Sunol Results

April 11, 1999

by Gary Carpenter and Kelly Wells

We scheduled the Sunol meet one day too early this year. Although there was no significant amount of rain during the meet, there was a lot the night before and up until about 8 am on Sunday. The wet weather, a Ski-O scheduled for the same day, and a mix-up on the BAOC hotline (maybe the hotline was trying to tell us to change to the 18th) reduced our attendance compared to previous years. The great weather on Monday added insult to injury. In spite of everything, we had a pretty good turnout on the advanced courses. Those who attended seemed to enjoy the courses which (except for Brown) were faster and had less climb than in previous years. Check out the results.

This year the White course was won by Bill Hawthorne and Eric Stavney in 23:32. Mark Goodwin won Yellow in 44:52, followed closely by Ron Thumann. Chuck Spalding left the remaining Orange competitors in the dust (mud?) finishing in 58:45, over 20 minutes ahead of the second place finisher.

Dennis Wildfogel won the physically demanding Brown course in 67:03. Alan Glendinning led the ten Green runners finishing in 75:19. Dan Greene had a good run on Red finishing in 79:28 (12.2 minutes/km) excellent for Sunol terrain. James Scarborough, claiming to be "out of shape," ran the Blue course in 68:39 (8.8 min./km!!). Wish I was out of shape like that!

I want to thank all of those who volunteered to help in spite of the wet weather.

A very special thanks to the search and rescue crew of Gavin Wyatt-Mair, Mark Blair, and Jeff Lanam, who stayed late to ensure we didn't leave a lost/injured competitor out in the woods. Gavin provided welcome guidance in the formation of a search team and donated his phone card in a vain attempt to track down the errant orienteerer. All ended well as at 8 pm (park closing) there were no extra cars in the parking lot.

Please remember to note your vehicle license number on your registration and control card stub. It can save a lot of wasted time and effort.


BLUE  7.8 km   375 m

James Scarborough                    68:39
Dan Stoll-Hadayia                    78:43
Syd Reader                           80:39
M. Wallenborg                        82:35
Thorsten Graeve                      84:46
Kent Ohlund                          87:06
Steve Gregg                          88:39
Doug Stein                           92:49
Gavin Wyatt-Mair                    109:39
Mark Prior                          117:50  
David Dreyfuss                      155:19
Panu Haaramo                          DNF   (71:20, missed #14)
Ray Kemp                              DNF 

RED   6.5km 345m

Dan Greene                            79:28
D. MacLean                            86:55
Mark Petersen                         88:23
Chris Sherwood                        99:27
Hugh MacMullan                       100:33
Bob Cooley                           100:48
Tony Pinkham                         107:18
Mark Blair                           108:14
S. Wallenborg                        110:05
Scott Aster                          111:21
Mark Rice                            156:11

GREEN  5.4km  290m

Alan Glendinning                      75:19
Joe Scarborough                       79:55 
George Minarik                        82:54
Chris Taylor                          94:56
Stacy Goss                           139:14
Michael  Young                       209:47
Bruce Bassett                          MSP   (82:17)
Thed Verhoeven & 
Kristiaan Lsokere                      DNF

BROWN   4.1km  195m

Dennis Wildfogel                       67:03
George Chau                            85:46
Nick Corsano                           92:30
Shawn Larsen                           94:44
Kevin Schoenfeld, Debbie Wojioricz,
Leon Berzing                           99:53
Jascha Lee                            101:26
Janet Petersen                        107:10
Leslie Minarik                        110:04
Jeff Lanam                            110:16 
Sean Coady                            114:35
Bjorn Widerstrom                      123:29
P. Hoare                              131:17
Vivian Lee                            133:23
Nancy Lindeman                          DNF 
Patty Clemo                             DNF
Meg Gerstner                            DNF

ORANGE   4.3km  150m

Chuck Spalding                          58:45
Darsey Moore & Gemma                    80:40
Orlando San Martin                      93:32
Eric Rosenzweig                         94:58
Liz Butterfield                         96:16
Allman?                                102:39
Audrey Warmuth &
Ken Douglas                            104:02
Mari Takada                            113:15
Dean French                            174:33
Ev & Jean Beuerman                     176:08
Dimitry Shmidt                           DNF (did not find)

YELLOW   3.2km  100m

Mark Goodwin                            44:52
Ron Thumann                             45:26
Bill Hawthorne &
Eric Stavney                            46:05
Matt & Pat Rabuzzi &
Nick Rose                               51:00
Gordon Shing                            53:39
Kathleen McCarthy,
Shelly DeFord,
Laura & Dawn Rader                      75:53
Jaki Dawdy, Hannah Bunting,
Melinda Martin, Natasha Boyson,
Alyssa Zelner                           78:28
Greg Hobbs                              81:22
Tierny Haupt, Jennifer Schmidt,
Kristin MacDonnell                      82:56
Sarah Band & Gail Glendinning           89:34
Amy Bram                                95:05
Elaine, Stephen, Mary, Lawrence         96:28
Cathy, Carol and Stephanie              97:50
Pete Tierney & Chris Taylor            115:50

WHITE    2.5km   75m

Bill Hawthorne &
Eric Stavney                                  23:32
Jeff Nunes                                    30:02
Chris Lorinski                                35:16
Reyer & Henry Band                            36:30
Elaine, Stephen, Mary, Lawrence               45:49
Tierney Haupt, Shelly DeFord,
Chuck Haupt                                   47:49
Esther Heller & John Butterfield              51:45
Kelly Shephers & Matt Harnack                 52:16
Bramara, Meg, & Sarada Tangirala              52:55
Laura-Dawn Rader, Jane Joseph, 
Viki Dawn Rader                               59:00
Kathleen McCarthy                             60:16
Jennifer Schmidt & Kristin MacDonnell         63:06
Kristen & Garrett Pitsenbarger                68:11
Jennifer Braun, Andrey Yung,
Lawrence Girourd                              68:47
Gina Staffiery, Mari Collazo,
Joe Sanchez                                  135:58