Las Trampas Results

Feb. 14, 1999

by Dan Stoll

A beautiful mid-winter day greeted participants at the Valentine's Day orienteering event at Las Trampas. The recent string of rainy weekend days was broken, as an occasional ray of sunshine made its way down to the muddy slopes and open oak woods. Over 130 participants enjoyed the wide open views and challenging courses. Check out the results, splits, and photos!

The courses were generally well-received, despite the fact that some scoundrel set a control shared by the Red and Blue courses on a feature that was poorly mapped. And this control came at the end of a leg that "featured" 140 meters of climb! Luckily cool heads prevailed, and no uprising was recorded.

Participants on the White course faced an unexpected triple whammy: 7 percent climb, an indistinct trail through dark woods, and the crossing of a tree that fell across the muddy trail just days prior to the event. But all ten participants were up to the challenge, led by club president Evan Custer in just over 25 minutes.

Careful control code checking was required on the Yellow course, which passed right by several tempting but incorrect White course controls. The fastest time was turned in by Matthew Kucera, running his second course after being narrowly beaten by the Prez on White. Among those without the unfair advantage of having run a prior course over most of the same terrain, Sierra Boyd was the clear victor with a time of 36:40.

The challenging Orange course featured a contouring leg that ended in a large re-entrant. Successful finishers of this course may well be ready to move up to an advanced course. Mark Rice turned in a stunning performance, finishing nearly twenty minutes ahead of the field. Mark then turned around and completed the Brown course, quite an achievement in this steep, muddy terrain. But he was no match for Dennis Wildfogel, who posted the fasted Brown result by far.

The Green course, which featured a harrowing plunge into a deep reentrant, had a European flavor as the visiting Norwegian Christian Froeyd took a narrow victory over our resident Estonian Neeme Loorits. Matthias Kohler took the Red course, which along with Orange featured a 250 meter final leg with an 80 meter vertical drop.

The recent trend of tight competition continued on the rugged Blue course, on which Panu Haaramo took an eight minute victory over a closely grouped pack of six, with three more within striking distance. I am certain that no other club in the country could field a Blue course team of eight or ten runners that would come close to what we have right here. Go BAOC!

As always, the event was made possible through the efforts of the volunteers, including those on the following list. I apologize in advance for any omissions.

So thanks to all the helpers and participants for making this a successful event!


White     1.5 km     105 m     7 controls

Evan Custer                    25:03
Matthew Kucera                 28:15
Omar Leung                     44:05
Kraig Kaiser                   45:50
S. and Rory Maclean            51:24
Rebecca Weber and Diane Hall   52:01
Bob Cooper                     55:06
Glenn Wheatland                60:19
Lauren Katzive                 60:22
Manfred, Philipp and
  Daniel Kopisch               63:57

Yellow    1.9 km     135 m     8 controls

Matthew Kucera (2nd course)    27:09
Sierra Boyd                    36:40
Sean Coady                     49:14
Grimes Donnelly                49:56
John and BJ Spindler           52:49
Julie Fruetel                  53:06
Glenn Wheatland (2nd course)   54:39
Lauren Katzive (2nd course)    58:43
Leif Kirschenbaum              62:06
Steve Krause, Jacq. LeSage     71:18
Galena Shakhnovsky             74:53
Burbank ROTC Group 3           82:51
Burbank ROTC Group 4           86:57
Kate and Vaughen Smith         90:54
Ev and Jean Beuerman           92:56
Li Khang Saechao               MSP
Dan Hobbs                      MSP
Steph. Morrison, Emma Hoare    DNF

Orange    3.3 km     220 m     8 controls

Mark Rice                      70:15
Eric Redmond                   89:31
Sean Coady (2nd course)        92:15
Shawn Larsen                   94:14
A. Warmuth and Ken Douglas     95:02
Paul Allman                    99:57
Emma and Glenn Shelton         121:40
P. & R. O'Neill, L. Gonzalez   130:26
Mack Cuttitta                  141:18
Thomas and Margie Olson        170:12
Tom and Marianne Olson         175:58
Burbank ROTC Group 1           DNF
Burbank ROTC Group 2           DNF
Julie Fruetel                  DNF
Joe Rivera                     DNF

Brown     2.9 km     165 m     8 controls

Dennis Wildfogel               55:42
Meg Gerstner                   82:52
Harold DeMoss                  84:05
Mark Rice (2nd course)         88:12
Randy Thomas                   96:57
Jeff Lanam                     109:19
Leslie Minarik                 143:26
David Meredith                 144:41
Nancy Lindeman                 OT
Horizon group (8)              DNF

