Nisene Marks Results

August 30, 1998

by Kent Ohlund, meet director

This year I decided to use an area of the park which, to my knowledge, has never been used before for an orienteering event. Since the area is quite far away from the Porter Picnic area, only the Red and Blue courses used it. This also meant that we used two separate areas for the courses: a remote area for the Green, Red, and Blue courses; and a closer area for the White, yellow, Orange, and Brown courses.

The turnout was very good for an event at Nisene Marks, approximately 120 participants on seven courses. The event proceeded quite smoothly thanks to all the volunteers helping out. Below are the complete results.

On the whole, there were three organizational problems which stood out. First, those who did the Yellow course last year and this year experienced deja vu - that is, a control description error. Control 6 was described as a trail/creek crossing, when it really should have been described as a hill, side. Second, the winning times on most courses were too long with too many DNFs. This is usually the case in Nisene Marks, and this year certainly lived up to that reputation. Third, the parking lot quickly filled up, and two cars ended up nearly blocking the exit. It is likely that this experience will lead to a new approach for parking next year.

The good news was that there were no reports of killer wasps this year. Those who attended last year will understand what I am referring to. Scheduling the event later in August seems to have made the difference.

Top Times

I am impressed with how many participants attempted to finish the courses given the thick vegetation, steep slopes, and the difficult navigational conditions. As Bob Cooley put it: "It is great to be back in Nisene Marks, where there are real interesting questions about whether you'll be able to find the next control."

A first timer, Mark Rice, came away with an incredible three wins on the White, Yellow, and Orange courses. I hope Mark will become a regular participant - he has excellent potential for moving up to the more advanced courses. Similarly, Jessica Evans was the fastest woman on the White and Yellow course. Lauren Wolfe on the White course had an excellent run, as well, and came in third, the youngest individual not part of a group.

On the Orange course, Ron MacCracken finished a close second to Mark Rice. Ron has finished second before, and the pressure is on for him to come in first soon. (Ron is a colleague of mine, so I had to say that.) Audrey Warmuth, who came in third, was the first woman on the Orange course, not far behind Mark and Ron.

Dennis Wildfogel headed up the field on the Brown course, with perhaps the best relative winning time on any course, though Dennis pointed out that his time was more than 20 min/km which is usually not sufficient to win an advanced course - but Nisene Marks is not a usual venue. Nick Corsano did very well in second place, and Elizabeth Miller came in third (first for women), using the navigation skills she learned as a geologis - an impressive performance, considering that the Brown course was just as technical as every other advanced course and in one of BAOC╣s most difficult parks.

The Papendicks, Bill and Joe (in that order), dominated the Green course. They were followed by another "rivalry" - Edith Jacobi in third (the first woman) and two minutes ahead of her husband, Chris. We need to follow these contests for the rest of this year.

Bob Cooley, fresh off a US Championship win in Cle Elum, showed that he is in good shape not only physically, but even more so mentally (I am referring to the previous quote by Bob), by winning the Red course. Gary Carpenter, who placed third at the US Champs, came in second close behind Bob.

Slava Akinin, visiting from Russia, had the fastest time on the Blue course, and Bruce Wolfe came in second. I hope that we see Slava again. He could give our local speedster a run for the money every time. Neal Barlow came in early but finished with a long time. He sensed that he would place high based on the challenge which he had just overcome, and his prediction held true - third place despite a major problem with the first control (ouch).

Thanks to the Volunteers

I must thank everybody who helped. First, Tony Pinkham, my co-director, for doing at least 50 percent of all the preparation work, including course design. Helping with local starts were David Meredith, Cheryl Madsen, and Esther Heller. Helping with remote starts were Bruce Bassett and Hugh Wright. Helping with finishes and results were Gary Kraght, Robert Lewis, Max Wright, and Daniel Ohlund. Helping with registration were Ev and Jean Beuerman and Esther Heller. Helping with beginner's clinics was Nick Corsano.

Helping with control pickup, after spending a long time on their courses, were Kelly Wells and Michi Kamijima - I am amazed by their stamina. Helping with parking control was Peter Graube. My thanks to all who I neglected to mention and to everybody who attended.


