard to follow — sometimes they would split in two or three) provided interesting route choice challenges. So did the Q&A sheet, which had checkpoints 4 and 5 switched — somehow I printed the older version of it ☹.

Thanks to Nancy Lindeman for booking us at Village Host Pizza, and thanks to Michael and the Village Host staff for welcoming us to gather there.

Only a few participants "opted in" to report their results (done by email after the event, so I don't know if everyone even read that far to see that they could opt in — oh well...), which is why you don't see 25 names in the results.

The course = 5.5 miles on a GPS with generous climb and 8 checkpoints (some times approximate, some of the anonymous are groups...):

   Nancy Lindeman              2:00:00
   Werner Haag, Jimmy          1:16:48
   Steve Gregg                 1:12:20
   Scott Porter, Rich Brazeau,
     "Emma the Water Dog"      1:05:20
   Eric Rosenzweig             1:20:00
   Geoffrey Sears              1:23:10
   Steve Haas                  1:32:52
   anonymous                     56:37
   anonymous                   1:19:18
   anonymous                     56:40
   anonymous                   2:09:45
   anonymous                   2:08:00

Hopefully, we'll have more training sessions this summer. You could help with that, it doesn't have to be a complicated course or a lot of work. Anything with a map is cool. Steve Haas is trying to get something going at Arastradero, and Werner is trying at Santa Teresa. Stay tuned for updates on those... or, rather than waiting, plan your own! Contact me if interested, and I can help you with any aspect of it. Street map, park map, whatever map.

BAOC training director