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Sunol Regional Wilderness

Date: (Sun.) Apr. 25, 2010
Location: Sunol, CA
Event Director: - 510.747.8003
Course Setters: Mark Blair, Theo Verhoeven
Type: B; Standard 7 courses plus Long Orange course

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Event Write-Up


I must admit, the "Weather Gods" had granted us another miracle, rivaling the one of last year's Sunol event. Sandwiched in between some uncharacteristic cold spells, we had a perfect weekend with plenty of sunshine to warm up about 320 very eager participants, who for some reason showed up very early that day to enjoy the magnificent spring colors in all hues of green known to mankind. By 9:15 we had about 100 people asking when they could leave on their chosen challenge of the day.

On the previous day, unbeknown to the control set-up crew, one of the controls was able to hide in one of the remotest crannies of Mark's car trunk and was "temporarily" forgotten. Only after doing the final sanity check at the end of the day (by that time it was already 7:00 PM, and darkness was just around the corner) it was discovered that we successfully placed 65 controls, even though our strategic war plan dictated it to be 66. As a result, we had to assign Theo to go set out the "forgotten" control the morning of the event. Unfortunately, that control required a considerable hike, and we had to wait for Theo's return to give the go-ahead to release the by-then very antsy crowd. Fortunately, Marina did an excellent job in crowd control at the Start area, and no riots were reported.

In the mean time, the advanced course runners had ample time to warm up, thanks to Mark's ingenious remote Start location, requiring a healthy hike up the hill. Even with this pre-race elevation gain, the advanced courses were still quite physically challenging, but this is impossible to avoid, considering topography at Sunol.

We are very happy to report that many old and new faces alike were seen on that day. We had a substantial group, PALS, from a Walnut Creek school, participating with about 35 kids and their families in their first-ever orienteering experience. We also had our Swiss guest orienteer Claudia Schaerer, who came especially to Sunol to get a taste of West Coast Orienteering (never mind that she also had to be in the Bay Area for business...). She was so positively impressed that she was desperately looking for more events during her stay. Trinka did an excellent job in providing some logistic support.

At 12:30, we still had people coming in and trying to register, but we had to be cruel and enforce the rules of the day.

We had great luck with the weather but, unfortunately, not with the electronics. Both SPORTident splits tag printers were producing bad tags for all the older e-sticks. (We now know the cause of this problem.) Some very crucial data was accidentally left off the laptop computer used with our new runner registration software, and this slowed down the registration process considerably. On a day when more than 300 people came to the event, this resulted in a long line of folks waiting to register, while probably also registering some understandable irritation. Oh well. Chalk this up as yet another mistake to avoid in the future.

For the advanced courses this year, the course setter wanted to concentrate on the eastern, more open portion of the map. He also wanted to touch on some of the northern reaches seldom traversed. To accomplish this without forcing runners to cross the giant N-S canyon that bisects the map, advanced runners were directed uphill for quite a distance to a remote Start. This little warm-up hike also served to remove that climb from the courses themselves. Even so, the Brown course still turned out to be a little too physical for a course of that type. The published climb figure on the Blue course was also substantially underestimated.

Fortunately most people were able to enjoy their romp in the park, and some of them deserve special mention, as they excelled in their respective races.

Sisters Katie and Sara Petersen dueled it out on the White and Yellow courses. Katie won the White course in 18:59, just ahead of Daniel Sebo. Sara was faster on the Yellow course, but not as fast as Levi Miller who won the Yellow course in 26:38. The steep Sunol hills made the Orange courses harder than usual. Nancy Lindeman had invited her sister Kathie. While making their way up the hill to the Start, Kathie wondered aloud whether this was now the "joy of orienteering" Nancy so often talks about. They were both all smiles though when they crossed the Finish, and seemed to have had a great time. James Wilson finished the Orange course in 52:46, just ahead of Gary Kraght, while Rex Winterbottom held off all the adventure runners on Long Orange with a very fast 1:00:10, more than 25 minutes ahead of Chris Land.

On the Brown course, Dennis Wildfogel had a comfortable lead of almost 10 minutes over Shura Krechetov who was second. Both of them way ahead of the pack. Brown, being a bit harder than usual, had quite a number of DNFs — for some it was the heat, and for others just a bit too hilly.

The Green course seemed to be a popular choice, as 29 people chose this course. Terje Mathisen made it in a quick 1:02:43. Red on the other hand, had only 14 participants, with Donatas Ereminas (1:16:09) beating Steve Gregg by a good 10 minutes. But we can blame that on the fact that Steve was the first runner of the day, having to wake up all those sleepy controls.

