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Updating the E-Punch Archive

BAOC is going to try to update its archive after each event, so that new sticks will be added to the database, which will decrease the amount of time to enter these in future events.

The directions that I used to update the archive are below. I do not know if this is the best or most efficient way to do it, so if someone has a better way, please let me know. It would be nice if SportSoftware had a means of excluding one or more chips not to import in the archive, such as rental sticks, so that the file would not have to been manually massaged in Excel before importing it into the Archive Manager. Deletion of the rental sticks in Excel is the most time consuming aspect of the process.

Evan Custer

Here are the steps to update the archive from data for an event:

You then get a report of how the archive was modified.