China Camp Results

June 7, 1998

by Arild Orsleie and Bill Papendick, meet directors

A grey and misty morning greeted 92 white through blue entries as they entered the Miwok Meadows picnic area. Fortunately the Rain God took a break during the day, and the conditions for running an orienteering course was almost ideal: not too hot, not too cold. Below are the complete results.

Setting navigationally challenging courses at China Camp is not easy; there are relatively few good point features and lots of major and minor trails; however the hills are nice and steep, and with lots of reentrants. In planning the advanced courses some route choice legs were attempted, and according to the discussions afterwards some success was apparently achieved.

The orange course was, however, too difficult; Bill took the advice from Arild to include a couple of controls from the advanced courses, which turned out to be unfortunate. The problem with orange is that it is a big step up from yellow and successful yellow runners may be tempted to "move up" too soon. Evan Custer said he spent about 6 months on yellow before moving up, and this is good advice. No major complaints were made on any of the courses, no controls were misplaced, therefore the course setters were pleased. It was Bill's first attempt at setting courses, and I (Arild) think he did a fine job.

This was also a meet were the course setters had excellent help. All the volunteers that were contacted prior to the meet were more than willing to help. Scott Aster and Gary Kraght ran the separate starts very smoothly, Evan Custer basically ran the finish all by himself, George and Leslie Minarik taught the beginners' clinic, Tom and Sandy Guldman and Denny and Kitty Lenhart were in charge of registration, and Harold and Penny Demoss picked up most of the controls (another picker-upper also helped but I forgot to get his name, my apology). Werner Haag set the Start-O course, which was run by Dox Iadis and Sarah Edwards.

The White course's top finisher was Nolan Ferro, closely followed by Jessica Douglas, Karen Smith, and Celeste Langstaff. Stephanie Maclean won the yellow course just ahead of Tom & Sandy Guldman. John Pagendarm won the difficult orange course with Sharon Evans just behind. Oleg Shakhnovsky was way ahead on the brown course. George Minarik had an excellent run on green (it helps to run the beginners' clinic!) way ahead of Joe Scarborough. Tapio Karras convincingly won the red course, and our Japanese friend Michihiro Kamijima did the same on blue.

Finally we would like to emphasize that if you intend to take full advantage of the 3 hours time limit on any course, please show up and start before 11 AM. Do not show up after 12 noon and then complain that controls were removed from 2 PM onwards.



With Help
Will Laurie       8:00
Skylar           13:00
Helen Meyer       5:05
David Kopisch    19:07

No Help
Jessica Douglas                       2:32
Cynthia Chun, Ally Meyer              6:12
Sondra Brose                          7:00
Will Gotshall, Maxam, Colin Wikman    7:30
Kathleen Colby, Courtney Klink        4:22
Nick Schaffer                         5:00


1.      Nolan Ferro                     36:36
2.      Jessica Douglas                 38:56
3.      Karen Smith                     38:57
4.      Celeste Langstaff               39:11
5.      Laurie, Will Harder             41:51
6.      Allyn Jackie, Nick Schaffer     42:52
7.      Dao Lee                         45:26
8.      Pat, Jim Bohannan               45:51
9.      Ken Bullis                      48:28
10.     Chang, Meyer, Gose, Warmuth     53:59
11.     Daniel Ohlund, Malcolm Milanov  53:59
12.     Powers, Schaffer                55:09
13.     Sky Collins                     56:59
14.     Pat Collins                     56:59
15.     Meyer, Klink, Colby             58:16
16.     Gotshall, Bell                  67:58
        Ron, Kali Thomas                  DNF
        Jean Burkhall                     DNF


1.      Stephanie Maclean               44:45
2.      Tom, Sandy Guldman              46:10
3.      Julie Wells                     63:14
4.      Kitty Lenhart                   67:12
5.      Shirley Parlan                  74:10
6.      Galina Shakhnovsky              75:39
7.      Power, Stouffer, Owens          76:31
8.      Judy Koehler                    79:11
9.      Celeste Langstaff               82:34
10.     Troop 774                      148:48
        Jared Krogsrud                    DNF
        Kandi Scheckel/Jerry Andrade      DNF


1.      John Pagendarm                   87:50
2.      Sharon Evans                     89:42
3.      Randy Thomas                     98:22
4.      Rick Boyer                      110:43
5.      Rosalie Rybka                   124:08
6.      Beth Dameron                    156:10
7.      Joan Roos, Kavia Bendles        163:55
8.      Helen Fagerholm                 169:15
        Emma, Charlie, Adam, Whitney       DNF
        Kevin Moogram                      DNF
        Jack Myers                         DNF
        Michelle Dick                      DNF (missed #1)


1.      Oleg Shakhnovsky                 87:17
2.      Dave Maclaino                   104:15
3.      Robert Lewis                    107:45
4.      Leslie Minarik                  122:27
5.      Vivian Lee                      153:07
6.      Nancy Lindemann                 174:36
        John Pagendarm                   88:07  second course
        Rosemary Johnson                   DNF
        David Meredith                     DNF


1.      George Minarik                   68:37
2.      Joe Scarborough                  79:46
3.      Manfred Kopisch                  82:39
4.      Joe Papendick                    87:53
5.      Rick Krogsrud                    89:14
6.      Greg Lee                        103:50
7.      Michael Poulsen                 105:36
8.      T. Gleason                      134:56
9.      Vic Revenko                     136:30
10.     Day, Harrington                 137:09
11.     Aileen Abernathy                151:16
12.     Cheryl Madsen                   167:07
13.     Dwight Freund                   191:34
        Steve O'Keefe                      DNF
        Jeff Lanam                         DNF


1.      Tapio Karras                     69:48
2.      Kent Ohlund                      79:00
3.      Dan Green                        80:28
4.      Bob Cooley                       81:19
5.      Werner Haag                      82:40
6.      Steve Smith                      83:42
7.      Mark Blair                       97:21
8.      Harold DeMoss                    99:10
9.      Kelly Wells                     103:39
10.     Trevor Pering                   113:13
11.     Hugh Wright                     115:15
12.     Peter Graube                    128:54


1.      Michihiro Kamijima               83:25
2.      Dan Stoll                        92:22
3.      Syd Reader                       96:33
4.      Neal Barlow                      99:04
5.      Thorsten Graeve                 101:31
6.      Doug Stein                      105:33
7.      Ian Adamson                     108:40
8.      Steve Gregg                     109:10
9.      Gary Carpenter                  114:22
10.     Penny DeMoss                    114:25
11.     Mike Springer                   123:04
12.     Gavin Wyatt-Mair                124:49
13.     Duncan Smith                    175:43
        Derek Maclean                      DNF
        Bob Anglin                         DNF