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GeBe Operation Manual


This printer system may be used at training or outreach events. It's low tech, and easily operated by untrained volunteers.

GeBe Setup

Note: Prior to use, the GeBe printer should be charged for 24 hours.

The GeBe printer should be connected to the control unit as in the following photo:

<em>GeBe</em> Printer Setup

This shows the printer on the left, with the paper cover open, the two wires that have to be connected together, and the control unit on the right.

Turn the GeBe unit on by clicking on the right-hand button (marked FEED/ENTER). When the unit is on, you should see the STATUS light flashing green.

Clear the unit's memory by inserting the chip attached to the Skull and Crossbones keyring. This is essential. If you fail to do this, it won't be possible to produce results for this event.

Check that the memory has been cleared by inserting the "print" stick into the control. This should print out a short header and nothing else.

The GeBe unit is now ready for operation.

System Operation

Operation of the GeBe is simple—the runner simply inserts their stick into the attached control, and a small strip of paper will be printed. This should be torn off of the printer by tearing the paper against the serrated teeth to the front of the paper, as shown in this image:

Printer, showing serrated teeth

If results for the event will be tabulated then a second copy of the results will be needed for the event organizer. The split tag should have the runner's name and course written on it, otherwise these will not be known. The tag only shows the number of the e-stick that was used.

The printer roll is marked with purple ink near its end. When the splits start showing the purple ink, its time to replace the paper. Simply pull the cover open (this can be a bit sticky), remove the old roll, and insert a new one, as shown in the image below (note the way the paper unrolls):

<em>GeBe</em> printer, showing how to insert a new paper roll

Extracting Data from the GeBe Control Unit

The SI Config software should be used to download the data from the GeBe control unit.

The general procedure is to do the following:

  1. Connect the control unit to the laptop.
  2. Read the control unit "directly" using SI Config.
  3. Save the data as a .CSV file.

Detailed instructions with pictures are contained in these documents: