Spring Lake Results

June 14, 1998

by Gary Kraght, meet director

Participants - about 80. A very small turnout by BAOC and past Spring Lake standards. Those who came had great weather and spectacular wildflowers (the best since I've been going to Annadel many years ago). Below are the complete results.

Another notable first: I can't ever recall a BAOC event in which the top course was won by a woman. Congratulations to Penny DeMoss, the winner on Green! Top male finisher was Michi Kamijima.

Some retrospective course setter's notes: Every map (well, many maps) has something distinctive about it. The Spring Lake map has a mix of flat urban park and steep forested hillsides, unlike our other BAOC venues. So I took advantage of it. My plan was to start the Orange and Green competitors off with some very fast orienteering around the lake, and once they were tired, send them into the hills. I planned #7 on Green to be the most technical leg, with a relatively easy leg before it to lull the unwary into sloppy orienteering. All of the above worked as planned.

What I didn't anticipate was that #3 (shared on Green and Orange) would prove to be technically challenging for many participants. From comments received afterwards, many people expect a reentrant to look a certain way, and were looking for something that wasn't there. The actual reentrant was a point feature, steep-walled, formed from mining, and could accurately be described as a pit with one of the walls collapsed, hence technically a reentrant.

More retrospectiveness: As is usual for me (and many other BAOC course setters), I made the Orange course too demanding. I revised it shortly before the event to try to ensure a fair Orange, not too technical, but my revisions didn't go far enough. I'm happy to say, though, that several people completed their first Orange at Spring Lake. Although they were out on the course for a long time, the feeling of accomplishment when crossing the finish line was contagious!

Helpers (Thank you everyone! The event truly would not have happened without you!)


Start-O 	10 controls

Courtney Hansen, Age 9                19:55   no help
Eva, Andrew, and Rosie Sachtschale    18:59   adult help

White  		3.2k 60m 10 controls

D.J. Phimister & Kathie Ramazzotti                 62:35
Lynda Allen & Cheryl Ruhl                          71:09
Mike Whelply, Joyclin, Tad, and Brian Hashimoto    74:22
Nancy Gilien & Celeste Langstaff                   78:50
Tracy Hammond & Kelly Loos                         84:41
Jacob Quintana & Mary Jo Durr                      95:25
Hannah Sukonick                                    99:25
Pat Bohannon                                         DNF (missed #7)

Yellow  	3.6k 120m 8 controls

George & Pat Aster                   86:42
Judy & Dick Koehler                  89:36
Jerry Andrade & Kandi Schneckloth   102:09
Ev & Jean Beuerman                  104:31
Mel Konrad & Mark Burchill          120:14
Lia Winfield & Emma Shaw Crane      141:08

2nd course
Celeste Langstaff                    77:40

Orange  	4.5k 170m 9 controls

Andrzej & Michael Sobczyk                        70:44
Marsha Jacobs                                    81:33
Meg Gerstner                                     93:34
Jim & Charlene Michaels                          96:54
Tom & Sandy Guldman                             102:21
Randy Thomas                                    106:16
Vivian Lee                                      109:06
John Pagendarm                                  116:55
Brian Michaels                                  118:16
Jack Myers                                      129:04
Rosemary Johnson                                140:56
Jeff Edmonston, Marjorie Wong, Tristan Flores   142:39
Jay Brady                                       151:52
Noel Sutphin-Gray & David Gray                  157:00
Ken & Paris Organist (4 in group)               161:36
Irene Weydemeyer                                163:52
Don Gee                                             OT
Jenni Barclay                                      DNF (missed #3)
Lisa Hammersgey                                    DNF (missed #3 and #5)
Steve O'Keefe                                      DNF
Cheryl Madson                                      DNF
Craig Van Horn                                  did not check in at finish

Green  	4.6k 220m 12 controls

Penny DeMoss             61:25
Michihiro Kamijima       66:55
Derek Maclean            74:04
Alan Glendinning         81:55
Rob Williams             88:08
Bill Papendick           89:56
Werner Haag              92:00
Scott Aster              94:04
Matthias Kohles         103:43
Michael Poulsen         106:23
Harold DeMoss           110:10
Russell Green           113:52
Aileen Abernathy        126:54
Robert Lewis            149:08
Vic Revenko             150:57
David Barr              159:29
Terry Gleason           166:19
Dan Stoll                  DNF (missed #3)
Joe Scarborough            DNF (missed #3 and #7)
Steve Beuerman             DNF
David Meredith             DNF
Nancy Lindeman             DNF
Rick Sachtschale           DNF
Brian Donohue & 
   Isabelle Gracia         DNF