Bon Tempe Results

December 12-13, 1998

by Harold and Penny DeMoss, meet directors

We had a good turnout for the annual Bon Tempe "excursion into the unknown." The weather was perfect on Saturday, and only the late starters on Sunday ran into increasing wind and rain. Below are the complete results.

This year the event was not so daunting, as the new map proved to be well-appreciated. However, we had no sooner finished field-checking and printing the new OCAD map (thanks to Evan Custer for his many hours at his computer), when the Marin Water District started on an extensive non-native tree removal program. Consequently, before the ink even dried, we were looking at major map corrections right up until the week before the event. Even then, there were two fallen trees near Red control 8 (rootstock) that weren't there three days before and momentarily confused some runners. The beauty of OCAD is that we can continue to work on the map for next year's event.

As a result of the recent "Bay Area Backroads" TV segment, we had a number of calls from people wanting to try orienteering. We had to turn away most of them, since the shortest/easiest course offered was Orange. We did allow some experienced hikers to go out; thus the rather long times for some on Orange. They were quick to remark that it wasn't quite as depicted on TV!

Gary Kraght is apparently healthy and recovering from numerous injuries, as he blasted through the Brown course in an impressive 38:55. Second place was Sarah Minarik in 51:45. On the Green course, George Minarik, who's also been bothered with injuries in recent months, had a strong run to win with a time of 76:49. Aileen Abernathy was the first woman in 119:03.

The long Red course was won by Syd Reader, who claims he was covered with fleas when he finished. Fleas? With a time of 72:38, one wonders how they managed to jump on. It's been suggested...well, never mind. Nice going, Syd. Second was Michi Kamijimi in 74:30, also an impressive time. Third place was a new Finnish resident, Panu Haaramo, in 76:00. He plans to join the club.

Many thanks to those who helped out. Bill Papendick used his pickup as a "sag wagon" and brought back some very appreciative and soggy nonfinishers. Michi Kamijima, Sharon Evans, Michael Slavin, Kelly Wells, and Steve Smith picked up controls for us in a driving rainstorm. Truly an act above and beyond. Thanks again.


* = Saturday participant
ORANGE	4.0 k 120 m 7 controls

	1.	Michael Slavin		68:07
	2.	Sharon Evans		70:32
	3.	Dimitry Shmidt		84:50
	4.	George Aster		128:33*
	5.	Jennifer Schultz	157:17*
	6.	Don Gee			169:12
		Brett Carver		OT*
		Rebecca Reinecke	DNF
		Ken Pimentel		DNF
		Galena Shakhnovsky	DNF
		Burchill & Konrad	DNF
	1.	Jon Kawamura & Beth Dameron	119:49*

BROWN	3.2 k 96 m 7 controls

	1.	Gary Kraght		38:55*
	2.	Sarah Minarik		51:45*
	3.	Dan Dyer		57:21*
	4.	Vivian Lee		61:29*
	5.	Leslie Minarik		62:08*
	6.	Dwight Freund		69:40*
	7.	Eric Rosenzweig		69:53*
	8.	David Meredith		79:18
	9.	Frazier Stevenson	86:17
		Nancy Lindeman		OT

	1.	Guldmans		92:55

GREEN	5.1 k 260 m 12 controls

	1.	George Minarik		76:49*
	2.	Dennis Wildfogel	87:30*
	3.	Chris Taylor		90:36*
	4.	Bill Papendick		104:22
	5.	Aileen Abernathy	119:03*
	6.	Rob Williams		120:25
	7.	Joan Roos		179:51*
		Vic Revenko		DNF
		Oleg Shakhnovsky	DNF

		Stansfield & Carlson	DNF*

	2nd Course
	1.	Eric Rosenzweig		159:15*

RED	6.9 k 280 m 15 controls

	1.	Syd Reader		72:38
	2.	Michihiro Kamijima	74:30
	3.	Pano Haaramo		76:00*
	4.	Thorsten Graeve		80:49*
	5.	Dan Greene		84:53*
	6.	Gavin Wyatt-Mair	91:55*
	7.	Tapio Karras		95:09
	8.	Bob Cooley		95:54
	9.	Gary Carpenter		97:50
	10.	Dan Clark		98:30
	11.	Werner Haag		98:32*
	12.	Mark Prior		99:30*
	13.	Steve Gregg		100:37*
	14.	Van Boughner		103:03
	15.	Kelly Wells		105:57
	16.	Scott Aster		106:14
	17.	Steve Smith		106:18
	18.	Bruce Bassett		108:26
	19.	Mark Blair		110:43
	20.	Rex Winterbottom	116:32
	21.	Tony Pinkham		118:31
	22.	Trevor Pering		121:10
	23.	Peter Graube		148:03