Joaquin Miller Results

June 28, 1998

by Joe Scarborough, meet director

After the fog cleared, a total of 121 people had 77 runs on the day's White, Yellow, and Short and Long line orienteering courses. Below are the complete results.

Malcom Wyatt-Mair, Theo Verhoeven, Rex Winterbottom, and Syd Reader were the respective winners. Bruce Wolfe ran the course under competition conditions the day before. His terrain familiarity and speed expectedly had him well under my design time of 60 minutes. Syd was the upset winner over pre-race favorites Neal and Michi coming in just a couple of minutes over the EWT.

The White and Yellow courses were designed to add challenging route choices to the usual standard. Intermediate and advanced runners had a choice of two line orienteering courses. Loop A constituted the short course with runners having the option of continuing on the B Loop for the long course. The rules for this line-O were similar as for standard orienteering with the major difference being that the map showed a feasible route as a line on the map with no control circles. The objective was to locate the controls based on the map information and the usual control descriptions. As a training event the emphasis was on very precise navigation, reading ahead on the map, careful attention to descriptions and dealing with unusual situations.

As competition, the idea was to gather as many controls as possible (no DQ for omitting any). My strategy in the design was to reward those who paid close attention to the rules and the descriptions. Also important was the confidence to know exactly where you were at the right times and to realize that the line was meant to be drawn with equal precision. I have noted after many years in this sport that a very common problem among orienteers of all levels is the tendency to wander looking for a bag when one should be utilizing the information provided by the map, terrain and descriptions. Line-O if properly designed, encourages the runner to navigate with precision. And, in this event, deviate from the line where the map and descriptions so dictate.

I was surprised that so many attempted to follow the line without question where there was no feature as described. Deciding when to leave the line meant matching what the map showed with the description including modifiers. Lots of shortcuts were possible but the big red herring was on course A where the line went well out of the way to go near but not over two hills before crossing the correct one.

These stategies were not specifically mentioned in the Meet Director's notes and that fact was questioned by Steve and Bruce prior to the meet. My feeling was that there was training value in emphasizing that knowledge of the rules is important (though very specialized for this event); precision is important in both performance and in organization; and descriptions and flag location should be expected to be precise. It should be possible to take all of these things for granted at a well-organized event.

That is not to say that the organizer did not make his share of mistakes. The flag for control #4 was off the line. I changed the location because of map problems and though I checked its location from the trail above should have realized that the map inacuracies left the control some 20-30 meters above the line. My other error was not to put out water. While each loop was under 2.5km, many were out a long time and the results were affected. I should also apologize for the short sighted planning of the start area layout which resulted in inordinate crowding. There were many more entrants than expected.

I would like to thank specially my assistants Steve Gregg and Pat Roth who were invaluable in many phases of this event. Bruce Wolfe was key in the final checking. His assurance that the concept was workable was valuable to me. There were so many helpers available that there was little for me to do once starts were underway. Thanks to all especially those that I may have forgotten in this list.



1. Malcom Wyatt-Mair	00:40:02 
2. Bernstein, Susan	01:39:06 
2nd Course 
1. Michelle Dick	00:41:26 
1. Geoff, Colleen, Ross Erin, and Ryan Tate	00:45:24 
2. D. Signorella, E. Ward and M. Hay		00:56:04 
3. Jim and Lee Ann Harriman			00:56:36 
4. Andrea and Tony Imhof and Eileen Mclean	01:01:24 
5. Lauren and Jan Wolfe				01:04:59 
6. Tim and Maria Shaver, Dan and Kara Gunar 
     and Paul Slavinsky				01:14:58 
7. Lenny and Katy Berman			01:15:22 
8. Phil, Barbie and Jeff Belman			01:21:50 
9. Brad and Jessica Taylor			01:22:31 
10. Ken Fishkin, Leone Warrell and Kaliya Oburi	01:27:22 
11. Judy and John Toupin			01:34:06 
Second Course 
1. Hillary Wolfe, Lauren Barbieri and Graeme Joeck	00:26:12 

