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Janet punches the finish with the help of twin daughters Katie and Sarah; Morgan Territory A-meet, October 2001 (Photo: Judy Koehler)

Board Meeting

Date: Monday, June 14, 2004
Time: Pizza at 6:30 pm, Meeting from 7-10 pm
Location: San Francisco, CA. (was Oakland)
Contact: - 415.681.7075
Location Changed!

All club members are invited to attend. This is your chance to influence the activities and direction of the club. Among other items we will discuss our financial position and ideas for changing our event fees and membership fees. Pizza will be available from 6:30pm - 7:00pm and the meeting lasts from 7:00pm - 10:00pm.

Last Minute Update

Board and Club Members,

As I mentioned a couple of days ago we need to change the location of the board meeting due to construction at our usual location in Oakland.

We will hold this board meeting at my apartment in San Francisco: 210 Upper Terrace, Apt 2. I have a pretty large living room and close to enough chairs. A link to a map and directions are below. We will have pizza at about 6:30p and the meeting 7:00-10:00p. As always all club members are welcome.

In addition to the usual reports, we will discuss:

Please do let me know if there are other items that you would like to discuss. I will send out the final agenda over the weekend.

I look forward to seeing many of you there!


Location: 210 Upper Terrace, Apt 2, SF. 415-681-7075

Link to map

Driving: From the junction of Market Street at Castro Streets heading southwest, be in the right lane and continue straight up 17th Street (the left two lanes will take you up Market Street). After about 4 stop signs and close to the top of the hill turn right on to Roosevelt Way. After about 0.2 miles turn left on Clifford Terrace. Upper Terrace is at the top of the hill. Turn left to get to 210, which is two doors down on the right. Driving in to the City around 6pm is generally not too bad, although the Duboce Street exit from 101 is to be avoided if possible.

Parking: There is generally ample parking on Roosevelt. After turning on to Roosevelt I would suggest parking on the right after you have gone about 0.1 miles or wherever you find a spot and walking. Parking on Upper Terrace is tough.

Public Transport: YOu can take Muni (KLM) to Market and Castro. From there it is a 15 minute walk (up a big hill. Follow the directions above, or I can tell you the 3 stairway walk that is very pleasant) or a $5 cab fare. Alternatively you can take the N line to Carl and Cole and a 10 minute walk (get a map for that one). I am sure someone will give you a ride down the hill after the meeting.