The Blue course was conquered by Jonas Kjall in a very speedy 1:05:56, with Francois Leonard second in 1:13:53, and Dennis Wilkinson third in 1:18:59. The remaining 16 people were nicely spread out with 1- to 2-minute "courtesy" gaps.

For those who participated in the Morgan Territory Rogaine three weeks prior, Rex Winterbottom had organized an award ceremony, making a lot of us the happy recipients of a certificate proving for generations to come that we somehow were able, at least on that day, to outsmart and outrun our closest orienteering rivals.

Nick Corsano presided over the BAOC Annual Meeting, of which you can read the report here.

And of course, none of the happenings on this gorgeous spring day could have materialized without the incredible dedication of my closest associates, Mark Blair and Theo Verhoeven, who dutifully assisted me with my first ED assignment as course setters and general advisors, and the whole crew of volunteers, for which I'm very thankful, and hope to repay them in the future:

Pierre Delforge for vetting
Marina Keating & Benn Legg for starts
Steve Gregg as control waker-upper to mention only one task
Joe Maffei as assistant early starter and also Finish staffer
Werner Haag for Finish staffer
Jim Fish & Peter Graube for too many jobs to describe
Johanna Merriss, Nancy Lindeman, & Rex Winterbottom for their numerous clinics
Gavin Wyatt-Mair and Mark Petersen for their impromptu Scouts Clinic
Rex, again, for providing all the goodies we could munch on
Toby Ferguson for epunch
James Wilson for registration
Esther Heller & Judy Koehler for assisting James and Toby to keep their heads above water
Peter Graube for directing control pick up
Steve Haas, Kelly Wells, Nancy Lindeman and 2 assistants, Jim Fish, Peter Graham, Dennis Wilkinson as control picker-uppers
Gavin Wyatt-Mair for his nonchalant offer to trudge back up to the advanced Start and bring it back down all by himself

I apologize if I have forgotten anyone — it must have been due to all of the excitement, this being my first ED assignment!

I really, really enjoyed working with all of you, and hope we can do this again in the future (I'm keeping this volunteer list :-).

Lost & Found

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Sunol Regional Wilderness

Sunol, CA
Sunday, April 25, 2010

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  Pl  Name(s)                             Time

White Course   (1.8 km, 60 m climb, 10 controls)

   1  Katie Petersen                      18:59
   2  Daniel Sebo                         21:04
   3  Andrew Kim                          23:46
   4  Sara Petersen                       24:10
   5  Davy Williams                       24:25
   6  Annalyse & Michelle Lalljie,
        Cathryn Popa, Shannon Reed        24:43
   7  Cathy & Meghan Haire, Kimberly Zai  26:45
   8  John & Luke Martin                  35:33
   9  Isabel Eleazar, Gabby, Kevin, &
        Kyle Wong                         43:23
  10  Chloe, Joe, Josh, & Lisa
        Stemmerich                        45:16
  11  Allison, Dave, Matt, & Stacey
        Schweppe                          45:20
  12  Unknown Runner 2006796              48:22
  13  Julie & Suzanna Land                49:14
  14  Allison, Brandon, Stephanie, &
        Steven Johnson                    54:08
  15  David, Felicia, Jocelyn, &
        Karen Keller                      55:06
  16  Cathy Wang, David, Keilah, &
        Sophie Wright                     55:24
  17  Gary, Declan, & Sabrina Mintz,
        Ann Dalsin                        56:24  (estimated Start)
  18  Marshall & Bruce Scott              59:29  (estimated Start)
  19  Emily Considine                   1:20:36
  20  Unknown Runner 35287              1:39:58
  21  Eric Fok, Ruth Kale-Fok,
        Alexis, Jasmin & Viokt          1:43:57

      Cecilia Rubens, Leslie Taylor       DNF    (skipped GO control)
      Michael, Shari, & Tim Walker        DNF
      Jonathan Lee, Steven Menerbroker    DNF

