Presidio Results

July 25, 1999

by Vic Revenko, meet director

A great turnout, 220 people, attended the Presidio orienteering event on a foggy warm day. The event went smoothly, thanks to Ev and Jean Bauerman and Dean French managing registration. The starts and finishes were in the usual spot at Pershing Square near the visitor's center. Mike Mahoney, Gary Kraght, Nancy Lindeman, Catherine Carr, Tim Bridge (and his dog Bodie) did a great job on starting the participants, several of whom did more than one course. Below are the complete results.

The White and Pink courses were shorter than last year, and this encouraged several to do Yellow as a second. Yellow was the most popular course, with about 70 people. Based on the times, it perhaps was a bit longer and more challenging than it should have been. White and Pink ran through the Letterman complex to give a view of the area that George Lucas will rebuild. Congratulations to the winners: C. Bleyenburg and B. Rust bested the White course in 25:31. J. Liang had the Pink course winning time of 75:18, and M. Jacobs was the Yellow course winner at 70:01.

We had two Start O' participants (ably directed by Werner Haag), Laura Agee and Zion Wilson. Congratulations on a great start in orienteering. Ian Tidswell and Scott Aster directed the Beginners Clinic to help new Orienteers get started. Great work.

The Orange and Long Orange courses were designed to be somewhat longer than last year with the same modest climbs. Because the Presidio has limited open space, some controls were deja vu. I was able to map several new areas, particularly around the rugged coast area and on the east side, to give a great tour of the Presidio and wonderful views. There is a lot of construction going on particularly on the north side that limits access. Perhaps next year we will have some great new control locations.

Bob Cooley made the map corrections and reproduced the maps you enjoyed.

The Orange course winner was G. Denbeaux at 87:45, and the Long Orange Leader was Ian Ramsey (84:00). Ian and Scott Aster (not bad at 91:30) managed to record finishes and the Shakhuovsky's (Olef and Galena) worked the results.

Thanks to all who helped and participated to make this a great event.


Start O' Course

1. Laura Agee
2. Zion Wilson

WHITE   Length 2K, Climb 450 feet

C. Bleyenburg, B. Rust    25:31
G. Clark, J. Niemela      27:32
N. H. B. Connay           29:52
J. Hui, B. Koga           32:38
N. Winters                35:50
A. Bau                    36:19
L. Tanner                 40:30
Cynthia D., Christine G.  42:17
R. Murphy                 43:01
E. K. M. Harris           52:24
M. B. A. Wilkinson        55:40
K. Limabardo, D. Freeman  59:40
Laura Lee                 62:44
O'Leary, Carman, 
  Alexander,Lemke         69:42
M. C. Rice                77:10
E. F. Kellison-Linn       81:07
B. Currey                   DNF

PINK  Length 3K, Climb 75 feet

J. Liang                                 75:18
Tina, Kevin, Michele, Jing-Jing, Tony    77:26
T. Bridge, B.& R. Altman, S. & L Olsen   79:27
C. Chan                                  85:52
Fritz, Dutch, Tina, Kevin, John, Mark    91:27
C. & C. Conkle                          106:52
K. Verdigo, R. Chamberlin               127:01
S. Chan                                 132:15

YELLOW   Length 4K, Climb 100 feet

M. Jacobs                        70:01
A. Thilges                       73:55
A. & E. Denison                  75:31
C. Bleyenburg, B. Rust           76:50
G. & K. Rawlinson                81:52
J. Niemela, G. Clark             85:52
J. Hui, B. Koga                  89:38
M. Sweeters, M. Klenow           94:28
C. Williams, Tim. E.             95:35
R. & J. Tejada                  101:02
J. Stemach                      102:16
S. Chang                        107:04
I. & E. Peterson                107:40
Dan F., Fristen L.              116:09
Hay, Jordan, Ward, Ward         116:44
Linkin                          118:18
Lindsay, Russ                   120:50
G. Shakhuovsky                  126:55
C. Bear, W. Stuey               127:28
D. Duffacy, S. Smethurst        127.54
Mark & Joelle                   130.51
D. L. Klipp                     132:31
M. A. Neiman                    135:45
D. Dexiadis, S. Edwards         137:32
B. Kay, A. Cassidy, J. Dewitt   137:50
O'Laughlins Brains              138:12
B. & M. Catlin                  138:56
P. Sweeny, J. Ace, C. Levesque  141:05
Madsen, Agee                    141:29
Gee, Kwong, Killimaier          143:35
Chapman                         144:26
Elmensdorp                      153:45
B. Rubben                       164:05
J. Stevens (with stroller)      164:21
J. & L. Catlin                  169:11
H. Ciermck, C. Phillips         186:05
J. & D. Baughman                187.30
Hayashida, Duell, 
   Schrelbstein, Loomis            DNF
Crandel                            DNF
Kirstiestemain, Ditter             DNF
K. Dinner                          DNF
E. Medford                         DNF
K. Walker                          DNF
Wilson, Rapuzzi, Hech, Redlinger   DNF
Ann R.                             DNF
P. & J. Dallas                     DNF
Morgan, Kelley                     DNF
A. & A. Dallas                     DNF
L. & S. Elmewsdurp                 DNF
Marshall, Luzmara                  DNF

ORANGE   Length 5K, Climb 200 feet

G. Denbeaux                 87:45
S. Coady                    92:48
R. Lewis                    98:02
M. & P. Rabuzzi            112:53
B. Widerstrom              116:21
J. Lanam                   119:05
L. Kirschenbaum            140:36
M. Mahoney                 150:31
M. Criqui                  150:54
J. & A. Englehart          167:52
J. Myers                   179:46
D. French                  183:54
J. Koeller                 185:58
T.J.D.D. Tharsrudi; 
  J. & E. Navalas; K. Oey     DNF
O. Shakchuovsky               DNF

LONG ORANGE   Length 7.5K, Climb 300 feet

Ian Ramsey               84:05
Panu Haaramo             84:17
Ian Tidswell             89:02
Chuck Spalding           90:38
Scott Aster              91:30
P. Ruthie                92:01
J. Wilson                96:11
M. Kohler                97:18
W. Haag                 100:19
E. Rosenzweig           101:40
D. Bonsey               111:34
S. Evans                133:33
A. Abernathy            137:32
J. Gleason              139:32
S. Hintz                148:26
N. Lindeman             162:58
Pam M., J. Underwold    182:33