Rocky Mountain 1000-Day Results

Aug. 13-22, 1999

by Evan Custer (results) and Steve Gregg (event report)

Below are the final results for BAOCers at this year's Rocky Mountain 1000-Day in Laramie, Wyoming. It includes the 5-day A-meet and the Rocky Mountain Goat. Full results (including times for individual days and the full roster of the Crystal Relays) can be found at the RM1000 website.

Mikell Platt, Eric Bone, and BAOC's Dan Stoll-Hadayia finished out the 5-day event in the order in which they finished each of the 5 days on Blue.

Steve Gregg managed to pull it out and come in fastest overall on the Red course and win M40. Ron Hudson had the fastest time on Red on the final day, which pulled him up to third place overall on Red, and first in M45.

Dennis Wildfogel dropped down to Brown on the final day because he had to withdraw from competition on Green on the 4th day because of an eye injury. He blazed through the Brown course in 34 minutes and was fastest Brown runner that day.

Rachel Care won F-10, and Malcolm Wyatt-Mair came in second in M-12. Malcolm had difficulties on the first day, and even though he won White the other 4 days, it was not enough for him to climb into first place.

On the Rocky Mountain Goat, Dan Stoll-Hadayia finished second and Steve Gregg sixth.

And, in the ever-popular Crystal Relays, the BAOC #1 team finished second, right behind SVO's team. Congratulations to Dennis Wildfogel, Steve Gregg, Penny DeMoss, Gavin Wyatt-Mair (who finished first on his leg!), and Dan Stoll-Hadayia. RMOC's #1 team was third. BAOC's #2 team - this year's "Z team," also had a respectable showing - kudos to Louise Madrid, Kelly Wells, Rosemary Johnson, Robert Lewis, Harold DeMoss, and Gerry and Stacy Goss.

Low Attendance...

The most noticeable thing about this year's RM1000 was the low attendance compared to previous years - probably less than 150 people total. The BAOCers in attendance were also about half our usual numbers, numbering only about 15, compared to the 30+ we have had in the past.

Thus, the competition was nowhere near as fierce as usual. Although I (Steve Gregg) don't plan to decline my award for being the top finisher on the Red course, the fact of the matter is that Mark Dominie, Ron Hudson, and myself were the only three people there with any chance of winning. (This includes the F21 women, of which there were only two or three.) There were only about a dozen people who even completed all 5 days on Red - a far cry from the usual 30 or 40.

There were several theories being tossed around to account for the low attendance. One, there were two other week-long orienteering events on the East Coast this summer, and so the easterners that might have gone to Wyoming attended those events instead. Two, some people did not enjoy the open, relatively easy nature of the orienteering last year (Bob Cooley, to give a prime example). And three, many schools had their first week of classes on August 16-20, which cut down on the number of families that could attend.

Whatever the reason, for me the event lost a bit of its excitement this year as a result. Hopefully next year will see a return to the large crowds of old.

But Excellent Orienteering

The orienteering, however, was excellent. Mikell Platt - RM1000 founder, meet director, mapper, and Laramie resident - has started to map some very interesting forested granite areas that provided a great deal of challenge.

The second part of the Sprint was held on a fantastic area, featuring one long leg through flattish, rocky forest that resulted in many errors of 10 minutes or more - remarkable for a chase start! In fact, the main reason I moved up from 18th after the Prologue to 6th overall was that I relocated quickly and "only" lost about a minute and a half on this leg.

I also thought the existing maps from last year were used more effectively. Yes, there were still some long running legs across the open plains - that's just an unavoidable fact of Wyoming orienteering. But I thought the coursesetters did a good job overall in using the more technical parts of the maps. People were making significant navigational mistakes most days. I only had one completely clean run over the five days of racing.

Some other thoughts (from Steve Gregg):


Name			Club	Class	5-Day Cum. Time


1 Mikell Platt		RMOC	M21 	04:37:24
2 Eric Bone		Cascade	M21 	05:12:28
3 Dan Stoll-Hadayia	BAOC	M21 	05:29:56


1 Steve Gregg		BAOC	M40 	05:08:14
2 Mark Dominie 		CNYO  	M35 	05:11:32
3 Ron Hudson 		LAOC  	M45 	05:20:00
11 Gavin Wyatt-Mair 	BAOC  	M45 	06:45:41
14 Kelly Wells 		BAOC  	M40 	07:15:19
17 Robert Lewis 	BAOC  	M40 	10:03:07
Ian Tidswell		BAOC	M35	-	(DNS days 4-5)


1 John Harbuck 		EWOC	M50 	04:22:20
26 Stacy Goss 		BAOC 	F35 	07:19:37
28 Louise Madrid 	BAOC 	F40 	07:38:40
29 Gerry Goss 		BAOC 	M55	07:39:23
Dennis Wildfogel	BAOC	M50	-	(DNF day 4)
Rosemary Johnson 	BAOC 	F45 	-	(DNF day 1)
Penny DeMoss 		BAOC 	F45 	-	(DNS days 1-2)
Harold DeMoss 		BAOC 	M60 	-	(DNS days 1-2)


1 Edwin Gookin		SDO	M65	3:43:46
Dennis Wildfogel 	BAOC  	M-Open 	-	(day 5 only; fastest time, 00:34:00)
Nancy Lindeman 		BAOC  	F55 	-	(DNF day 3)


1 Rob Tryson 		EMPO  	M-12 	02:18:56
2 Malcolm Wyatt-Mair 	BAOC  	M-12 	02:27:07
3 Rachel Care 		BAOC  	F-10 	02:30:06
Kelsey Wyatt-Mair	BAOC	F-10	-	(DNS day 5)

Rocky Mountain Goat

Name 			Club 	Skips 	Time
1  Eric Bone 		Cascade	4,23 	02:00:28
2  Dan Stoll-Hadayia 	BAOC 	4,13 	02:11:01
6  Steve Gregg 		BAOC 	21,22 	02:36:28
9  Ron Hudson 		LAOC 	21,22 	02:42:30
13  Gavin Wyatt-Mair 	BAOC 	21,22 	03:03:40
20  Kelly Wells 	BAOC 	19,20 	03:27:02

Rocky Mountain Kid

Name 			Club 	Time
1  Brit Conrad 		Germany	01:04:08
10  Gerry Goss 		BAOC 	01:37:05
14  Stacy Goss 		BAOC 	01:42:49
17  Louise Madrid 	BAOC 	01:53:20
26  Nancy Lindeman 	BAOC 	05:05:38