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Lakeside Park and Indian Gulch

Date: (Sun.) Aug. 24, 2008
Location: Oakland, CA
Event Director: - 510.681.6181
Course Setters: Rex Winterbottom, Mark Manning
Type: C; Afternoon event: White, Yellow, Sprint, Bike-O, and Memory-O courses

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Event Write-Up


What a beautiful day! It’s hard to go wrong with Lake Merritt on an August afternoon—you might have fog in the morning, and it usually doesn’t get hot like it does in the inland valleys. Besides the weather, I think the big draw in this park is the setting—there are many beautiful views on the shoreline and within the park itself, and people are everywhere doing everything. It’s quite a spectacle. From the registration area, you could see most of the first 5 or 6 legs of the Yellow course, and I was able to snap many photos of people in action.

A variety of courses brought out a variety of participants. It’s always nice to see new faces, and faces you haven’t seen in a while, at a local event. The White course was perfect for juniors, but they also tackled the Yellow course, which zig-zagged more and offered interesting route-choice challenges. Many of our experienced hands tried and enjoyed the White course as well as the Yellow course. Both were also dubbed “sprints,” with the Yellow course counting for the national USOF Sprint Series ( standings (and our BAOC club series as well). Some of the out-of-town orienteers included Igor Guskov from Ann Arbor, MI (U-M Go Blue!) and Bill Meldrum from Ottawa, Canada.

I can’t remember the last time we’ve had a Memory-O. All who did the course were successful, and I think it’s a great training benefit. It makes a challenging use of a park like this. Our next Memory-O is at Crown Beach in Alameda on Sept. 27th. Don’t forget.

Mark Manning set two challenging Bike-O courses in the neighborhoods of Piedmont and Crocker Highlands, enjoyed and appreciated by the participants. Sometimes, a better option was to portage your bike up or down a staircase.

Thanks to Gabija and Karina Masalkovaite for making all of our root beer floats at the end! Awards were given out to the top juniors, seniors, and in-betweeners on the various courses while we enjoyed our treats.

A big thanks to our wonderful volunteer core. In particular, Ben Legg taught me how to get started making an orienteering map. After I did the field work and drafting, Ben went around the whole map and made suggestions for improvement that I incorporated into the final revision. Then he vetted the courses. Then he helped during the whole event.

Angela Hunter was at registration the whole time, processed the results, and made sure everything was in good shape, allowing me to coordinate with all the volunteers and participants. Joe Scarborough provided the punch cards we lacked on short notice. And special thanks go to the tireless control patrol crew who spent valuable energy on watch before or after doing their own courses: Steve Gregg, Andrejus Masalkovas, Mikkel Conradi, George Minarik, Gavin Wyatt-Mair, Ben Legg, and me.

And there are many more Helpers and Volunteers:

City of Oakland Parks and Recreation: Zermaine Thomas
Map printing and additions to Indian Gulch Bike-O map: Bob Cooley
Bike-O course: Mark Manning
Map checker, course vetter and consultant: Ben Legg
Bike-O course vetter and consultant: Steve Gregg
Punch cards: Joe Scarborough
Setup: Harold Lischner, George Minarik, Ben Legg, Nancy Lindeman, Steve Harrison
Registration: Nancy Lindeman, Angela Hunter
Beginner’s Clinics: George Minarik
Starts: Harold Lischner, Vicki Woolworth, Gavin Wyatt-Mair, Anne Winterbottom
Finishes: Jim Fish, Ben Legg, Rosemary Johnson
Results: Angela Hunter, Wayne Caplinger
Control Deployment and Patrol: Rex Winterbottom, Ben Legg, Steve Gregg, Andrejus Masalkovas, George Minarik, Gavin Wyatt-Mair, Mikkel Conradi
Control Pickup: Gavin Wyatt-Mair, Steve Gregg, Andrejus Masalkovas, Uglete Masalkovaite
Ice Cream Floats: Gabija & Karina Masalkovaite, Lukas Frei, Nancy Lindeman


