Mississippi Bar Results

May 17, 1998

by Pete Olsten, GCO meet director

The club had sponsored three previous meets on this map, all in the fall. Conditions had always been dry, to the point that most of the water indicated on the map was non-existent. We wanted to try a spring meet for several reasons; the result was more water on the ground than the map accounts for. The wet spring also had the normally thin underbrush waist-high and thick enough to hide trails.

My most heartfelt thanks to those who helped out: Neal Barlow for setting the white course; the Dusenbergs for doing the first part of registration and Jennifer Kerr and Esther Heller for the latter part; Judy Koehler for starts and the Scout leaders who finished up; finishers were counted by Rick Krogsgud, Dwight Freund and a team from Casa Robles JROTC. Also, Ron Gross for helping recruit most of those folks.

The White course had some of the biggest changes from my original plans because of a pond that was not mapped. The Rodeo family hustled over the rocks in 29:24 and first-timers Tessa and Betty Zertuche were done in 37:15.

The Yellow course had a map problem, as one master map was numbered and one was not. The Yellow did a loop around the start before heading west and a couple of groups missed the loop and started at No. 5 and headed west. Julie Wastell covered the 3.3 km in 52:30 with Edward Quartermont next at 1:00:45.

The Orange course had the greatest participation and some tight competition. Jesuit cross-country runner Brian Michaels ran 1:12:00, while Joe Ledesma jogged/walked the course in 1:13:13.

Most of the advanced runners chose the Red course. Rob Williams topped the four who did Green, covering the 4.2 km in 1:44:18. Rick Oliver (who went skiing prior to coming to the meet) ran Red in 44:58, with Neal Barlow close at 48:10.

A final thanks to those who helped pick up controls: Joe Ledesma, Rick Krogsrud, Rick Oliver, and Ron Gross.


1.  Rodeo Family		29:24
2.  Tessa, Betty Zertuche	37:15
3.  Ritter Group		48:45
4.  Clark Bussey		49:13
5.  Young, Latham		50:09
6.  Ursy, Danielle Bergmooser	57:50
7.  Checkley, Herrera		1:01:12
8.  Furtado Group		1:03:40
9.  Troop 139 (Paumer)		1:03:52
10. Johnson, Ellis		1:04:20
11. Gudeman, Parsons		1:09:55
12. Troop 115 (Caum)		1:15:35
13. Michael Barr		1:19:52
    Funk Family			DNF
    Todd Bedrosian		DNF


1.  Julie Wastell		52:30
2.  Edward Quartermont		1:00:45
3.  Casa Robles JROTC (Dizon)	1:14:40
4.  Clark Bussey		1:33:49
5.  Espinosa, Beck		1:38:32
6.  Mitchell, Bemert		1:45:30
7.  Denby Group (CSUS)		1:45:46
8.  Jermin, Dannenberg		2:29:39
9.  Larry Phipps		2:35:05
    Tessa, Betty Zertuche	MSP
    Klein, Catlin		DNF
    Caum, Cole			DNF


1.  Brian Michaels		1:12:00
2.  Joe Ledesma			1:13:13
3.  Jim, Charlene Michaels	1:18:49
4.  Rich Petersen		1:41:03
5.  Pete, Dan Duisenberg	1:57:08
6.  Mark Looney			1:59:46
7.  Pierucci Family		2:04:38
8.  Livingston, Buffington	2:09:34
9.  Judy Koehler		2:11:39
10. Klein, Rakitan		2:15:30
11. Ken Roe			2:15:45
12. Buffington, Brown		2:16:24
13. Georgiadis, Gay		2:57:57
    Casa Robles JROTC (Dent)	DNF
    Johnson, Higgerson		DNF
    John Hensley		DNF
    Diane Gudeman		DNF
    Jennifer Kerr		DNF


1.  Rob Williams		1:44:18
2.  Nick Corsano		2:11:07
3.  Mike Branson		2:27:20
    Hund, Kirkbride		DNF


1.  Rick Oliver			44:58
2.  Neal Barlow			48:10
3.  Rick Krogsrud		1:04:46
4.  Dan Clark			1:10:26
5.  Dwight Freund		1:21:37
6.  Doug Brown			1:27:57
7.  Ron Gross			1:30:32
8.  Brian Peterson		3:48:03
9.  Charles Lake		3:52:03