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Monte Bello and Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserves

Date: (Sun.) Oct. 30, 2005
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Event Director: - 206.913.3790
Course Setter: Mikkel Conradi
Type: B; White, Yellow, Orange, and advanced courses

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Event Write-Up

From course setter Mikkel Conradi:

The courses turned out to be slightly on the short side as promised. Winning times on the advanced courses ranged from 56:07 on the Brown to 1:07:07 on the Green, with Red and Blue in between. There were actually 4 runners within 43 seconds on the Brown course, a close contest won by Joe Scarborough with two seconds to spare to Will Gilmore, who was then chased by Gary Kraght and Chuck Spalding. Jane Melia was the best woman with a time of 1:04:38, followed by Anna Zaster and Julia Pushkar.

Brad Wetmore saw a comfortable 4-minute win on the Green course, followed by Dan Greene and Evan Custer. A similar gap was observed on the Red course, where Pierre Delforge managed to outpace both Tapio Karras and Ido Green. Ingert Svard had a strong race, finishing 5th overall with a time of 1:04:38 — the best female runner on Red.

At some point when results for the Blue course were ticking in, Mattias Vangbo held a convincing 10-minute lead over Andrejus Masalkovas and Vladimir Gusiatnikov. However, his time of 1:08:42 was finally beat rather thoroughly by Mattias Eriksson, who outran (or outsmarted) his countryman with an excellent run of 1:01:35. When I said the courses would be on the short side, I didn't imagine anyone would break 70 minutes! Penny DeMoss was the best woman with 1:27:42.

Most of the feedback on the courses was positive. The course-setting strategy was to create a relatively large number of legs out of a relatively small number of controls, and I feel like this was successful and well received. However, a few runners did have problems with controls #34 and #38. For #34, it turned out that there were several man-made objects within the circle, and which one was encountered first depended on course and route choice. As a course setter, I had not spotted these other objects, so I apologize to everyone who lost time due to this control. For #38, the reentrant may have been further South than mapped. There were no other reentrants on that hill, but in the future I'll make sure to pay better attention and avoid areas where the map seems a bit wonky.

The hardest course to set was the Orange course in Skyline. This map has a lot of similarities with Joaquin Miller: Trails, steep hills, and green stuff. However, the Orange course did have several legs where shortcuts could save time. Three runners managed to keep their times under an hour. The race was won by Dewey DuMond with a time of 55:57. Shortly behind him finished Ragnar Borg who walked the entire course carrying his son Emil on his back.

From event director Terry Farrah:

We enjoyed beautiful weather, sunny but not too hot. This is a popular venue and we had been exceeding our permit limit of 200 (75 in Monte Bello) in recent years so I tried to keep the publicity low-key; it appears that we came in just under those limits this year.

Due to new requirements from the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, we instituted a few measures to increase our emergency preparedness. A First Aid person was stationed at the event center, a person with a radio was stationed in the remote reaches of the Monte Bello hills, and special emergency response maps were distributed. The single reported injury was taken care of by a band-aid.

Mikkel and I apologize for the lack of control description sheets and for a poor organization of the self-serve advanced Start area. The latter may have cost some runners between a few seconds to as much as 1-2 minutes. The self-serve Start and Finish otherwise worked well, and saved us the need for several additional staff.

I saw about 10 people at Dan Greene's intermediate orienteering clinic. Thanks, Dan, for offering something that is clearly needed and appreciated by newer orienteers.

Many thanks to the wonderful rangers at the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, especially Elisa Wickham, whom many of you met or saw on Sunday. Among other things, they drove water out for us, and put up large industrial-size "PED XING" signs east and west of our Skyline crossing point.