1. Theo Verhoeven	00:31:54 
2. Randy Thomas		00:33:53 
3. Leslie Minarik	00:42:14 
4. Marsha Jacobs	00:43:18 
5. Julia Tussing	00:48:45 
6. Judy Koehler		01:02:15 
7. Michelle Dick	01:06:40 
8. Andy Mcugan		01:09:39 
9. Jill Custer		01:10:55 
10. H. Greathead	01:20:35 
11. Mike Barrett	01:24:10 
12. Joe Santana		01:24:21 
13. Adam Bernstein	01:35:29 
Mike Barrett		MSP 
1. Hillary Wolfe, Lauren Barbieri 
     and Graeme Joeck			00:45:42 
2. Lysbeth, Ann and Tim Ward		00:57:55 
3. Jeff Edmonston and Marjorie Wong	01:08:04 
4. Terry, Alex and Eric Englehart	01:08:24 
5. Don Gee and Rich Lan			01:08:51 
6. Mike McNeil and Jim Signorella	01:10:04 
7. Paul Slivinsky, Tim and Maria Shaver 
     and Ron and Marybeth Gunar		01:12:02 
8. Joe Rivera and Jim Harrah		01:30:48 
9. Bill and Helen Madsen		01:43:04 
10. Dennis Bryce and Lisa Wiggins	01:57:31 
Doug Meyers and Duncan Smith		DNF 
Deb and Steve Stotsh			OT 
Jessica and Gary Moreno			OT 

			Loop A		Loop B	   Controls	Total Time 
Wolfe, Bruce 		00:21:59	00:32:00	24	00:53:59 
1. Reader, Syd		00:28:14	00:34:19	24	01:02:33 
2. Barlow, Neal		00:33:45	00:40:07 	24	01:13:52 
3. Kamijima, Michihiro	00:33:32	00:42:29	24	01:16:01 
4. Stoll, Dan   	00:30:33	01:00:37 	24	01:31:10 
5. Cooley, Bob  	00:44:12	00:51:15 	24	01:35:27 
6. Blair, Mark   	00:30:19	01:11:07 	24	01:41:26 
7. Glendinning, Alan	00:44:19	00:59:15 	24	01:43:34 
8. Wyatt-Mair, Gavin	00:45:10	01:02:36 	24	01:47:46 
9. Carpenter, Gary 	00:40:18	01:22:55	24	01:58:55 
10. Prior, Mark   	01:27:57	00:56:57 	24	02:24:54 
11. Papendick, Bill 	00:59:32	01:27:13 	24	02:26:45 
12. Abernathy, Aileen	00:58:58	01:28:47 	24	02:27:45 
13. Shakhovsky, Oleg	00:57:11	01:32:31 	24	02:29:42 
14. Green, Russell   	n/a	 	n/a		21	01:44:33 
15. Minarik, George	n/a	 	n/a		21	01:45:25 
16. McUbbine, Angus	n/a		n/a		21	02:32:12 
17. Gleason, Tony	01:05:38	01:53:12	20	02:58:50 
18. Modiano, Dave	n/a		n/a		18	02:35:46 
19. Pinkham, Tony	n/a		n/a		16	02:29:36 
20. Wildfogel, Dennis	n/a		n/a		14	01:10:41 
    Roos, Joan		OT 
1. Meredith, Kirkov	01:10:59	01:26:01	24	02:37:00 
2. Mark, Laura, Beau  	01:27:57	00:56:57	23	02:24:54 
			  Controls	Loop A 
1. Winterbottom, Rex		10	00:49:20 
2. Gerstner, Meg  		10	00:49:29 
3. Brenner, Charles		10	01:01:30 
4. Fallis, Don   		10	01:07:42 
5. Jeff Lanam   		10	01:24:43 
6. Madson, Cheryl 		10	01:45:48 
7. Lee, Vivian   		10	02:14:57 
8. Friederichs, Josh		 9	00:43:42 
9. Clemo, Patty  		 9	01:04:24 
10. Johnson, Rosemary  		 4	01:46:56 
11. Meyers, Doug	 	 3	n/a 
Second Course 
   Tussing, Julia		 9	01:33:20 
   Mac Cuttia, Ken and Rick Fraga	OT 
Second Course (B Loop) 
   Gerstner, Jacobs 		14	01:42:14