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Knowland Park

Date: (Sun.) Mar. 21, 2010
Location: Oakland, CA
Event Director: - 650.365.4275
Course Setter: Jim Fish
Type: C; Beginner, Orange, Brown, and Sprint courses

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Event Write-Up


Almost 150 people came out to enjoy the first day of spring at our Knowland Park event. It's a beautiful close-in area with green hills, wildflowers, and views of the bay. Thanks for coming out to spend the day with us.

Many people who came to the event had never been to Knowland Park before, and had never even heard about it before.

Thanks to Rex Winterbottom, who suggested to the BAOC board that we map this area, and thanks to Bob Cooley for making the map. Bob expanded the map this year so we could offer a Brown course this time.

So many people ran more than one course that we ran out of maps on Orange and Brown, even though we checked the numbers from our last event at Knowland Park and had Bob print many more maps this time. I guess that Jim's warning about the poison oak on the Brown course didn't scare people off. We did have plenty of White, Yellow, and Sprint maps left. Registration, the Start, and the Finish were all in the same place, so it was easy to run another course that day.

After setting some of the courses for Joe Grant just the week before this event, Jim Fish set all five courses and put out all the controls! Thanks Jim.

James Wilson handled the registration the whole time by himself! Thanks James. Many of the BAOC members used the self-registration box, but I noticed that some members had to go though the regular registration process because they needed to rent e-sticks. Some people took advantage of the day's offer for BAOC members to bring one or two newcomers to try orienteering for free. Five individuals or families joined the club that day.

Thanks to everyone that helped out at this event.

Early in the morning the day of the event, while Jim was out setting out the last controls, I was very happy to see Jay Hann and Greg Ehrensing show up to help me set everything up! Jim Fish came back to help and James Wilson was there early to set up registration, so we were ready when the first people walked up the hill!

At the end of the day, it seemed like everyone that was still there started pitching in to load everything into the cars. Thanks.

Everything was great until we ran out maps for the Orange and Brown courses. I'm always the one that says that we should print extra maps and never run out of maps, so I hated to have it happen at my event. I'm sorry. People that finished shared their maps, so everyone got to go out on their course. Bob printed out extra maps of the Brown and Orange courses after the event, so let me know if you want one.

The GeBe Printer was "acting up", and Jim had to spend quite a bit of time working on the results.

Tapio Karras put this event on RouteGadget, and I noticed that 11 of the brown runners have entered their routes. Thanks Tapio for taking the time to do this for this event and other events.

Also, I wanted to mention that Alex Finch and the regional event coordinators do quite a bit of work behind the scenes working to schedule the events. Thanks. I know it's not easy, but we do appreciate your hard work.

Dr. Joel Parrott, the director of the Oakland Zoo, made it so easy to schedule and reschedule the event. At so many of our venues, we wait and wait to get permission, but for Knowland Park I was able to get permission within 24 hours!

Jorge Urbina from the Oakland Zoo was very cooperative in opening the gate for the toilet delivery on Friday, control placement on Saturday, and for our event on Sunday.

Dina from Far West Sanitation worked with me to be sure that the toilet was placed in the right place. To make up for the toilet being placed over off Golf Links Road last time by mistake, where we couldn't use it, they gave us two toilets this time.


Helping to schedule the event – Alex Finch and Steve Gregg
Vetting the courses – Bruce Wolfe
Making the map, enlarging the map this year, and printing the maps – Bob Cooley
Web updates – Chuck Spalding
Set-up – Jay Hann and Greg Ehrensing
Starts – Maria Keating, Chuck Spalding, and Greg Ehrensing
Intermediate Clinic and follow-up – Rex Winterbottom
Scout Clinic – Steve and David Harrison
Beginner clinics – Johanna Merriss and Judy Koehler
Registration – James Wilson
Greeter at registration – Judy Koehler
E-punch crew – Jim Fish and Don Gee
Control Pickup – Peter Graube (coordinator), Chuck Spalding, Mark Blair, Steve Hass, Scott Novotny, John and Elizabeth Wilson
Tear down and clean-up – Wes Erek, Rex Winterbottom, Dennis Wilkinson, Mark Blair, Don Gee, and many others
Results – Jim Fish with help from Mark Blair and Chuck Spalding
Putting the courses on RouteGadgetTapio Karras

Thanks to everyone else who pitched in to help when they saw a need. I really appreciated all the help!

Intermediate Workshop

Here are links to the literature we used for some of the intermediate pointers:


Knowland Park

Oakland, CA
Sunday, March 21, 2010

Also see control-by-control timing in the WinSplits results (

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget (introduction; this event (

You can also compare yourself with others (and with your own historical performance) in the performance evaluation ( and the O-Speed table (

  Pl  Name(s)                               Time

White Course   (2.1 km, 73 m climb, 9 controls)

   1  Masha Konkov, Julia Doubson (COOL)    23:45
   2  Esther Thomas                         24:54
   3  Zac Rosenbaum                         26:28
   4  Webelos                               26:50
   5  Emily Considine                       31:09
   6  The Girls                             33:04
   7  Andrea Traber, Penelope Cox           33:28
   8  Preston Vana                          34:20
   9  Sarah Robson                          34:51
  10  Rick, Danny & Nick Tompkins,
        Sora Azekawa                        35:25
  11  Webelos Dads                          36:57
  12  Natalia & Masha Kourjanskaia (COOL)   38:26
  13  Aaron Buchanan                        40:08
  14  Kai & Ashley                          46:27  (estimated Start and Finish)
  15  Jamie Maclean                         48:50
  16  Hunt family                           51:18

  Second Course

      John & Elizabeth Wilson               16:14
      Mikhail & Sasha Kourjanski            30:04

