Sierra Two-Day Results

Sept. 19-20, 1998

by Ron Gross, GCO meet director

What a great success! If you missed the Sierra Two-Day, you missed the best two days of orienteering that the Gold Country Orienteers has ever sponsored. This is not my opinion, but that of a number of orienteers from other clubs. Of course, the great terrain helped, but the great support given freely by many members of both GCO and BAOC was the main contributor to a smoothly run and fun event.

Total attendance: 134 starts, over 160 participants, more than half from the Bay Area and even some from San Diego.

The Winners

It appears it was desirable to have all course levels, as the attendance was fairly evenly divided among the courses. Check out the complete results for Boreal Ridge (Saturday, Sept. 19) and Sugar Bowl (Sunday, Sept. 20).

At Boreal, Nauenberg and Treson ran away with White, while Bachelder and Epstein did the same on Yellow. Blake Tresan bested Joe Ledesma on a tough Orange. Sarah Minarik blasted the entire field by 50 minutes on Brown. Green saw George Minarik brush by Dennis Wildfogel at the wire by only one second. No wonder George liked the event! On Red, Gary Carpenter's strong legs outlasted the nearest competitor by nine minutes. The Blue, like Green, was also a very close finish, with Wyatt Riley passing Dan Stoll-Hadayia by just nine seconds.

Day Two at Sugar Bowl saw teenage beginners Luke Griffith and Juan Hussong blaze through the White in a very fast 23 minutes. Bachelder and Epstein took Yellow for the second day, just ahead of Tresan and Nauenberg, who took White at Boreal. Blake Tresan won Orange again, well ahead of all competition. Tom Jahn showed that age is not a handicap by taking Brown by a safe margin. On Green, the rubber match between George Minarik and Dennis Wildfogel proved Dennis the better, not withstanding a missing map correction that cost George time. Tapio Karras won Red clearly by three minutes over Olav Solgaard despite an injured shoulder. Blue went to Dan Stoll-Hadayia with a good margin to spare.

Course-Setting Errors - A Learning Experience

Notwithstanding the good times run by many, some times suffered due to various mistakes made by the course setter (me), and I apologize to those for whom they may have caused problems. I note them here as an aid to others in avoiding such errors in the future. Most of these errors were on the shorter courses, where the participants did not yet have the experience to realize the error and move on.

On Sugar Bowl Yellow, the control on the power line was missing, due to the fact that, when the hanging job was divided by tearing the map in half, the missing control point ended up on the tear and was not noticed. The ribbon on the easily found pole would be a giveaway to an advanced orienteer, but to beginning yellow runners, it caused some considerable delays.

A similar error was made at Boreal with the one common White/Yellow control. On the clue sheets, the same control was assigned different control numbers, but only one bag was hung. The bag hanger, seeing a bag in place, judged it already hung, but in reality it was the wrong control code for one of the courses. A mid-event correction, hanging the second bag, did not help the few intermediates who easily found the control feature, but lost time before realizing that the code was wrong.

The only major advanced course error was on Blue, caused by a mismarking of the master map. As it turned out, the rock features used were nearly identical to a second set a couple of hundred meters away. The wrong set of features were, however, easy to find and most Blue runners went on with very little lost time. Because the optimum route to the next control went right past the actual control, most runners found it on the way to the next control.

Two minor errors on the advanced courses caused individuals to lose time, but everyone else seemed to find the controls without problems. This is still unfair, and should be watched for in preparing courses. One such error resulted from the master map circle being drawn so that the circle line crossed over the control feature, a pit "V." One runner, either not reading his clue sheet or not seeing the listed clue sheet feature where it looked to be, took the feature as a boulder with a missing control. Meanwhile, the actual control at the pit was in a dense patch of dark woods not 20 meters away.

The last omission was a missing map correction, indicating that one of two parallel power lines had been removed. Since the power lines were a good attack feature, this error caused lost time when one runner couldn't determine which power line had been removed.

Last-Minute Crises

Considering that we ran into a considerable number of last-minute crises, we feel thankful that the event ended up so well. To mention a few: Does this sound familiar? Well, it was worth it and we will do it again, but a little more in advance.

Thanks for All Your Help

Among the many helpers for this major undertaking - I couldn't have done it without you:

Boreal Ridge

Saturday, Sept. 19. Total of 67 starts.
WHITE  (6)	2250m long, 30m climb

Nauenberg, Treson             30:08
Olivia Graeve                 41:32
Rachel Care                   41:42
Barbara Sullivan              53:30
Dave & Kathy Rybichi          53:30
Karras Group                  92:56
YELLOW  (8)	4200m, 75m   

Bachelder, Epstein            90:40
Kristen Kellenmyer           113:17
Dave & Kathy Rybichi         115:19
Robert/Trish Landry          148:58
Lincoln ROTC, Sophal          165:0
Jossie Jahn, et al            191:1
ROTC/Nedeem group               DNF  
Rosemary Ornelas                 DQ 
ORANGE  (4)	4200m, 105m 
Blake Tresan                 117:51
Joe Ledesma                  122:27
K. Friedman, Denise K.       209:34
Livingston, Buffington          DNF  
BROWN  (7)	3760m, 110m  