  Second Course

      Mariana Compagnone                  DNF

Yellow Course  (2.2 km, 115 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Levi Miller                         26:38
   2  Gary Martinez                       28:20
   3  Mariana Compagnone                  33:26
   4  Daniel Kim                          34:23
   5  Kate Siegel, Andrea Steinbach       35:01
   6  Rental Runner 336869                39:00
   7  Quinn & Mike Nelson, Jerrod Lopez   39:09
   8  Kai & Ray Rosenbaum                 42:49
   9  Aubrey Volz                         44:19
  10  Esmorie & Dudley Kirkpatrick        44:20
  11  Sasha Lakovlev                      46:36
  12  Daniel & Linda Martinez,
        Corey Boggs                       46:54
  13  Unknown Runner 2013539              50:57
  14  Isabel Souts                        51:02
  15  Bob, Grant & Kayla Cameron          51:58
  16  Erin & Melody Majers,
        Craig Pierce                      52:23
  17  Christy James                       56:06
  18  Danya & Sonya Karpelevitch          56:48
  19  Colleen, Kevin, Molly, Jack &
        Claire Dowd                       58:00
  20  Alex, Cassie, Erica, Kathleen,
        & Kelly Halaszynski               58:18
  21  Stephen Kwo                         58:37
  22  Olga Seredenko                    1:00:59
  23  Ernesto Duque                     1:01:57
  24  David Tanner                      1:03:18
  25  John Batcheller                   1:07:11
  26  Judy Koehler, Nancy Thomas        1:08:42
  27  Charlotte, Sonja, & Priscilla
        Dickert                         1:15:25
  28  Michael Michels, Colleen Zato     1:17:31
  29  Jocelyn & Karen Keller            1:18:50
  30  Ann, Doug & Trevor Johnston       1:18:54
  31  David & Felicia Keller            1:22:20
  32  Jack & Amelia, Darly & Brandon    1:30:33
  33  Emma, Grace, & Marc Swinnen       1:32:46
  34  Unknown Runner 2006798            1:38:00
  35  Daizie & Delvin Yuk               1:38:55
  36  Jimmy Chung                       2:09:04
  37  Bradley Team                      2:12:59

      Jeff & Tyler Chen                   DNF
      Sylvia Molina, Chris & Rubon
        Vanegas                           DNF
      Natalie Kim                         DNF

  Second Course

      Sara Petersen                       34:27
      Katie Petersen                      38:05

Orange Course  (3.8 km, 230 m climb, 14 controls)

   1  James Wilson                        52:46
   2  Gary Kraght                       1:02:42
   3  Fedor Karpelevitch                1:13:38
   4  Nick Corsano                      1:18:15
   5  Claudia Schaerer                  1:21:44
   6  David Harrison                    1:22:57
   7  Elizabeth & John Wilson           1:29:25
   8  Brent & Matt Adams                1:32:25
   9  Gavin Williams                    1:35:03
  10  Karina Avramenko                  1:37:02
  11  Karla Knudson, Peter Triezenberg  1:49:09
  12  Andrew Peterson, Drew Lundgren    2:01:48
  13  Meg Gerstner, Marsha Jacobs       2:01:50
  14  Diane & Fred Ciaramaglia          2:03:01
  15  John Marold                       2:05:50
  16  Nathan Kelso                      2:15:39
  17  Valencia Higgins, Brian Tennant   2:19:50
  18  Wen Li, TJ Nicholson,
        Ben Wallace                     2:23:05
  19  Dinesh Moorjani                   2:24:54
  20  Kevin Walker                      2:35:15
  21  Varsha Lakhani, Atul Purohit,
        Jyoti Khubchandani              2:38:04
  22  Pia Kamlan                        2:39:08
  23  Jan Vanhoutte, Dirk Demol,
        Nick & Carolin, Steegmans Gita
        Turelinckx                      2:39:54
  24  Kathy & Paul Li                   2:43:41
  25  Meera Chawla, Barbara Finch,
        Michele Parcel                  2:49:32
  26  Chris Cobey, Michael Glaise       2:50:25
  27  Anthony Halligan, Jim Hayes       3:13:25
  28  Nancy Lindeman, Kathie Wiegant    4:02:15

      Colleen & Jill McCandless           DNF    (skipped GO control)
      Max Wiegant                         DNF    (skipped GO control)
      Alex Solomatnikov                   DNF
      Lyubov Solomakha                    DNF
      Boris Oskotsky, Tomiko Nguyen-Trung DNF
      Jeff & Johanna Dickert              DNF

Long Orange Course (5.3 km, 325 m climb, 18 controls)

   1  Rex Winterbottom                  1:00:10
   2  Chris Land                        1:25:51
   3  Marie-Josee Parayre               1:46:50
   4  Donato Polignone                  1:49:33
   5  Laurens Fein                      1:51:23
   6  Megan & Paul McCandless           1:56:27
   7  Brian Schmidtz                    2:04:47
   8  Nick van Hoff, Tom Bryant         2:05:50
   9  Laura Price, Mark Turner          3:55:34

      Dennis McClane                      DNF    (skipped #13)
      Barbara Hemstreet, Steve Hier       DNF

Brown Course   (4.2 km, 217 m climb, 11 controls)

