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Joaquin Miller Park

Date: (Sat.) Oct. 25, 2008
Location: Oakland, CA
Event Director: - 510.681.6181
Course Setters: Bruce Wolfe, Jay Hann
Type: C; FREE day of orienteering, the kickoff of our 2nd BAOC COOL season, and a celebration of the BAOC 30th anniversary

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Event Write-Up


A wonderful group showed up to celebrate 30 years of magic with the Bay Area Orienteering Club. Many old-timers and fresh faces showed up on a warm day, cooler under the shade of the redwoods up top.

Just going out on Bruce Wolfe’s interesting courses was a tour through time—Joaquin Miller Park has been used regularly by the club for 30 years. The park has been host to innumerable regular courses, line-Os, sprints, memory-Os, night events, trainings, clinics, and club social gatherings, and houses the club's first permanent orienteering course. Events have ranged from the 1982 Scandinavian tour group event (where Bruce used a little local knowledge to beat future world champ Jorgen Mortensen), to the 1998 filming of the Backroads TV show on orienteering that still periodically appears on the tube.

Throughout these 30 years, the park (and the club for that matter) has seen many changes. The vegetation and landscaping keep morphing, and the map itself has evolved from the 1978 three-color, 1:12000 hand drawn masterpiece by Joe Scarborough, through a black-and-white "shaded" update in 1982, into a full-color IOF-standard, OCAD-based map today. The map sports a variety of terrain types, and still has some accuracy problems—not uncommon for redwood or steep terrain, and the park has both—but continues to provide good challenges for orienteering.

At today's event, folks couldn’t get enough of the courses, and there were multiple helpings of White, Yellow, Orange, and "Retro" (advanced) served, all with pin punches. The Retro course relied on master maps, giving us once again that classic view of multiple butts sticking up while their hunched-over owners carefully copied the course onto their maps. In the future, we hope to use the 1978-and-current hybrid map that we almost used for the Retro course.

Jay Hann gave a splendid orientation to this year’s COOL Junior League with navigation clinics, activities, and a super-fun ultra-sprint course with E-punching.

Besides fun orienteering, this social event featured an action-packed program back under the canopy of the redwoods. Potlucking is always a good time and tasty food was shared.

Great exhibits! Mark Blair put up a veritable museum display of controls over the ages, including some of the original homemade ones, one of which made its way to Australia somehow. Judy Koehler provided a stellar memory book including BAOC members who have graced the pages of ONA (Orienteering North America). Nancy Lindeman contributed a blizzard of historical articles, maps, bulletins, and promotional materials. Steve Haas also provided bulletins. Ev and Jean Beuerman draped about 40 T-shirts from older and newer events and A-meets on a huge clothesline. And covering the barbecue pit were two map boards curated by Johanna Merriss.

Our president, Nick Corsano, presented framed certificates to former winners of the BAOC Service Award, which recognizes volunteers who have contributed in diverse ways to our club over a long period of time. This year’s honoree is Mark Blair, our longtime equipment director, who has also worn many other hats over the years.

Intrepid men, women, and children modeled various styles of O-suits of the years in the fashion show, maneuvering in and out of the crowd at the picnic tables on a mock orienteering course. I enjoyed the encore group strut at the end. Samples of the new uniforms from Axis gear were modeled, and Ben Legg gave an update on the uniforms and took questions. Besides the models, many others tried the uniforms after the show to see how they fit.

We shared stories and tributes—future spouses Mark Petersen and Janet Halsebo met at an event where Janet eyed Mark trudging waist-deep through a swamp. Some stories involved animals, some friendly, but mostly not. And a few featured interesting encounters with non-orienteers in the parks.

I really enjoyed the day, and am thankful to have had the opportunity to direct the event. Thank you for all the essential help—many people helped in many ways, and your spirit of volunteerism made directing this non-typical event very manageable. I’d particularly like to mention these folks who did a little extra: Steve Gregg, Nancy Lindeman, Jim Fish, and Ev and Jean Beuerman arrived early and helped me out of a jam. Also, Al and Cindy Carbonetti, two newcomers, helped at the beginning as well by putting out direction signs and streamers. At the end of the event, Judy Koehler, Steve Haas, and Mark Blair helped me take everything down and load up my car. Thanks everybody!


The intrepid modeling crew! Greg Ehrensing, Alex Finch, Steve Gregg, Tapio Karras, Judy Koehler, Masha Konkov, Blas Lopez, Karina Masalkovaite, Andrejus Masalkovas, and Johanna Merriss.