Sarah Minarik                 76:16
Tom Jahn                     126:13
Leslie Minarik               138:03
Jennifer Kerr                158:48
Louise Madrid                164:11
Rosemary Johnson             168:10
Harding group                    DQ  
GREEN  (17)	4700m, 150m  
George Minarik                73:14
Dennis Wildfogel              73:15
Bill Papendick                89:09
Joe Scarborough               91:51
Patty Clemo                   94:50
Janet Peterson               108:00
Scott Aster                  110:24
Karen Sessler                113:42
Doug Brown                   114:48
Rob Williams                 118:11
Aileen Abernathy             123:07
Bill Gookin                  126:04
Dwight Freud                 128:02
Jerry Goss                   131:27
Vic Revenko                  158:05
Jeff Lanan                   180:48
Stacy Goss                   183:37
RED  (14)	5700m, 215m

G. Carpenter                  80:57
Harry King                    89:52
Mark Petersen                 96:29
Tapio Karras                  99:38
Olav Solgaard                100:02
Dan Greene                   100:43
Frida Larsson, A-K Palm      111:47
Mark Blair                   120:30
Michael Poulsen              128:43
Rolf Willecke                148:31
Trevor Pering                162:30
Blue  (11)	8500m, 290m  

Wyatt Riley                   97:27
Dan Stoll-Hadayia             97:36
Lans Taylor                  104:09
Syd Reader                   108:16
Thorsten Graeve              108:28
John Britton                 120:33
Doug Stein                   144:47
Steve Smith                  149:35
Angelica Riley               159:00
Van A. Boughner              175:16
Yelena Sarranskaya              DNF 

Sugar Bowl

Sunday, Sept. 20. Total of 67 starts.
WHITE  (13)	2100m long, 35m climb  

Luke Griffith, Juan Hussong   23:17
Rick Kentz                    42:55
Mark Catlin, Charkie Chumo    44:46
Sullivan, Wilkins, MacDonald  46:38
Anderson,Jessie,Chris,Joanne  49:03
Rachel Care                   51:50
Kane Cleary, Mark Cleary      57:18
Wiess, Rudy, Miranda          60:43
Joey Catlin                   63:53
Jo Christine Gookin           73:00
Mari, Jaakko, Jukka           74:20
C.Kratzer, J.Shaw             97:24
Colleen Wallace               99:09
YELLOW  (11)	3400m, 60m   

Bachelder, Epstein            64:47
Nauenberg, Tresan             69:53
Colleen Wallace               75:32
Griffith, Hussong             82:09
R. Green, A. Green            88:50
Mark Catlin, Charlie Chumo    97:35
Wiess, MacDonald, Sullivan   127:04
K. Constintine               127:16
Jossie Jahn, et al           153:13
Davies                       180:18
ORANGE  (7)	4100m, 120m   

Blake Tresan                  81:53
Joe Ledesma                  147:14
K. Friedman, Denise K.       216:30
Andersons, Mark, Joanne,
   Jessie, Chris                DNF  (missed 11-15)
Rosemary Johnson                DNF  (missed 2, 5, 11-15)
Tom Olson                       DNF  (missed 8-15)
Rich Kentz                      DNF  
BROWN  (6)	3800m, 90m 
Tom Jahn                     96:04
Leslie Minarik              111:42
Carlo Alesandrini           119:13
Dave Littman                146:42
Louise Madrid               162:28
Jennifer Kerr                  DNF  (missed 9, 14)
GREEN (17)	4800m, 140m  
Dennis Wildfogel            62:57
George Minarik              72:46
Joe Scarborough             76:03
Michael Poulen              85:17
Sarah Minarik               89:00
Doug Brown                  93:48
Janet Peterson              94:03
Bill Gookin                 98:49
Bill Papendick             109:02
Patty Clemo                116:35
Aileen Abernathy           128:04
Stacy Goss                 136:25
Vic Revenko                139:06
Karen Sessler              139:31
Jerry Goss                 194:38
Sarranskaya                   DNF  
Jeff Lanan                    DNF  
RED  (12)	5800m, 190m  

Tapio Karras               79:08
Olav Solgaard              82:03
Angelics Riley             83:25
Dan Greene                 87:58
Mark Petersen              89:26
Scott Aster               101:02
Bob Cooley                107:50
P. Olsten                 108:28
Jeff Thompson             115:14
Rolf Willecke             116:46
Bob Landry                199:09
Trevor Pering                DNF  
Blue  (8)	7600m, 250m   

Dan Stoll- Hadayia        82:02
Syd Reader                91:35
Wyatt Riley              104:24
Thorsten Graeve          110:36
Doug Stein               116:04
Van A. Boughner          119:05
John Britton                DNF  (missed #10)
Steve Smith                 DNF  (missed #7)