   1  Dennis Wildfogel                  1:01:33
   2  Shura Kretchetov                  1:11:06
   3  Unknown Runner 354240             1:30:14
   4  Michael Robinson                  1:35:00
   5  Patty Clemo                       1:40:59
   6  Jim Fish                          1:46:17
   7  Susan & Roy Want                  1:48:36
   8  Stew Hintz (GCO)                  1:54:04
   9  Paul Polewaczyk                   1:57:26
  10  Lauren MacMullan                  2:03:59
  11  William Straka                    2:05:28
  12  David Bui, Hani Juha              2:06:06
  13  Jeff Samuels                      2:12:45
  14  Jennifer Kerr (GCO)               2:29:15
  15  Cindi Choi, Gwen Juha,
        Victoria Liu                    2:41:10
  16  Don & Jon Gee                     3:02:53
  17  Vamsi Nalluri, Anshul Malvi,
        Sree Vallath, Nanditha
        Jayarasan                       3:27:34
  18  Nigel Goldstone, Mary Low,
        Sweatha Rao, Won Rhee,
        Rajiv Sankaran                  3:42:03

      Ingert Svard                        DNF
      Barbara Straka                      DNF
      Jeff Lanam                          DNF
      Tracie Connors, Heather Zischka     DNF    (skipped #1)
      Trinka Gillis                       DNF
      Ben Legg                            DNF
      David Dippon                        DNF
      Robert Lewis                        DNF

Green Course   (5.3 km, 270 m climb, 13 controls)

   1  Terje Mathisen (Tyrving)          1:02:43
   2  Matthias Vangbo                   1:11:22
   3  Travis Parker                     1:19:04
   4  George Minarik                    1:21:14
   5  Syd Reader                        1:21:30
   6  Steve Haas                        1:25:29
   7  Mark Petersen                     1:26:32
   8  Werner Haag                       1:29:10
   9  Bob Cooley                        1:30:09
  10  Rich Parker (SDO)                 1:31:09
  11  Chuck Spalding                    1:31:31
  12  Toby Ferguson                     1:31:58
  13  Steve Anton                       1:32:45  (estimated Start)
  14  Matej Sebo                        1:33:36
  15  Dan Greene                        1:37:37
  16  Greg Ehrensing                    1:41:24
  17  Gavin Wyatt-Mair                  1:45:53
  18  Cameron Ferguson                  1:51:49
  19  Alan Glendinning                  1:55:37
  20  Johanna Merriss                   1:56:29
  21  Vicki Woolworth                   2:02:16
  22  Mark Rice                         2:14:21
  23  William Morris                    2:53:56
  24  Judy & Tom Cronin                 3:04:21
  25  Janet Petersen                    3:05:21
  26  Kevin Hinckley, Terri Hunt        3:27:07

      Derek Sibilia                       DNF
      Kelly Wells                         DNF
      Mark Prior                          DNF

Red Course     (6.3 km, 382 m climb, 13 controls)

   1  Donatas Ereminas                  1:16:09
   2  Steve Gregg                       1:26:12
   3  Deron van Hoff                    1:27:38
   4  Tapio Karras                      1:33:32
   5  Bruce Wolfe                       1:42:56
   6  Stephen Harrison                  1:43:32
   7  Andrejus Masalkovas               1:47:18
   8  Lubomir Sebo                      1:48:51
   9  Eric Rosenzweig                   1:51:30
  10  Bob Strauss                       3:05:18
  11  Marina Keating                    3:08:40

      David Strong                        DNF
      Spencer Tai                         DNF
      Unknown Runner 509812               DNF

Blue Course    (7.1 km, 412 m climb, 16 controls)

   1  Jonas Kjall                       1:05:56
   2  Francois Leonard                  1:13:53
   3  Dennis Wilkinson                  1:18:59
   4  Jonathan Owens                    1:34:15
   5  Vladimir Gusiatnikov (OCIN)       1:35:05
   6  Greg Walker (CSU)                 1:39:51
   7  Alex Finch                        1:42:45
   8  Kyle Peter                        1:42:49
   9  Matthias Kohler                   1:43:35
  10  Roger Pruett                      1:46:44
  11  Igor Guskov (SMOC)                1:48:14
  12  Peter Graham                      1:54:50
  13  Joe Maffei                        2:02:40
  14  Peter Graube                      2:07:21
  15  Wendell Doman, Ooi Leng Lum       2:09:00
  16  Nick Giori                        2:26:00
  17  Julien Lallemand                  2:55:04
  18  Laura Cook, Phil Lovalent,
        Scott Samson                    2:58:39  (estimated Start)
  19  Heidi Stenner                     3:11:36

      Ann Deucher Curtis Caddell          DNF    (skipped GO control)
      David Dreyfuss, Cynthia More        DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)