Green     4.0 km     255 m     11 controls

Christian Froeyd               48:06
Neeme Loorits                  49:41
Hannu Haarma                   57:47
Gary Carpenter                 64:11
Derek Maclean                  67:57
Mike Poulsen                   73:44
George Minarik                 78:11
Gary Kraght                    79:19
Rob Williams                   84:15
Mike Fleishman                 100:49
Robert Lewis                   106:08
Stacy Goss                     110:13
Ian Ramsey                     119:18
Aileen Abernathy               133:40
Terry Gleason                  160:05
Phillip M. Hoare               DNF
Oleg Shakhnovsky               DNF

Red       5.5 km     360 m     11 controls

Matthias Kohler                75:05
Dan Greene                     83:23
Tapio Karras                   89:08
Bob Cooley                     92:33
Kelly Wells                    94:47
Rex Winterbottom               95:03
Alan Glendinning               103:53
Susanne Wallenborg             112:01
Mark Blair                     115:19
Ralf Willeche                  122:44
Eric Rosenzweig                127:17
Trevor Pering                  151:01
Deb.Wojtowicz, Kev.Schoenfeld  DNF
Bob and Sharon Reader          DNF

Blue      7.6 km     450 m     15 controls

Panu Haaramo                   94:05
Doug Stein                     102:15
Syd Reader                     103:50
Michihiro Kamijima             105:46
Magnus Wallenborg              106:14
Neal Barlow                    109:28
Steve Gregg                    110:26
Kent Ohlund                    122:00
Van Boughner                   124:33
Mark Prior                     126:35
Gavin Myatt-Mair               151:48
Steve Smith                    164:25

Blue Course Splits and Comments

             Steve    Kent    Doug     Syd
Copy          3:50    2:42    4.23      |
C-1   (142)   8:15   10:24    8.30   11:23
1-2   (108)   7:47    8.24    8.01    6:46
2-3   (110)   6:36   10.44    6.34    6:26
3-4   (129)   6:21    6:30    7.21    7:36
4-5   (130)   4:09    4:03    4.43    3:26
5-6   (136)   5:24    8.24    5.32    5:52
6-7   (145)  12:11   12.18   10.07   10:33
7-8   (132)   5:27    7:13    4.50    6:21
8-9   (152)   5:10    5:01    5.26    4:37
9-10  (236)   5:12    7:20    5.27    6:17
10-11 (238)   5:54    7:40    4.59    5:34
11-12 (239)   9:02    6:20    5.50      |
12-13 (240)  15:24   14:08   13.13   19:49
13-14 (245)   6:40    7:24    4.48    6:07
14-15 (105)   2:15    2:29    2.05    2:29
15-F          0:42    0:45    0.28    0:35

TOTAL       110:27  122:00  102.16  103:50

Map copy:

Doug: Need to draw circles faster.

Steve: Not quite as slow as usual--the Blue course is getting very
competitive, and I didn't want to lose as much time as I did at Joe


Syd: Headed pretty straight, slipping and bumping my head on a branch in
the first reentrant.  Could see the bag from the last trail you cross.

Doug: Went SW on the road to the clear area W of road, then cut across
the stream at the fork.  This was bad because I was stuck in the
stream for a while, slipping down the banks.  From there, up the spur
and around to control.

Steve: Pretty much straight, climbing up the steep spur directly S of
the fight patch.  Was careful crossing the very first reentrant, as I
didn't want to get my feet wet and muddy right off the bat--seems
ridiculous now that I worried about that!


Syd: Pretty much contoured over.

Doug: Tried to go straight, countouring downhill.  I ended up in the
horrible reentrant Steve mentioned.  Spent some time slipping around
in there.

Kent: Stopped and looked in one reentrant too early, just for a moment
but lost a few contours which is real costly here.

Steve: Contoured NW as described above, then dropped pretty much
straight N to control.


Syd: N, across reentrant, then fence, along trail a ways, then across
stream to road, road for a bit until the reentrant, up to the bag.

Doug: Directly N to road, up road to clump of trees next to road, then
up to control.

Kent: First looked in the wrong major reentrant (1-2 min lost). Then
overran the control reentrant and had to come back (3 min lost for a
total of 4-5 min lost)

Steve: Straight N down the open area, pretty much straight from there.
Met Steve Smith and Neal Barlow at the bag.  Neal had started 4
minutes before me and was moaning about his big error at control 2.


Syd: Went around the first spur, almost to road, then up to trail, went
over to the fight a bit too much, then down to the control.

Steve: Pretty much straight, trying to keep Neal in sight.


Syd: Pretty straight.

Steve: Ditto


Syd: Pretty much contoured, except down through the reentrant before the

Doug: Followed the footpath to the little clearing near the control,
then contoured around to the control.

Kent: Missed the control just to the left (below). I knew that I was
close but made a 3 min loop to find it.

Steve: Was still tailing Neal, but lost sight of him in the woods on
the way to 6.  Was running fast and lost map contact, but was
fortunate enough to quickly pick up the ditch heading SE 100 m W of
the bag.  Straight in from there with minimal time lost.


