Spring Lake Results

June 27, 1999

by Scott Aster, meet director

Well, it was another hot one for Spring Lake! Not quite as bad as two years ago, but the temps did make it up to the 90s, and people were definitely affected by the heat. Below are the complete results.

109 people did come out and enjoy (or pretend to enjoy) the four courses we had set. The courses were generally well received, though many folks on Green had trouble with number three, which was placed amidst boulders in an admittedly very small, shallow reentrant. Times were also a little slower than normal on the Yellow and Orange courses, but I think that was due largely to the heat, which caused a lot of folks to stop periodically and rest. People did see lots of wildlife, including turkeys, lizards, rabbits, and deer (including two young bucks with nice racks who ran straight into the finish area). Manfred Kopisch encountered a rattlesnake while hunting for Green number 3. Both Manfred and the snake survived the encounter.

On White, Malcom Wyatt-Mair, fresh from his victory at the 2-day A meet at Mt. Pinos, showed everyone how to do it by winning in a swift 41:58. Ivars & Eric Peterson finished second in 43:00, Ann Ohlund was the first female across the line in 60:28.

The Yellow course was won by Orlando San Martin in a speedy 62:32. Orlando has been a regular Yellow and Orange course competitor for some time now, but left Spring Lake to catch an afternoon flight back to his native Chile, where he will henceforth reside. He told me he really enjoyed orienteering with BAOC and looks forward to returning in the future. Sundeep Abraham finished second on Yellow, in a time of 73:44, while Melissa Criqui (87:34) beat out Marla Stein and Anastasia Mazharim (90:35) for top female finisher.

On Orange, James Wilson blazed through in 70:37 to take top honors, with Leif Kirschenbaum (83:22) and Dave Bunsey (87:00) following. Sandy Guldman (with husband Tom) was the top female finisher in 98:26. Late in the day, Elite runner Neal Barlow tested himself on the Orange course and sped through with an amazing time of 30:18, which is doubly amazing as he had already completed the Green course and by the time Neal went out on Orange, the temperature was in the 90s.

On Green, Kent Ohlund showed the way with a speedy time of 56:01, finishing just 14 seconds ahead of second place Neal Barlow (56:15). Neeme Loorits also broke one hour, with a quick time of 57:29, good for third place. Aileen Abernathy bested the women's field with a time of 117:08, followed by Vivian Lee in 159:14.

I'd like to thank everyone who helped out Sunday. Judy and Dick Koehler, Joan Roos, Neal Barlow, and Bill Papendick all worked the finish area. Numerous people helped with posting results. Tom and Sandy Guldman worked registration. Alan Glendinning, George Aster, Vivian Lee, Panu Haaramo, Anu Haaramo, and Jascha Lee all helped collect the control bags and made it possible for me to leave Spring Lake by 4:30 PM with all the equiptment. Thanks for all the help!


WHITE   2.6 km, 30 meters climb, 9 controls

1  Malcolm Wyatt-Mair                     41:58
2  Ivars & Eric Peterson                  43:00
3  Steve Devereux & Sawat Auterreith      56:17
4  Matthew & Jackson Clarke               58:00
5  Daniel & Ann Ohlund                    60:28
6  Laura & Luke Zahradnik & Dotty Geiger  61:26
7  Kristin Doner                          67:41
8  Sally, Linda, & Ron Buchanon           79:55
9  Leda Huffman group (4)                 81:15
   Anne Turner group (4)                   DNF

YELLOW   3.3 km, 115 meters climb, 11 controls

1  Orlando San Martin                     62:32
2  Sundeep Abraham                        73:44
3  Art Hitzman & Karl Armo                86:50
4  Melissa Criqui                         87:34
5  Marla Stein, Cameron Tulee, 
      Anastasia Mazharim                  90:35
6  George & Pat Aster                    124:45
7  Galina Shakhnovsky                    125:55
8  Ivars & Eric Peterson                 126:47
9  Chris Lynch & Penny Nichols           130:40
10 Everett & Jean Beuerman               133:00
11 Kelly Cuthbertson & Todd Jackson      133:52
12 Don Gee & Al Eng                      137:50
13 Oleg Kibirev                          137:55
14 Judy & Dick Koehler                   138:39
15 Wendy Yu, Elaine Choi, Feng Guo       151:00
   Charles & Margaret Pigg                 DNF
   Dox Doxiadis & Sarah Edwards            DNF
   Aubreys (3)                             DNF
   Kathleen Weng & Debbie Leong            DNF
   George & Ian Maurer                     DNF

ORANGE   3.2 km, 180 meters climb, 10 controls

1  James Wilson                           70:37
2  Leif Kirschenbaum                      83:22
3  Dave Bunsey                            87:00
4  Tom & Sandy Guldman                    98:26
5  Dwight Freund & A. Berkowitz          101:32
6  Lee Alderman                          113:49
7  Oleg Shakhnovsky                      123:45
8  Dean French                           131:37
9  Nancy Thomas & Lauren Lockwood        133:00
   Jack Myers                              DNF
   Mark Burchill, Heather Greenham, 
     Marty Greenham                        DNF

Second course:
1  Neal Barlow                            30:18

GREEN   4.3 km,  245 meters climb, 11 controls

1  Kent Ohlund                            56:01
2  Neal Barlow                            56:15
3  Neeme Loorits                          57:29
4  Gary Carpenter                         60:55
5  Clas Svanieson                         83:34
6  George Minarik                         83:55
7  Rex Winterbottom & Roger Huang         91:26
8  Shawn Larson                           93:09
9  Manfred Kopisch                       101:57
10 Eric Rosenzweig                       108:25
11 Bill Papendick                        109:15
12 Aileen Abernathy                      117:08
13 Stephen Miller                        118:19
14 Alan Glendinning & Meg Gerstner       123:05
15 Russell Green                         124:00
16 Chuck Spalding                        125:00
17 Harold DeMoss                         130:37
18 Kelly & Gary Wells                    133:57
19 Gavin Wyatt-Mair                      145:00
20 Vivian Lee                            159:14
21 Jascha Lee                            164:54
   Penny DeMoss                            DNF
   Joan Roos                               DNF
   Ian Ramsey                              DNF
   Leslie Minarik                          DNF
   Doug Stein                              DNF
   Jennifer Kerr                           DNF