White Course	1.4 km, 80 m

1) Mark Rice 			19.10
2) Jessica Evans 		26.10
3) Lauren Wolfe 		29.30
4) Michael Johnson 		30.30
5) Jeff Soares 			32.00
5) Patricia Dunn 		32.30
6) Audrie Faist 		45.30
7) Margie, Larry Lynch-Fresher, 
   Brendan, Brian Fresher 	58.30
8) Jim Cramer, Linda Kincaid	60:00

Yellow Course	2.5 km, 130 m

1) Mark Rice 			52.25 (2nd course)
2) Jessica Evans 		70.32 (2nd course)
3) Jennifer, Quinn Wildman, 
   Heather Gorman		74.10
4) Tapio, Mari, Jaakko, 
   Jukka Karras 		83.05
5) Tessa, Betty Zertuche, 
   Kelly Masini 		83.50
6) Daniel Ohlund 		86.10
7) Julie Wells 			92.24
8) Don, Dara Gee 		102.55
9) Kelly Loos, Tracy Hammond 	119.00
10) Molly Ann, Matt Rydzynski 	121.40
11) Al Cox, Val Stack, Liz, 
    Scott McCord 		121.49
Jim Cramer, Linda Kincaid 	DNF
Allen, Erica Denison 		DNF
Carol Nolan 			DNF
Matt, Patrick Rabuzzi 		DNF
Carl, Aileen Reisinger, 
   Tom Wills, Mary D.  		DNF
Hillary Wolfe 			DNF
Max Wright 			DNF

Orange Course	2.5 km, 165 m

1) Mark Rice 			123.45 (3rd course)
2) Ron MacCracken 		125.38
3) Audrey Warmuth 		130.15
4) Shawn Larsen 		140.35
5) Idell Weydemeyer 		146.05
6) Susan Lindeman, Rich Clark 	148.55
7) Steve O'Keefe 		160.05
8) Jonathan Gee 		161.03
9) Jeff Soares 			171.20
Brad Mayor 			DNF
Dave Ginsburg, Hensl Lise 	DNF
Tim, Kenneth Thompson 		DNF
Neal Cuseck, Marc Padini 	DNF
Jack Myers 			DNF
Michael Johnson 		DNF

Brown Course	2.7 km 180 m

1) Dennis Wildfogel 			59.45
2) Nick Corsano 			78.08
3) Ian Ramsey 				81.15
4) Elizabeth Miller 			91.55
5) Brian Donohue, Isabelle Gracie 	131.11
Rosemary Johnson 			DNF
Vivian Lee 				DNF
Nancy Lindeman 				DNF
David Meredith 				DNF
Jonah Houston, Steve Sokol	 	DNF
Cheryl Madsen 				DNF

Green Course	3.9 km, 195 m

1) Bill Papendick 	95.30
2) Joe Papendick 	102.30
3) Edith Jacobi 	138.28
4) Chris Jacobi 	140.50
5) Greg Lee 		144.10
6) Robert Lewis 	159.05
Jerry Goss 		OT (191.07)
Vic Revenko 		OT (203.03)
Gary Kraght 		DNF
Stacy Goss 		DNF
Terry Gleason 		DNF
Joan Roos, Greg Bell 	DNF

Red Course	5.6 km, 290 m

1) Bob Cooley 		116.48
2) Gary Carpenter 	120.15
3) Bruce Bassett 	124.02
4) Ken Vomaske 		131.40
5) Peter Graube 	175.57
Kelly Wells 		OT (191.42)
Julie Brook 		OT (196.40)
Russel Green 		DNF
Ralf Willecke 		DNF
Trevor Pering 		DNF
Hugh Wright 		DNF

Blue Course	6.9 km, 400 m

1) Slava Akinin 	113.00
2) Bruce Wolfe 		117.11
3) Neal Barlow 		140.28
4) Thorsten Graeve 	142.19
5) Syd Reader 		146.20
6) Van Boughner 	161.16
Steve Gregg 		OT (190.42)
Michi Kamijima 		DNF
Doug Stein 		DNF
Greg Thomas, Robin Davis, 
   Jason Middleton 	DNF
Rod Jaehn, Brett Lehigh DNF
Team Pedicab 		DNF