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Bayfront Park

Date: (Sat.) Jul. 26, 2008
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Event Director: - 408.386.9343
Course Setter: Cameron Ferguson
Type: C; Standard White, Yellow, and Orange courses; introducing Mobile-O (2-person teams with cell phones)

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Event Write-Up


The first BAOC Mobile-O event at Bayfront Park was well attended. We got some positive feedback about the Mobile-O format, and we had two pairs separated by long distances—Terry Farrah ran while Eric Bone was waiting to get on an aircraft in Heathrow, UK; Damian Swift ran while Robi Mulford was in New Mexico—so this is a very interesting way of "attending" an event! All in all, it worked out well—some poor coverage spots in the north west of the park for some carriers (Sprint and TMobile, I think), but otherwise a fun event!

This was Cameron Ferguson's first attempt at course setting, and I think he designed enjoyable courses for all. Given the terrain, he managed to get in some route choices and offered the Yellow runners a chance to "make it Orange" if they were feeling confident enough. Bayfront is such a safe area that offering these kinds of challenges works well, and helps the Yellow runners get to try a little harder course without the fear of getting lost, never to return!

There were 93 starts (several people ran multiple courses, which is normal for Bayfront). Johanna Karras won the White course. (Chuck Spalding had the fastest time on White after running Orange and Yellow.) The Yellow course was won by by Theo Verhoeven. (Greg Khanlarov had the fastest time on Yellow after running Orange.) Mikkel Conradi ran Orange, Mobile-O #1, and Mobile-O #2, and tied for fastest time on Orange with Sergey Velichko. Mikkel managed a solid second place on Mobile-O #2, guided by Lauren Knight. Lubomir Sebo (guided by Matej Sebo) squeezed out Shura Kretchetov (guided by Helena Eydelberg) to win Mobile-O #1. Tapio Karras (guided by Dan Greene) won Mobile-O #2.

Thank you to the volunteers, some of them recruited "on the spot", who helped ensure the success of the event. Alan Glendinning and Meg Gerstner ran registration, with David Meredith, Cameron Ferguson, and Terry Farrah working the electronic registration on the laptop. Dan Greene provided assistance with Beginners Clinics, and Chuck Spalding, Greg Khanlarov, and Alan Glendinning all took turns on the start. Suzan Armstrong was press-ganged into doing the download and results, and she in her turn recruited Matej Sebo. Shura Kretchetov assisted on setting up the string results and the tent for the water table. Finally Bronwen and Wayne Caplinger helped clear up (carefully collecting together all the string results) and helped with a few other "end of day" tasks.

Remember, we only get to orienteer because of our volunteers, and volunteers get to run in the "volunteer only" Bon Tempe event in December, a beautiful location and well worth volunteering for!

The volunteers, in random order, were:

Alan Glendinning
Meg Gerstner
Dan Greene
David Meredith
Greg Ehrensing
Chuck Spalding
Shura Kretchetov
Terry Farrah
Suzanne Armstrong
Matej Sebo
Greg Khanlarov
Cameron Ferguson
Bronwen Caplinger
Wayne Caplinger

I do believe that is everyone, but it's possible I missed someone. If you were missed, please let me know, and I will ensure your name is on this list.


Bayfront Park

Menlo Park, CA
Saturday, July 26, 2008

 Pl  Name(s)                             Time

White Course         (2.3 km, 16 controls)

   1  Johanna Karras                      25:44
   2  Sebo family                         28:23
   3  Davy & Sarah Williams               32:37
   4  Emily & Ken Considine               34:00
   5  Susan Chang                         38:44
   6  Mary & Antonio Phoenix              40:37
   7  Denise & Ande Burns,
        Miel Horrilleno                 1:13:24
   8  Joan Sanchez, Nancy Michelli      1:14:51

      Fillan Swift                         DNF
      Todd group                           DNF
      Tompkins family, Michael Picazo      DNF

  Third Course

      Chuck Spalding                      14:22

Yellow Course        (1.9 km, 12 controls)

