Briones Results

May 2, 1999

by Greg Lee

A brief early morning rain dampened the enthusiasm of potential participants at the May 2 meet in Briones Regional Park. Only a handful came out to do the white and yellow courses, and even the advanced ranks were a little thin. The stay-at-homes missed a good day of orienteering. The weather stayed pleasantly cool, and the damp grass quickly dried. The intense green of early spring had faded, but vetch, sticky monkey flowers, and many other wildflowers were in bloom. Check out the results.

The advanced courses offered plenty of route choices, and the organizers were sometimes surprised by the consensus favorites. Many runners chose physically demanding but navigationally conservative routes, apparently fearing that the map would prove unreliable on other routes. The new map is one of the club's best, and the organizers' "optimum" routes reflected knowledge that the map is generally quite good. I speculate that BAOC orienteering styles will change as the standard of club maps continues to rise. Pat Dunlavey prepared the base map, and George Kirkov did the field checking and final drawing.

The red and blue courses were marred by an incorrect control placement at red #6/blue #9. A post-meet check showed that the map was fine in that area and that the course setter and vetter had unfortunately erred.

Rosemary Johnson handled the administrative tasks (read: get volunteers to work the meet) and designed the white and yellow courses; Ian Tidswell designed the red and blue courses and consulted on the others. Tipyn and Ceili Chambers helped during the many field sessions. Bob Cooley prepared the pre-printed maps. Dena Lukes and Peter Rogers worked the windy remote start; Hannu Haarma put in a full day at the Finn-ish line. Vivian Lee, Aimee Grimes, and Jan Stoll-Hadayia handled registration. Kelly Wells and Gavin Wyatt-Mair picked up controls, including the blues in the distant poison oak plantation. Mark Ragatz, special events coordinator, and John Sofios, head ranger at Briones, were our friendly counterparts at EBRPD.

Finally, Syd Reader contributed the slogan of the day: "moving fast at the finish is all that matters, right?"



Ray & Iris Wong                 32:18
Malcolm Wyatt-Mair              35:05
Pack 464: Joel, Sean & Chris    43:58
Pack 464: Group 1               44:17
Dao Le                        1:38:10


Melissa Criqui                  50:02
Idell Weydenmeyer               54:45
Arielle Ikeda                   57:25
Wendy Yu                        58:38
Michelle Dick & Hee So          58:45
Andy & Margaret McGugan       1:04:45
Hay/Jordan                    1:15:45
Pack 464: Mona & Kelly Hatfield
                              1:22:50  (second course)


Jorian Riley & Topher Wilkins 1:09:20
Rob Gendreau                  1:18:56
Rich Jerrard                  1:35:35
David Klipp                   1:42:18
Dean French                   1:47:54
Orlando San Martin            1:53:07
Don Gee                       1:57:35
Debbie & Donna Wojtowicz      2:05:33
Julie Stevens                 2:09:33
Ev & Jean Beuerman            2:45:54
Mary Pedon                        DNF


Penny DeMoss                  1:01:18
Bill Straka                   1:34:03
Gary Kraght                       DNF
Vivian Lee                        DNF
Nancy Lindeman                    DNF
Vic Revenko                       DNF


Chris Taylor                  1:15:29
Rob Williams                  1:26:42
Mike Fleishman                1:27:10
Harold DeMoss                 1:30:10
Alan Glendinning & Meg Gerstner
Aileen Abernathy              1:41:50
Shawn Larsen                  1:45:30
Russell Green                 1:50:35
Terry Gleason                 1:53:58
Chau George                   1:59:33
Theo Verhoeven                2:00:05
Eric Anderson                 2:00:52
Mike Cummer                   2:01:36
Phillip Hoare                 2:15:45
Kevin Schoenfeld & John Sikora
Frazier Stevenson             2:31:20
Don Vibbert & friend          2:59:48


Dan Greene                    1:12:35
Matthias Kohler               1:12:45
Gary Carpenter                1:16:45
Werner Haag                   1:23:36
Trevor Pering                 1:35:30
Ralf Willecke                 1:36:58
Kelly Wells                   1:40:05
Tapio Karras                  1:41:02
Eric Rosenzweig               1:41:48
Sanna Wallenborg              1:46:45
Mike Poulsen                  1:54:20
Mark Blair                    2:06:32
Mark Rice                     2:20:20
Dennis Strubh                 2:25:10


Magnus Wallenborg             1:15:03
Doug Stein                    1:15:51
Dan Stoll-Hadayia             1:19:36
Syd Reader                    1:31:08
Mark Prior                    1:37:05
Van Boughner                  1:41:40
Gavin Wyatt-Mair              1:49:05
David Dreyfuss                2:18:58