And many thanks to the many orienteers who helped. Many of those listed below worked overtime or pitched in on tasks besides the one(s) they are listed after. I no doubt left out one or two names; please know that you are all appreciated:

Permit and Insurance: Rosemary Johnson
Equipment: Alan Glendinning, Mark Blair
Maps: Bob Cooley
Hanging Controls: Lauren Knight
Setup: Vladimir Gusiatnikov, John Turner, Parag Gupta, Brad Wetmore
Parking: Andrew Barros, Russell Neilson
Staffed Control: Kelly Wells, Chuck Spalding, Cathy Bolger
Registration: Ev and Jean Beuerman
Instruction: Alex Saltman, Dan Greene
Starts: Clare, Ken, and Elena Livak, Peter Graham, Matthias Kohler
Finishes: Brad Wetmore, Nick Corsano, Chad Davis, Peter Graham
Manual-Punch Results: Philip and Daniel Kopisch
First Aid: Bill Straka, Wendell Doman, Scott Aster
Crossing Guard: Justin Anderson, Peter Graube, Nancy Lindeman
Epunch: Trinka Gillis, Steve Beuerman, Evan Custer, Bjorn Widerstrom, perhaps others
Control Pickup: Harold DeMoss (organizer), Penny DeMoss, Andrew Masalkov, Theo Verhoeven, Luc Poppe, Wendell Doman, Matthias Kohler, Steve Haas, Peter Graube, Daniel and Manfred Kopisch


Monte Bello and Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserves

Palo Alto, CA
Sunday, October 30, 2005

Results for White, Yellow, and Orange Courses at Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve

  Pl  Name(s)                               Time

White Course    (1.7 km, 110 m climb, 7 controls)

   1  Elena Livak                           29:33
   2  Gabrielle Delforge-Melia              31:45
   3  Elaine Ou                             32:24
   4  Jim & Patrick McPherson,
        Vince Crosariol                     41:25
   5  Anita & Ramana Yerneni                45:59
   6  Gordon, Sara, & Megan Hodge           47:30
   7  Janna, Tom, & Chloe Woods             58:00
   8  Natasha & Julia Doubson,
        Masha Konkov                      1:00:39
   9  Stef & Chris Twiggs, and others     1:01:14

Yellow Course   (2.3 km, 170 m climb, 8 controls)

   1  Brian Schmitz                         31:20
   2  Jen Stilwell                          37:23
   3  Tomas Mancal                          41:19
   4  Elaine Ou                             53:50
   5  Joanne Thiel, David Caeiro            54:12
   6  Daniel Kopisch                        54:15
   7  Lisa, Kiana, Brandon, Mary, &
        Antonio Gonzalez                    54:41
   8  Carter Graham                         59:00
   9  Kate & Brian Tennant                  59:28
  10  Brian Cilker, Michael, Nicholas,
        Everett, Michael                  1:01:49
  11  Galena Shakhnovsky                  1:05:30
  11  Janet Stein                         1:05:30
  13  Tristan DelForge, Brendan
        Cruikshank                        1:11:35
  14  Takuya Kawamoto                     1:14:13
  15  Juliette Delforge-Melia             1:16:57
  16  Teresa Trowbridge, Margo, Jessica   1:21:27
  17  Fred & Donna Munia                  1:23:31
  18  Tina Ambrogi, Jen Grafe, Suzanne
        & Duane Cleghorn                  1:23:49
  19  Jim, Vince, & Patrick McPherson     1:24:04
  20  Mike Partelow                       1:28:33
  21  Richard, William, & John Eberli     1:32:10
  22  Russell, Jason, & Lukas Green       1:33:39
  23  Dan, Kathryn, Keith, & Jennifer
        Veditz                            1:34:00
  24  Anna Tchetchetkine, Natalya
        Chudakova                         1:45:21
  25  Constantine Kudryavtsev             1:48:33

      Rachel Berkowitz, Todd Karin          DNF (found 5 controls)

Orange Course   (2.8 km, 240 m, 10 controls)

   1  Dewey DuMond                          55:57
   2  Ragnar Borg                           56:35
   3  Phil Blocher                          59:51
   4  Gabriel Ress, Hilary Hardcastle     1:00:46
   5  Ken Livak                           1:13:00
   6  Dirk De Mol                         1:13:01
   7  Erin Magers, Jon Fosgate            1:18:18
   8  Kevin Ng, Janet Kan, Dick Tam       1:19:55
   9  Alak Ghosh, Kunal Gulati            1:22:39
  10  Karen Cook                          1:27:01
  11  Julie Hollien, Kael Fischer         1:29:55
  12  Michael Chan                        1:32:36
  13  Stepan Kashtanov                    1:40:50
  14  Emma, Shelton, & Dave Reneau        1:47:10
  15  Want family                         1:51:21