Lakeside Park and Indian Gulch

Oakland, CA
Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Champions

Junior Women, White Course: Bronwyn Caplinger
Junior Women, Yellow Course: Bronwyn Caplinger
Junior Men, White Course: Will Saba
Junior Men, Yellow Course: Andrey Losev
Senior Women: Judy Koehler
Senior Men: Dennis Wildfogel
Women: Rosemary Johnson
Men: Steve Gregg
Memory-O, Women: Bronwyn Caplinger
Memory-O, Men: Wayne Caplinger
Bike-O, Men: Mikkel Conradi
Bike-O, Women: Vicki Woolworth

Course Results

  Pl  Name(s)                      Time

White Course     (1.5 km, 10 controls)

   1  Bronwyn Caplinger            12:15
   2  Will Saba                    13:35
   3  Victoria Loseva              33:36
   4  Cathy Yang, Peter Graube     34:00

  Second Course

   1  Wayne Caplinger               8:52
   2  Jeff Dickert                 11:21
   3  Jim Fish                     14:06
   4  Harold Lischner              27:26

Yellow Course    (2.9 km, 17 controls)

   1  Steve Gregg                  15:30
   2  Andrejus Masalkovas          15:44
   3  Igor Guskov                  16:17
   4  Dennis Wildfogel             16:56
   5  George Minarik               18:37
   6  Gavin Wyatt-Mair             19:55
   7  Wayne Caplinger              20:36
   8  Steve Harrison               21:04
   9  Joe Saba                     21:05
  10  Hillary & Tyler Gatteau      22:20
  11  Bill Meldrum                 22:26
  12  Bruce Wolfe                  25:17
  13  Joe Scarborough              25:20
  14  Jim Fish                     26:25
  15  Jeff Dickert                 29:00
  16  Andrey Losev                 32:03
  17  Rosemary Johnson             36:25
  18  Eva, Noa, & Emmanuel Miller  37:18
  19  Judy Koehler                 41:20
  20  Emma & Jesse Wilkinson,
        Tony Pinkham               42:30
  21  Bill & Dayna Wiebalk         49:32
  22  Nancy Lindeman               55:38
  23  Eliza, Julia, Kamala, &
        Mike Ellis                 74:30
  24  Harold Lischner             109:50

      Lukas Frei                    DNF
      Mikkel Conradi                MSP

  Second Course

      Bronwyn Caplinger            40:08
      Cathy Yang, Peter Graube     60:10

Sprint (Yellow) - USOF Sprint Series Results - Men

   1  Steve Gregg                  15:30
   2  Andrejus Masalkovas          15:44
   3  Igor Guskov                  16:17
   4  Dennis Wildfogel             16:56
   5  George Minarik               18:37
   6  Gavin Wyatt-Mair             19:55
   7  Wayne Caplinger              20:36
   8  Steve Harrison               21:04
   9  Joe Saba                     21:05
  10  Bill Meldrum                 22:26
  11  Bruce Wolfe                  25:17
  12  Joe Scarborough              25:20
  13  Jim Fish                     26:25
  14  Jeff Dickert                 29:00
  15  Andrey Losev                 32:03
  16  Harold Lischner             109:50

Sprint (Yellow) - USOF Sprint Series Results - Women

   1  Rosemary Johnson             36:25
   2  Bronwyn Caplinger            40:08
   3  Judy Koehler                 41:20
   4  Nancy Lindeman               55:38

Memory-O Course       (1.0 km, 6 controls)

   1  Wayne Caplinger               7:40
   2  Mikkel Conradi                7:47
   3  Jim Fish                     11:12
   4  Eva, Noa, & Emmanuel Miller  12:05
   5  Bronwyn Caplinger            19:42

Bike-O, Long Course   (14.3 km, 12 controls)

   1  Mikkel Conradi               53:50
   2  Bruce Wolfe                  56:19
   3  Dirty Avocados               56:52
   4  Joe Saba                     61:54
   5  Margaret Longstreth, Joe
        Maffei, Marina Keating     74:23

Bike-O, Short Course  (11.7 km, 9 controls)

   1  Vicki Woolworth              72:56


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)
MSP = Mispunched (one or more controls wrong)