Ev and Jean Beuerman: Setup, Registration
Mark Blair: Takedown
Al and Cindy Carbonetti: Setup
Greg Ehrensing: Tent setup for models
Wes Erck: Starts
Toby Ferguson: Photos
Alex Finch: Registration, Starts
Jim Fish: Setup
Steve Gregg: Setup, put out White course controls
Steve Haas: Control pickup (Orange and advanced courses)
Alan Houser: Beginners’ Clinics
Judy Koehler: Beginners’ Clinics, Takedown
Matthias Kohler: Finishes
Ben Legg: Uniforms
Francois Leonard: Control pickup (White and Yellow courses)
Nancy Lindeman: Setup
Marie-Josee Parayre: Finishes
Bob Strauss: Finishes
Theo Verhoeven: Results, Control pickup (Orange and advanced courses)
Gavin Wyatt-Mair: Finishes


Joaquin Miller Park

Oakland, CA
Saturday, October 25, 2008

  Pl  Name(s)                             Time

White Course    (1.6 km, 220 ft climb, 6 controls)

   1  Julia Doubson                       16:22
   2  Hannah Kopisch                      19:02
   3  Andy Beck                           21:48
   4  Al & Cindy Carbonetti               27:56
   5  Sarah Petersen                      28:40
   6  Katie Petersen                      38:54
   7  Nick Corsano, Esther Heller,
        Elizabeth Hurley, and Riley       40:37
   8  Girl Scout Troop 60324 #1           43:10
   9  Rick, Danny, & Nicky Tompkins       45:22
  10  The Palamino Four                 1:01:03
  11  David Lloyd, Jayne De Young       1:01:50
  12  Cassandra Pelayo                  1:29:33

  Second Course

      Wayne Caplinger                     14:38
      Eric Stoutenburg, Jordan Wilkerson  18:50

Yellow Course   (2.0 km, 420 ft climb, 7 controls)

   1  Shaun P., Darren G., & Henry        53:12
   2  Hot Chicks                        1:04:25
   3  Koya family                       1:05:58
   4  Cindy & David Meredith            1:15:27
   5  Behrens family                    1:18:32
   6  David Lloyd, G. Pants             1:32:58
   7  Amit Oren                         1:44:08
   8  Gary Parker                       1:46:30
   9  Joe Grams                         1:46:30
  10  Mateo                             2:05:06

      Zack Considine                      DNF
      Samir B. Himes                      DNF
      Adil                                DNF

  Second Course

      Steve Gregg                         18:47
      Brad Wetmore                        27:59

Orange Course   (3.2 km, 740 ft climb, 9 controls)

   1  Andrejus Masalkovas                 35:05
   2  Steve Gregg                         35:42
   3  Eric Stoutenburg                    38:43
   4  Mikkel Conradi                      39:43
   5  Brad Wetmore                        41:26
   6  Derek Maclean                       41:43
   7  Alex Finch                          42:33
   8  Matej Sebo                          43:20
   9  George Minarik                      46:21
  10  Ian Tidswell                        46:50
  11  Roger Michel                        48:41
  12  Mark Blair                          49:15
  13  Blas Lopez                          49:52
  14  Matthias Kohler                     50:03
  15  Jordan Wilkerson                    50:14
  16  Mark Petersen                       51:30
  17  Joe Maffei                          52:08
  18  Johanna Merriss                     52:36
  19  Theo Verhoeven                      54:55
  20  Lubomir Sebo                        58:16
  21  Margaret Longstreth                 58:26
  22  Bob Strauss                       1:02:15
  23  Michael Behrens                   1:03:34
  24  Stephanie Maclean                 1:08:40
  25  Wes Erck                          1:09:42
  26  Greg Ehrensing                    1:11:35
  27  John Batcheller                   1:12:45
  28  Gavin Wyatt-Mair                  1:13:10
  29  Janet Petersen                    1:14:18
  30  Joe & Will Saba                   1:18:42
  31  Yumay Chang                       1:19:35
  32  Jim Fish                          1:19:36
  33  Ana Herreros                      1:27:52
  34  Oleg Shakhnovsky                  1:34:15
  35  Steve Beuerman                    1:34:40
  36  Ken Considine                     1:36:36
  37  John Marold                       1:44:55
  38  Alan Houser                       1:45:00
  39  Vangie Dee, Raymond Leung,
        Erwin Tsaur                     1:48:07
  40  Yim, Yim, Bosch, and Legg         1:57:48
  41  Judy Koehler                      1:59:18
  42  Nancy Lindeman                    2:10:28
  43  Mark, David, Susan, & Jerry
        Winterlin                       2:34:10

      Dean & Donna French                 DNF

"Retro" Advanced Course  (4.4 km, 1240 ft climb, 14 controls)

   1  Mikkel Conradi                      59:50
   2  Steve Gregg                       1:03:59
   3  Francois Leonard                  1:11:40
   4  Tapio Karras                      1:15:50
   5  Blas Lopez                        1:19:46
   6  Toby Ferguson                     1:26:32
   7  Steve Haas                        1:33:45
   8  Mark Petersen                     1:35:33
   9  Jeff Lanam                        1:52:00
  10  Manfred Kopisch                   2:03:00
  11  Wayne Caplinger                   2:04:40
  12  Fyodor Konkov                     2:08:25
  13  Dan Greene                        2:16:49

      Mark Blair                          DNF
      Jim Fish                            DNF
      Alex Finch                          DNF
      Johanna Merriss                     DNF
      Roger Michel, Yumay Chang           DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)