Spring Lake Results

October 31, 1999

by Gary Kraght, event director

A beautiful mild fall day greeted 165 lost souls condemned to wander the reaches of Spring Lake and Annadel on October 31. Nary a ghost nor goblin was sighted, but there sure were a lot of crazy people in pajamas. Below are the complete results.

When designing the courses for the Spring Lake event, I started with two rules: 1) thou shalt have long legs, and 2) thou shalt witness the glories of Annadel. So I set Orange and advanced courses using a minimum of Spring Lake, and a maximum of Annadel. And I tried to keep the average leg length above 500m for the advanced courses, and threw in a one kilometer leg on Orange and Red.

We had 97 people on White and Yellow, many of whom were Girl and Boy Scouts. Winner on White was BAOC's own U.S. champion in M10, Malcolm Wyatt-Mair. Yellow was led by Deron van Hoff, a newcomer from San Francisco. A difficult Orange course was bested by Leif Kirschenbaum, who ran the course in costume and was almost 20 minutes faster than his closest competition. George Minarik won the short Green course, followed closely by archrival Dennis Wildfogel, Bob Cooley, and Penny DeMoss. Everyone except Dennis has set courses at Annadel. And on Red, Wyatt Riley blazed through the 6.0 course in 58 minutes, less than 10 minutes per kilometer on a course with more than six percent climb. Wyatt's wife, Angelica, was first woman on Red.

I had a helpmate, without whom the event would not have happened. Scott Aster, BAOC president, vetted and set all of the controls and water, as well as designing the White and Yellow courses. Helpers on the day of the event were: Starts - Mary Lawson and daughter Francis, Beginner's Clinics - George and Leslie Minarik, Registration - Tom and Sandy Guldman, Finish - Scott Aster and Julie Wells, Greeter - David Meredith, Control Pickup - Harold and Penny DeMoss and Leif Kirschenbaum, General Gofer - Steve Miller. Thank you, everyone. There are a lot of tasks involved in putting on a "simple" orienteering event, and we prosper through our volunteer energy.


WHITE       2.8k 75m

Malcolm Wyatt-Mair                            38.12
Billy Conde, Michael Tauraso                  42.42
Jacob Lawson, Cameron Kendall                 43.46
Sherrill Yurth, Mark, Andy & Matt Richardson  44.06
Judy Gabriel                                  44.31
Don & Debbie Billings                         51.41
Shawn & Sally Buchanan                        62.20
Kate Shubert, Emily Ransford, Lilly Tomkovic  66.41
Hackett family (5)                            74.11
Taylor Hill, Rachelle Puconi, Katie Hogan     81.42
Denise & Cassidy Reich, Kathy & Lauren Rudy   96.27
Alice Keegan, David Tauraso                   98.17
Girl Scout Troop 137 (7)                     102.39
Rachael Caldwell, Katrina Fuhrman            109.12
Alice Sigler                                 DNF

YELLOW     3.8k 130m

Deron van Hoff                                60.35
Ken & Nick Perry, Devyn & Mark Wills          65.16
Panna Lossy                                   69.12
Cari & Chris Fraser                           71.42
Charles Palmer                                75.51
Bill & Helen Madsen                           75.59
George & Pat Aster                            77.45
Chris Kimsey, JP Hawkins, Mark Hansen,
     Chris Cortese, Michael Maguire           81.58
Zane Boehlke, Matt Tibbits                    83.29
David Ellis, Mary Holder                      89.46
Scott Baldwin                                 98.41
David & Sandy Tresan                          98.56
Ev & Jean Beuerman                           105.30
Ann Sorenson, Ellie & Amanda Micheli,
     Amanda Vivrette                         109.08
Brian Fraser                                 114.07
Troop 32 (4)                                 118.06
Niels, Hillary & Max Conrad                  129.22
Sam & Glenn Hetchler                         136.58
Rick & Ben Stern, Kevin & John Scheumann     161.17
Barcelon & Mayer (4)                         OT
Susie & Jeff Perry, Patrick MacKenzie        MSP #2
J B Hirst                                    DNF
Carolyn More, Pat Beigel                     DNF
Kevin Walker                                 lost card

2nd course:

Hackett family (5)                           91.50
Billy Conde, Michael Tauraso                 MSP #2
Jacob Lawson, Cameron Kendall                DNF

ORANGE      3.3k 190m

Leif Kirschenbaum                             58.34
Brian Donohue                                 77.24
Steve Miller, Bob Gallagher                   82.39
Julie & Steve Bennett                         82.41
Stuart & Jeff Kresge, Steven Guilliams       116.11
David Roberson                               127.30
Lauren Wemmer                                140.33
Brendan Wells, Kiel Small                    140.56
Jill Custer                                  144.45
Jonathan Seder                               146.58
Blake & Martin Johnson                       150.10
Judy Koehler                                 154.09
Juan Frescas                                 DNF #7
Ken Prose                                    DNF
Claire Shubert, Linnea Hill                  DNF
Brandyn Tomkovic, Amanda Simons              DNF
Idell Weydemeyer                             lost card

GREEN      3.6k 220m

George Minarik                   49.51
Dennis Wildfogel                 50.32
Bob Cooley                       51.29
Penny DeMoss                     52.33
James Wilson                     62.08
Evan Custer                      62.12
Nik Weber                        63.46
Blake Tresan                     63.50
Dwight Freund                    80.39
Robert Lewis                     81.27
Jascha Lee                       83.43
Patty White                      84.24
Harold DeMoss                    86.16
Patty Clemo                      88.57
David Meredith                  106.55
Steve Beuerman                  113.41
Joan Roos                       114.06
Stew Hintz                      116.21
Leslie Minarik                  118.26
Marsha Jacobs                   118.33
Vic Revenko                     119.20
Ton Olson, Don Klotz            139.21
Boyd & Dianne Potts             DNF

RED       6.0k 375m

Wyatt Riley                      58.00
Dan Stoll-Hadayia                60.17
Matthias Kohler                  72.35
Gary Carpenter                   75.33
Steve Gregg                      75.57
Chris Sherwood                   79.46
Gavin Wyatt-Mair                 80.53
Mike Springer                    83.26
Ian Ramsey                       83.32
Angelica Riley                   84.57
Kelly Wells                      99.30
Russell Green                   103.16
Peter Graube                    118.01
David Dreyfuss                  118.11
Ron Gross                       126.11
Mark Rice                       135.11
Aileen Abernathy                135.25
Rosemary Johnson                DNF