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Rubin heads to the finish at the 2001 Morgan Territory A-meet, shadowed by proud papa Van Boughner (Photo: Tony Pinkham)

Joseph Grant County Park

Date: Sunday, April 25, 2004
Location: San Jose, CA.
Event Director: - 510-638-2394
Course Setters: Dean French and Kent Ohlund
Event Type: B; Regular Event, all seven courses


We're still on for Sunday, April 25. If you haven't yet looked at Kent's photos, yes, the park is really nice this time of year.

Course statistics
            Distance     Climb         Difficulty

White        3.0 km      45 m          beginner
Yellow       3.4 km      110 m         advanced beginner
Orange       3.6 km      145 m         intermediate
AR           6.2 km      250 m         intermediate (Adventure Racing)
Brown        2.8 km      190 m         advanced
Green        4.2 km      290 m         advanced
Red          5.7 km      350 m         advanced
Blue         7.1 km      460 m         advanced
Start-O      varies      very little   young beginner

We will follow the standard BAOC schedule:

The advanced courses will use e-punch (Brown, Green, Red, and Blue). White, Yellow, Orange and Adventure Racing will use manual punch. Start-O will use stickers.

All competitors must come to the main entrance to register. Advanced course participants will be organized into a carpool/shuttle system to get to the remote start/finish, and will return to the main entrance to download.

As usual, we wouldn't mind just a few more volunteers; just contact with the course you plan to run, and any job or scheduling preferences (especially need people for beginners clinics and control pick-up).

See you there!

Original Announcement

Come out to Joe Grant, on the slopes of Mount Hamilton, for the full range of courses and hopefully a nice wildflower display. We will offer an Adventure Racing (long orange) training course and Start-O for the kids in addition to the regular 7 color levels.

The beginner and intermediate courses will start at the San Felipe picnic area near the main entrance to the park. Advanced courses will have a remote start/finish near the fire station 4.5 miles up the road in order to use the northeast corner of the park. This will require the use of a shuttle/carpool system, please check the website later for more details. Beginner, intermediate, and AR courses will have manual punch and the advanced courses will use e-punch.


Take the Alum Rock Road exit off I-680 in San Jose, and head for the hills (east). This exit is about one mile northeast of the 280/680/101 interchange. Continue on Alum Rock Road for about 2 miles, and turn right onto Mt. Hamilton Road. Go about 9 miles to the park entrance, which will be on your right. There is a $4 fee for parking. A carpooling meeting place will be arranged, more details to appear on the website and Bay-O-Net. Keep our parks green and our air clean, and avoid a parking ticket ($35 for parking on Mt Hamilton Road).