   1  Theo Verhoeven                      12:43
   2  Luc Poppe                           19:46
   3  Janet Wang                          22:02
   4  Ben Considine                       23:20
   5  Helena Eyselberg                    25:00
   6  Gavin Williams                      28:08
   7  Jesse & Emma Wilkinson,
        Tony Pinkham                      29:00
   8  Wilkinson family                    30:02
   9  Michele Conway group                30:32
  10  Bharesh, Shrav, & Aashin Mehta,
        Ram Gupta                         34:35
  11  Cary Goeller                        42:28
  12  Tom Rodgers                         45:08
  13  Cooper, Wiegman, Adams              53:49
  14  Kirk, Tim, & Colin Stoddard,
        Annette Coleman                   57:30

      Greg Parkkinen                       DNF
      Zack Considine                       DNF

  Second Course

      Greg Khanlarov                       9:00
      Ido Green                            9:28
      Chuck Spalding                      11:54

Orange Course        (2.7 km, 14 controls)

   1  Mikkel Conradi                      13:43
   2  Ido Green                           14:47
   3  Greg Khanlarov                      15:12
   4  Matthias Kohler                     16:59
   5  Juha Koskenvuo                      19:19
   6  Chuck Spalding                      20:08
   7  Steve Harrison                      21:09
   8  Greg Ehrensing                      24:08
   9  Lauren Knight                       24:39
  10  Brad, Audrey, & Ken Armstrong       24:48
  11  Joe Maffei                          25:30
  12  Jeff Lanam                          32:25
  13  Neal Lischner                       33:20
  14  Shaun & Daniel Etherington          33:56
  15  Alan Houser                         34:07
  16  Chris & Kennedy Buchner             34:10
  17  David Meredith                      36:27
  18  Roger Yeung, Leroy Chan, Janice Ko  39:33
  19  Jane Ferguson, Mary Linkin,
        Trina Etherington                 40:06
  20  Cathy Bolger                        44:08
  21  David Harrison                      47:15
  22  Peter Rogers                        55:11
  23  Marina Keating                      56:48
  24  Kan group                         1:03:00
  25  Rugg family                       1:03:45
  26  Eileen Everett                    1:15:50
  27  Harold Lischner                   1:22:41
  28  Jim Masters (GCO)                 1:35:22

  Second Course

      Sergey Velichko                     13:43
      Steve Gregg                         15:14
      Damian Swift                        20:57
      Theo Verhoeven                      22:19
      Luc Poppe                           26:44
      Janet Wang                          39:11
      Tom Rodgers                       1:17:57

Mobile-O Course #1   (2.1 km, 11 controls)

  Pl  Runner (Controller)                 Time

   1  Lubomir Sebo (Matej Sebo)           22:11
   2  Shura Kretchetov (Helena Eyselberg) 22:44
   3  Damian Swift (Robi Mulford)         23:13
   4  Terry Farrah (Eric Bone)            23:29
   5  Steve Gregg (Ruth)                  25:11
   6  Masha Velichko (Sergey Velichko)    34:16
   7  Trinka Gillis (Bjorn Widerstrom)    39:09
   8  Bronwen Caplinger (Wayne Caplinger) 42:41
   9  Scott Hann (Jay Hann)               43:01
  10  Blonstein family                    51:34
  11  Sarah Williams (Carl Williams)      51:38

      Megan Madsen (Megan McLinden)         DNF

   Second Course
      Mikkel Conradi (Lauren Knight)      24:05
      Marina Keating (Joe Maffei)         47:14

Mobile-O Course #2   (2.3 km, 13 controls)

  Pl  Runner (Controller)                 Time

   1  Tapio Karras (Dan Greene)           17:01
   2  Terry Farrah (Eric Bone)            22:17
   3  Matej Sebo (Lubomir Sebo)           23:11
   4  Steve Gregg (Ruth)                  24:27
   5  Carl Williams (Sarah Williams)      25:53
   6  Joe Maffei (Marina Keating)         26:56
   7  Wayne Caplinger (Bronwen Caplinger) 27:23
   8  Bjorn Widerstrom (Trinka Gillis)    27:33
   8  Damian Swift (Robi Mulford)         27:33
   9  Jay Hann (Scott Hann)               28:13
  10  Sergey Velichko (Masha Velichko)    48:58

  Second Course
      Helena Eyselberg (Shura Kretchetov)  DNF

  Third Course
      Mikkel Conradi (Suzanne Armstrong)  18:07


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)
DNS = Did not start