Rossmoor Bar Results

May 31, 1998

by Rick Krogsrud, GCO meet director

The 31st of May was a very nice day for both runners and organizers. For the orienteers, there was plenty of orienteering for the money with beautiful scenery to make it pleasant.

As the course setter, I must apologize to those four individuals and one team on the Orange (plus Steve Gregg on his second leg of the Red) for one misplaced control (#2 on Orange). It was hung in an adjacent reentrant on an old ribbon. I know how frustrating that can be. Some of you toughed it out nevertheless. Someone (I hope not a competitor!) saw fit to move a bag to an almost undetectable placement (#5 on Orange, #12 on Green) during the race. That is an action that I find difficult to understand. Well, with those two things to ruin the longer courses, I hope that the shorter course people enjoyed themselves.

Congratulations to Jared Krogsrud on White and Jennifer Kerr on Yellow. Applause to Chris Gerbi for perseverance on the Orange course and Steve Gregg on the Red. George Minarik won the Green, though Steve Gregg had a faster time on his first leg of the Red combination course. Dan, Jeff, and Rob decided that stopping after the first leg Green was the better part of valor. I suspect the roughness of terrain was a factor, as it was for other advanced runners.

Ana Sterner was discouraged after crossing paths with a snake. Brian Michaels made a good try at his first Green course. No. 12 would have proved difficult.

My thanks to those GCO members who volunteered their time to help with the registration, start, finish, and especially the control pick-up afterward.

White Course

1 Jared Krogsrud 	GCO	39:34
2 Tony & Kim Silva  		42:42
3 Jim & Paul Gudeman 	GCO 	52:12
4 Nathan Lane  			69:33
5 Nancy Woodbury  		74:33
6 Kathryn Checkley  		84:37

Yellow Course:  2.2K, 40m climb

1 Jennifer Kerr 			GCO 	54:42
2 Marianne Finoff 			ASC 	62:34
3 Augerlavoie, Gonzales, Bryson, Nelson	ROTC 	66:00
4 Nathan Lane  					67:50
5 Diane Gudeman 			GCO 	72:51
6 Tony & Kim Silva  				74:08
7 Andrew Espinosa, Barbara Beck 	GCO 	75:06
8 Woods, Clark, Wildman  			94:09
9 Jason Anderson, Shawn McGuire		CSUS 	103:00
10 John Larson, Justin Duncan, 
   Jeremy Bowes 			ROTC 	113:10
11 Ken & Daria Roe 			GCO 	118:43
12 Paul Danenberg, Brandon Kelley 	ROTC 	119:11
13 Betty & Tessa Zertuche  			172:56

(Betty and Tessa did more than the Yellow, taking an 
Orange course map along to increase the challenge.)

Orange Course: 	3.3K, 70m climb

1 Chris Gerbi  				109:17
2 Tan Streit 			ASC 	207:12
3 Don Gee 			BAOC 	218:41
Buffington Brown  			DNF
Fricaso, Dent, Macera, Klamer	ROTC	DNS

Green Course:  	4.1K, 100m climb

1 Steve Gregg 			BAOC 		74:11*
2 George Minarik 		BAOC 		89:17
3 Dan Clark 			GCO 		93:16*
4 Jeff Thompson 		GCO 		94:58*
5 Rob Williams  				118:29*
6 Jim & Charlene Michaels 	GCO 		142:14
7 Mark Blair 			BAOC 		171:58
8 Tom Jahn 			GCO 		197:16
Brian Michaels 			BAOC/GCO 	DNF
Ana Sterner 			ASC 		DNF

*first leg of Red competition

Red Course:  7.5K, 170m climb

1 Steve Gregg 		BAOC 	147:42
Dan Clark 		GCO 	DNF
Jeff Thompson 		GCO 	DNF
Kent Ohlund 		BAOC 	DNF