Yellow Course  (2.4 km, 79 m climb, 14 controls)

   1  Josh Burkart                          26:31
   2  Daniel Flanigan                       27:09
   3  Julia Doubson (COOL)                  27:34
   4  Stephen Wu                            30:44
   5  Ben Hallsted                          31:22
   6  Team Johana & Dadoo                   34:17
   7  Susan Kim                             40:04
   8  Rory Maclean (COOL)                   40:13
   9  Olga Seredenko                        41:31
  10  Dante, George, & Vinnie Dianda,
        J & J Skinner                       42:02
  11  Svetlana Debenko, Zack Price          43:11
  12  Kolsoum Hoertkorn, Diana Suen         45:25
  13  Lani Schreibstein                     48:47
  14  Masha Konkov (COOL)                   50:02
  15  Tom Dembski                           52:16
  16  Mikhail & Sasha Kourjanski            52:43
  17  Ziggy                                 54:40
  18  Jerry Yang                            58:17
  19  Rina Skinner, Starla & Gino Dianda  1:01:14
  20  Dana Migach                         1:05:49
  21  Robert & Miguel Olson               1:10:34
  22  Jonathan Hallsted, Susan Wittstock  1:12:26
  23  Jennifer Oberholzer,
        John & Veronica                   1:16:56
  24  Garrett Vana                        1:26:51
  25  Qi & Kam                            1:49:38
  26  Sonja & Charlotte Dickert           1:59:57

  Second Course

      Natalia & Masha Kourjanskaia (COOL)   55:13
      Rick, Danny, & Nick Tompkins,
        Sora Azekawa                        57:57

Sprint Course  (2.5 km, 85 m climb, 15 controls)

   1  Jonas Kjall                           13:34
   2  Rex Winterbottom                      16:07
   3  Mikkel Conradi                        18:31
   4  Steve Haas                            21:48
   5  Derek Maclean                         22:09
   6  Brad Wetmore                          23:12
   7  Gavin Wyatt-Mair                      24:50
   8  Shura Kretchetov                      25:02
   9  James Wilson                          27:00
  10  Stephanie Maclean                     29:32
  11  Lauren Knight                         30:40
  12  Laurens Fein                          35:25
  13  Dwight Freund                         39:50
  14  John Batcheller                       55:50
  15  Judy Koehler                        1:00:40

      Steve Gregg                           DNF

  Second Course

      Stephen Wu                            32:35
      Daniel Flanigan                       33:38
      Josh Burkart                          35:54
      Darren Don                            41:41

      Team Johana & Dadoo                   DNF

Orange Course  (2.7 km, 110 m climb, 13 controls)

   1  Gary Kraght                           34:14
   2  David Harrison                        37:17
   3  Ken Considine                         41:37
   4  Brian Schmitz                         43:48
   5  Archie Russell                        44:54
   6  Paul Polewaczyk                       46:23
   7  Craig Pierce, Erin Magers             47:15
   8  Harold DeMoss                         48:22
   9  John & Elizabeth Wilson               48:50
  10  Paul & Kathy Li                       50:44
  11  John Marold                         1:02:33
  12  Terri Hunt, Kevin Hinkley           1:02:56
  13  Darren Don                          1:10:08
  14  Fred & Diane Ciaramaglia            1:18:07
  15  Duane & Linda Beckman               1:19:42
  16  Lyubov Solomakha                    1:25:19
  17  John Quintrell                      1:26:12
  18  Sara Danielson                      1:53:49

      Dennis Mullane                        DNF
      Svetlana Dubenko, Zach Price          DNF
      Martin Engqvist, Upsaka If            DNF

  Second Course

      Rex Winterbottom                      22:52
      Esther Thomas                         58:53
      Jerry Yang                          1:18:56
      Zac Rosenbaum                       1:22:24

      Laurens Fein                          DNF
      Kai & Ashley                          DNF

Brown Course   (4.3 km, 268 m climb, 17 controls)

   1  Vladimir Gusiatnikov                  46:51
   2  Tapio Karras                          55:48
   3  Tobias Tornquist                      58:33
   4  Dennis Wilkinson                      59:53
   5  Dan Greene                          1:00:45
   6  Penny DeMoss                        1:01:17
   7  Steve Harrison                      1:01:41
   8  George Minarik                      1:05:06
   9  Devin Prouty                        1:05:55
  10  Chuck Spalding                      1:11:14
  11  Roger Pruett                        1:15:34
  12  Julliette Delforge-Melia            1:15:50
  13  Mark Blair                          1:18:24
  14  Fyodor Konkov                       1:18:34
  15  Kyle Peter                          1:18:49
  16  Greg Ehrensing                      1:19:14
  17  Peter Graube                        1:19:20
  18  Stefan Stefanov                     1:23:15
  19  Joe Scarborough                     1:34:14
  20  Marina Keating                      1:36:22
  21  Lauren MacMullan                    1:41:54
  22  Johanna Merriss                     1:42:24
  23  Michael Behrens, Team Sniffy        1:45:30
  24  Steven Anton                        1:47:00
  25  Irena Stefanova                     1:49:55
  26  Scott Novotny                       2:01:22
  27  Don Gee                             2:24:51

      Jeff Lanam                            MSP
      Behrens, et al: Warriors In Training  DNF
      Wes Erck                              DNF

  Second Course

      Jonas Kjall                           37:20
      Steve Haas                          1:01:49
      Steve Gregg                         1:06:48
      Gavin Wyatt-Mair                    1:09:21
      Brad Wetmore                        1:13:37
      Paul Polewaczyk                     1:15:31
      Mikkel Conradi, Lauren Knight       1:35:57
      John Quintrell                      1:50:26

      Shura Kretchetov                      DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)
MSP = Mispunched (one or more controls wrong)