      Cathy Bolger                          MSP (1:20:20, mispunch at #10)

Results for Advanced Courses at Monte Bello Open Space Preserve

  Pl  Name(s)                        Time

Brown Course   (2.7 km, 255 m climb, 7 controls)

   1  Joe Scarborough                56:07
   2  Will Gilmore                   56:09
   3  Gary Kraght                    56:24
   4  Chuck Spalding                 56:50
   5  Jane Melia                   1:04:38
   6  Anna Zaster                  1:21:48
   7  Julia Pushkar                1:22:58
   8  Sergei Rodionov              1:23:34
   9  Kent Hetherwick              1:23:39
  10  Oleg Shakhnovsky             1:33:27
  11  Trinka Gillis                1:39:59
  12  Sarah Rubinfeld              1:40:47
  13  Robert Scholl                1:54:05
  14  TJ Nicholson                 2:01:35
  15  Alan & Helene Houser, Gordo  2:17:56
  16  Jim Fish                     2:18:59
  17  Barbara Straka               3:04:23

      Byron Lilly                    DNF
      Eric Shaw                      DNF
      Denis Kourakin                 DNF
      Justin Anderson                DNF

Green Course   (3.6 km, 290 m climb, 11 controls)

   1  Brad Wetmore                 1:07:07
   2  Dan Greene                   1:11:35
   3  Evan Custer                  1:18:54
   4  Bob Cooley                   1:20:27
   5  Manfred Kopisch              1:21:47
   6  Chad Davis                   1:24:41
   7  Steve Haas                   1:26:34
   8  David Jorgensen              1:36:14
   9  Theo Verhoeven               1:36:42
  10  Kelly Wells                  1:37:49
  11  Parag Gupta                  1:44:34
  12  Bjorn Widerstrom             1:45:46
  13  John Turner                  1:47:20
  14  Luc Poppe                    2:08:30
  15  Robert Lewis                 2:16:10
  16  Phillip Hoare                2:28:55
  17  William Straka               2:31:51

      Fred Ciaramaglia               DSQ
      Harold Lischner                DNF
      Nick Corsano                   DNF

Red Course     (4.6 km, 370 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Pierre Delforge              1:03:14
   2  Tapio Karras                 1:07:56
   3  Ido Green                    1:08:42
   4  Ingert Svard                 1:09:54
   5  Matthias Kohler              1:13:39
   6  Manfred Kopisch              1:23:21
   7  Thomas Bastis                1:24:34
   8  Derek Maclean                1:32:15
   9  Alex Saltman                 1:32:56
  10  Van Boughner                 1:33:55
  11  Mutsumi Sugizaki             1:35:27
  12  Bill Papendick               1:39:07
  13  Fyodor Konkov                1:41:38
  14  Joe Maffei                   1:44:10
  15  Peter Graube                 1:48:16
  16  Attila Nagy                  1:50:46
  17  Donatas Zigmantas            1:51:50
  18  Jaehn Lehigh                 1:54:08
  19  Heide Onkst (QOC)            2:01:17
  20  Alex Solomatnikov            2:20:22
  21  Himmelberger, Reynolds       2:27:14

Blue Course    (5.7 km, 435 m climb, 18 controls)

   1  Mattias Eriksson             1:01:35
   2  Mattias Vangbo               1:08:42
   3  Andrejus Masalkovas          1:18:51
   4  Vladimir Gusiatnikov         1:19:13
   5  Sergey Grushin               1:20:14
   6  Penny DeMoss                 1:27:42
   7  David Onkst (QOC)            1:32:33
   8  Peter Graham                 1:33:34
   9  Russell Neilson              1:33:57
  10  Rex Winterbottom             1:39:10
  11  Scott Porter                 1:47:27
  12  Wendell Doman                1:53:33
  13  Eric Rosenweig               1:55:18
  14  Jennifer Ratay               2:05:01

      Michael Prindiville            DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)
DSQ = Disqualified (broke a rule)
MSP = Mispunch (forgot to punch or punched wrong control)