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Four finishers race to the finish in 2001

Royal Gorge Ski-O

Date: Sunday, February 8, 2004
Location: near near Norden and Soda Springs at I-80, CA.
Contact: Tony Pinkham - (650) 969-5320
Type: C; Ski-O

The second Ski-O event of this season is scheduled for Sunday, February 8 at Royal Gorge near I-80 and the town of Norden. This resort has our most extensive and intricate trail network for ski orienteering, which means that there will be lots of route choices for each of the intermediate and advanced courses. Participation at this event furthers your possible Ski-O fame in the 2004 California Ski-Orienteering Championships.


This event will have white, yellow, orange, green, and blue courses. Off-trail skiing is not allowed, but there will be many official bushwack trails flagged on site and marked on your map to make for some interesting route choices (there should be no reason to take any shortcuts not marked on the map). Some uphill trails have rope tows, which are okay to use (they will not present an advantage for the more competitive skiers). All courses will use electronic punching.

Registration, Clinics, Starts, Fees

Registration opens at the event at 9 AM, beginner clinics begin at 9:30 AM, and individual starts occur between 10 AM and 12:30 PM. You must finish by 2:30 PM to enable our crew to pick up all the controls before the resort closes.

When you arrive, go into the Summit Station and register for this event at the special registration desk just inside the door. Your registration pays for the event, trail pass, E-punch rental (optional), and compass rental (optional). Ski rentals are handled separately downstairs. The fees are as follows:

trail pass
Have season
trail pass
Have 2-3 day
trail pass
Additional for
ski rental
Adult (17+) $32 $16 $6 $18.50
Junior (13-16) $17 $12 $3 $10.50
Child (0-12) $3 - - $10.50

E-punch sticks will be available for rent to any participants for $2. Free map holders (sheet protectors) for all participants! Bring your own touring or skating cross country skis or rent them from Royal Gorge.

Dan Stoll-Hadayia skating to the finish on the blue course at the 2004 Bear Valley Ski-O (Photo: Tony Pinkham)


The closest lodging for the event is at


From I-80, exit at the Soda Springs/Norden turnoff. Go east on the road through the town and follow the signs to the Summit Station area.