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Emerald Hills Street-O

Date: Jan 31 (Sat.)
Location: Redwood City, CA
Event Director: , 650-365-4275
Course Setter: Steve Beuerman
Event Type: C; Street-O
Last Minute Updates

Join us for a Street-O in the hills above Redwood City. You'll enjoy the crooked streets and terrific views. We will have a standard easy white course and advanced courses.

Max and Victoria at the Emerald Hills Street-O in 2003, after answering the question "How many skunks on the fence?"

The advanced courses will use the "Western Massachusetts Rules", i.e. there will be about 30 controls in the Emerald Hills neighborhood and adjacent Edgewood Park and you will need to collect a certain number of the controls in any combination. There are 4 length classes that determine how many controls you need to get:

You won't need to decide which class you are in until you finish. No bonus for visiting more controls than you need (i.e., 13 controls puts you in the short course with all those that found only 7). Results for each class are based on time.

There will be a mass start at 10:10 or you can start on any of the courses any time between 10:00 and 12:30. All contestants must be back by 2:05 PM.

This is a good event for beginners and beginner's clinics will be offered on demand betwwen 9:30 and 11:00. Groups of 8 or more, adventure race navigation training groups, scouts, homeschool groups, JROTC, etc., please let us know at least a week in advance so that we'll have enough maps printed.


The start/finish will be at Roy Cloud Elementary School located at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Emerald Hill Road. To get there, take I-280 to the Farm Hill Boulevard exit. Go north on Farm Hill about one mile to the intersection with Emerald Hill Road and turn left. Go three blocks, turn right onto Red Oak Way and the make an immediate left into the school parking lot. There is additional parking in another parking lot off Jefferson.

Last Minute Updates

From: Nancy Lindeman, Wed, 28 Jan 2004

Complaining about lack of orienteering this winter? Need exercise before the Super Bowl Couch Potato day?

Come out and join us this Saturday for a fun event starting at Roy Cloud Elementary School in the hills above Redwood City. Invite your friends, family and coworkers to join us. This is a good event for everyone.

Terry Farrah and Eric Bone will give clinics for beginners starting at 9:30. The 3.6K beginner's course is all on the streets.

There are 30 controls out there for the advanced course. Six of the 30 are in Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve and other controls are on the streets. You can get any 7 controls, any 14, any 21 or any 28 controls. The ones in Edgewood Park are far out so probably only people who get 21 or 28 controls will go into the park. No dogs are allowed in the park and you must stay on the trails.

Wyatt Riley was here from the East Coast yesterday to vet the advanced course. Everything is ready and we're waiting for you to come out and join in the fun. We have some scout groups coming. Please let me know if you know of any other groups that will join us so we'll be sure to have enough maps. Please help us welcome all the newcomers.

Last year 10 people (all men) completed the 28 control course and 6 people (again all men) completed the 21 control course. Will we have any women try the long courses this year? (Penny?, Johanna?, Terry?, Meg?, Vicki?, Joan?, Leslie?, Vivian?)

Steve Gregg was the top finisher on the longest course last year with a time of 2:04:34. Who will be his competition this year?

From: Steve Beuerman, Fri, 30 Jan 2004
Emerald Hills Course Setter Notes

Remember, this event is tomorrow, Saturday Jan 31st. Not Sunday.

Welcome to the 2004 Emerald Hills event. The format of this event is a little different than past events here, though itıs the same format as last year. In addition to the Beginner course, there is an advanced course using "Western Mass. Rules". Participants need to find any 7, 14, 21 or 28 controls, depending on how long they want to be out on the course. There are no bonus points for extra controls.

Beginner, 10 controls, 3.7k
Short, any 7 of 30 controls
Medium, any 14 of 30 controls
Long, any 21 of 30 controls
Longest, any 28 of 30 controls


1) Stay on trails and roads. Do not go off trail in Edgewood Park. Do not use the trails marked with red xıs on the map.

2) Courses close at 2pm. Everyone must check in at the finish by that time.

3) For the advanced course, you don't need to decide which class you are running until you turn in your score sheet.

4) Be careful of the traffic, especially on Jefferson and Emerald Hills.

5) There is no bonus for extra controls. For example, 20 controls will put you in the medium course, with other people that only obtained 14 controls.

6) The Long and Longest course are probably shorter than last yearıs, since the courses donıt go all the way to the north end of the map this time. This was done to allow the map to be printed at 1:15000 and still fit on an 8.5 x 11 sheet.

7) There are loud, noisy dogs on the course, especially around #6 and #18 on the advanced course. They are chained or in backyards however, and shouldnıt be a problem.

8) Renew your membership in BAOC if you havenıt already done it this year.

9) Have fun.

Steve Beuerman, Course Setter

PS. Thanks go to the meet director, OCAD operator, and vetters: Nancy Lindeman, Sharon Evans, Ev & Jean Beuerman and Wyatt Riley.