Syd: I disliked this leg before I even started it (long climb).  Up the
reentrant with the ditch to the fence, then fairly straight to the trees. 
Came into the trees at the right contour, and saw the bag in the

Doug: Directly S up clearing to the fence, then climbed straight
toward the control.  Found it lower than I expected after seeing
someone exit.

Kent: I felt slow, but I guess everybody else were struggling here

Steve: Long slow trudge up the hill.  Saw Neal again about 100 m above
me up the hillside.  Neal had still not found the slightly misplaced
bag when I arrived, and we spent a minute or two looking for it
together.  I found it first and took off ahead of him.


Syd: Contoured to recommended fence crossing, road to road bend, then
contour to control.  I find it interesting that there is such a variation
in times for controls 8, 9, and 10.

Doug: Ran trail to road bend, then across flatish area, then contour
to control

Kent: Too flat, can't run with speed right now

Steve (7-10): Neal passed me again about halfway to 8.  I ran hard
trying to keep him in sight for the next several controls.


Syd: Contoured, a little bit up over the spurs in the middle.  Along trail
then just above fight patch, then looked at the 'tree' just as I was
passing it for the next lone tree.

Doug: NE down to the trail, then followed it around to the lower
trail.  This wasn't great because the trail was really muddy and slow
to run on.

Kent: A bit more uphill, this helped. Took the upper trail.


Syd: Pretty much SE off trail to bend in trail, then trail to near trees,
contour over to them.

Doug: Run on the trail

Kent: Too flat again, also hesitated a bit around the control


Syd: Back to the trail all the way to above the control.

Doug: Run on the trail

Kent: Took the lower route, maybe it was slower

Steve: Lost Neal on the way to 11.  We both took the trail high, then
dropped down to the bag.


Syd: Along the upper edge of the vegetation, down spur, past the man-made
whatever, then down and across to the top of the elongated clearing just W
of the control. 

Doug: Same as Kent, except went around the hill because I didn't
decide my route soon enough.

Kent: Up over the saddle, then down through the clearing with well and
over open ridge and followed correct ridge to control

Steve: Poor route choice.  Ran SE to big trail, and in retrospect the
best route would have been to run the trail SE to the strip of open
which takes you NE almost all the way to the bag.  Instead I tried to
go straight, but had difficulty reading the fight patches, open areas,
and contours.  Eventually got to the bag but my hesitations probably
cost 2-3 minutes.


Syd: A little W of straight, over saddle, and down open spur into the
briarpatch.  Actually, there was only a little bit of fightishness where I
went, but enough to be slow.  Down into the reentrant and the control.

Doug: Like Steve, went NW up to bend in the big trail.  Then went
straight N downhill on clear spur.  Then for some reason I continued
down the spur into the forest and way down into the big, huge, nasty,
slippery reentrant.  Eventually spotted the fight way up above me and
expended lots of energy getting up and out around the west side of the
fight.  Saw Van on top of Fight Ridge and followed him into the
control.  It felt like I lost a lot of time in the big reentrant.

Kent: Up over ridge, then trail to the left and picked up correct
ridge to the control. (too tired to go straight)

Steve: UGH!  Went NW up to the bend in the big trail, but instead of
going straight from there (which I heard wasn't too bad), decided to
run the trail about 300 m to the open area on the spur heading N.  The
problem was that the reentrant at the bottom of this spur was almost
uncrossable.  Apparently whichever course Abby was on went straight
from Blue11 to Blue13, as I saw Abby looking down in horror at this
reentrant, wondering what she should do.  I plunged right into the
reentrant and slowly picked my way around the logs, slippery rocks,
and waterfalls--this was a really dangerous place to be.  I'm
wondering now if Abby did the same thing or had more sense and took
another route.


Syd: Across the open, up to just north of the hill (faint trail and
vegetation boundary), down to trail, and just followed it to the stream.
Hesitated a bit before i realized that the bag was on the other side of
the stream.

Doug: Very tired.  Follow Van.  I think we went over the hill.

Kent: Contoured over the open ridge, ended up too far to the
right. contoured back along the edge of the clearing and down to the
valley close to the control. Hesitated a bit 100 m from control. (lost
~1 min)

Steve: At this point I've had more than enough climbing for one day,
and ran all the way around the big hill.  Good running all the way!


Syd: Mostly followed the fence.  The control area was the muddiest spot I
had to go into.

Doug: Very tired.  Follow Van.

Steve: Trail was a total mudpit-not fun


Syd: Gravity helps a lot.  Still, Doug beat me by 7 seconds! (and 1.5
minutes total)

Doug: Run fast and try to stay ahead of Van.

Steve: How does Syd sprint so fast after almost two hours??