Red Hills Results

December 6, 1998

by Adrian Crane, GCO meet director

One of these days I will accept that good weather is not likely on the first weekend of December. Our problem this year was not bad weather on the day, which turned out cool but clear, it was bad weather the evening before. That bad weather saw many participants from the foothills snowed in and many from the valley believing that bad weather would continue into race day, Sunday.

Those who came up to Red Hills (east of Modesto) enjoyed a good bright day even if it was a bit chilly early on. This BLM area in the dry foothills near Lake Don Pedro east of Modesto provided its usual share of stiff brush and the occasional torn pants.

The event expanded to four courses: White, Yellow/Orange, Brown/Green, and Blue, which gave competitors a better range of challenges.

The mapping that had begun at Red Hills had not progressed as fast as hoped, due to weather and other commitments, and so the hoped-for upgraded map did not appear. The event ran on the black-and-white 50-foot contour map, which provides some challenges of its own to those used to regular high-quality orienteering maps.

For most of our Modesto entrants, this is the only orienteering that they will undertake in the year and it is always good to see their enthusiasm. For those from Gold Country or BAOC, it provided a change of pace and thanks are due to those who traveled miles to participate.



1. 	Natalie Kramer     23:57
2. 	John Kramer        28:30
3. 	Jeffrey Steuben    35:10
4. 	Micah Derieg       53:15
 	Russell Kramer     18:15 incomplete


1. 	Cole, Hayes, Rick Ingraham/Lipsane   1:18:20
2. 	Natalie Kramer                       1:22:42
3. 	John Kramer                          1:22:50
4. 	Russell Kramer                       1:34:40


1. 	Anneliese Steuben                   1:22:22
2. 	Janet Peterson	                    2:08:32
3. 	Tony, Jordan Smith                  2:23:30
4. 	Sprenger/Touch/Durrant	            4:13:20
 	Ghaner/Gregg/Wilbanks/Wilbanks	    3:15:30 incomplete
 	Holstein/Krutka/Dicob	            3:32:30 incomplete
 	Johnathan Crane	                    3:36:30 incomplete


1. 	Dan Stoll-Hadayia           1:32:31
2. 	Panu Haaramo                1:35:08
3. 	Mark Peterson               1:57:09
4. 	Tessa Zertucho/Mike Thomas  3:28:50