Bayfront Park Results

October 31, 1998

by Nick Corsano, meet director

Nearly 80 participants, half of them children and a few in costume, came to the club's Hallowe'en beginners' event. It was the first BAOC meet at Bayfront Park in Menlo Park, and it proved to be a great site to introduce people to the sport.

Newcomers Patrick and Ruth O'Neill led the way on the White course, followed by Jack Myers, out with his children Athena and Philip. Paul Allman, who finished third, then turned in the day's fastest time on Yellow as a second course. The team of Glenn & Celene Voyles, Kurt Krames, and Elsie Yim officially took first place on Yellow, ahead of two pairs of Cadette Girl Scouts, Meghan Desale and Adelina Easterbrooks, and Jillian Hamma and Sara Laymoun.

I want to thank all the people whose help made the meet run so smoothly: Mike Poulsen, who assisted with setup, beginners' clinics, finishes and results; Jean & Ev Beuerman, registration and control pickup; Nancy Lindeman, starts; Tony Pinkham, beginners' clinics; Jack Myers, finishes and results; Jessica Woods, Start-O; Sue & John Rizzi, control pickup; and special appreciation to Liz Butterfield for doing starts, and most of all, for her excellent work last year in making the Bayfront map.


START-O		9 controls
                                   #Ctrls  Mins
Without help (age):
Andy Truang (6) (first time)          9     10
Andy Truang (6) (second time)         9     10
Sam (7) and Katy (5) White            9      8
Jonai Kaderi Smith (9) 
    and Mary Vasquez (9)              9      5
Athena (11) and Philip (5) Myers      9      4
Katy White (5) (second time)          8      5
Sam White (7) (second time)           9      3

With help (age):
Ben (4)                               9      6
Allen (6)                             9      7

WHITE	1.8 km, 25 m, 9 controls

Pat and Ruth O'Neill                            24:11
Philip, Athena, Jack Myers                      26:46
Paul Allman                                     30:49
Jeanne, Roland, Mika, Evan Chan                 37:27
Marc Goeller                                    37:35
Matt, Ian, James, Emily, Julie                  38:16
Tom, Sam and Katy White                         43:30
Shannon and Natalie McClure                     52:46
Garrett and Kristen Pitsenbarger                57:40
Lien, Aimee, Andy Truang                        66:15
Kelly Lundquist, Mary Vasquez, Jonai Smith      68:11
Joyce Walz, Kelly, Courtney, Kirsten, Molly     71:00
Girl Scout Troop 1694                           77:23
Benjamin, Teresa and Steve Allen                 DNF

YELLOW	2.6 km, 50 m, 11 controls

Glenn & Celene Voyles, Kurt Krames, Elsie Yim   46:04
Adelina Easterbrooks, Meghan Desale             52:50
Sara Laymoun, Jillian Hamma                     59:20
Ann Jeffries, Brian O'Neil                      64:27
Fishkin, Worrell                                67:17
Judy Ace, Dianne Sweeny, Claudette Levesque     67:20
George and Janet Hamma                          69:57
Colleen Mazloom and Carolyn O'Connor            86:13
Shahrzad Mazloom and Lindsey Dow                90:47
Christine Serrone and Laura Innes               92:16
Karen O'Connor and Allie Mongan                101:51
Robinson et al                                   MSP (73:58)

Second course

Paul Allman                                     39:17
Tom, Sam and Katy White                         77:36