Doton's Point Results

April 26, 1998

by Tom F. Jahn, GCO meet director

Doton's Point at Granite Bay of Folsom Lake remains an enigma. This is a fairly small area. You have to use all of it to get in a decent-length Red course, without criss-crossing. The terrain is incredibly densely featured and forested in the eastern and northeastern sections, while the middle is forested with fewer features farther apart. Parts of the western areas are quite open with some scattered, very dense growth.

The map is now quite up to date. Some vegetation boundaries and dark green areas are still confusing. In regard to the numerous features of the terrain, the original mapper(s) have really not left much out. However, the methods of identifying the features may be a little different from what today's runners expect. When is a knoll a knoll and not a boulder, and vice versa? When is a pit a pit and not a small depression? When is a very large boulder a large boulder and not a bare rock? When should separations of boulders be shown, rather than a boulder field? This can sometimes be a matter of mapper's philosophy. Herein lies the rub and the enigma to many runners.

At Doton's Point, there are many instances where one could successfully dispute the mapper's choice of feature designation. But this should not cause too much problem to the secure and focused orienteer. The feature is definitely in the right location, and with a shortest pause for thoughts he/she should quickly realize what has taken place. Yes, when orienteers get to be somewhat fatigued, we have a tendency to go brain-dead, too. (By the way, no control at this meet was located at a possibly controversial feature.)

Yes, one (or two) runner(s) got stuck at a Red/Green control featuring a boulder at the edge of a boulder field. However, they approached the field from the west, failing to notice on the clue sheet the Eastern arrow in column C. Yes, the field was quite overgrown, which was not clearly indicated on the map, and this could have caused some confusion. Nevertheless, there were several nice anchor points to the north and east, and any confusion should have been cleared up in a minute or two. Well, this is orienteering, and what it is all about.

It was nice to see so many BAOC runners participating. We hope they will spread the word about the great GCO meets. We were honored by the presence of USOF president (and past president of BAOC) Gary Kraght, who handily won the Green course still being careful with his sore heel. GCO President Ron Gross came in second, bravely walking the course with a very sore hip. One of GCO's best runners, Dan Clark, dominated the Red course. Team Michaels and Michaels of GCO won a tough Orange course; and team Williams and Williams won the well-attended Yellow course, many of its participants having run the White course first.

Course setters: Jim Michaels, White and Yellow; Tom Jahn, Orange, Green, and Red.


1.	Fricano/Dent/Kramer	26.40
2.	Melissa Threewit	32.28
3.	Livingston/Buffington	34.15
4.	Robin Collett		36.00
5.	Stephanie Trasher	39.20
6.	Mully/Mully/Pagaling	40.30
7..	Kreutzer/Cooper/Perw.	44.50
8.	Dobberteen/Brumbach	47.49
9.	Davis/Davis		50.04
10.	Sivia Gerlach		50.07
11.	Rodeo/Rodeo/Rodeo	50.50
12.	Ursy/Bergmooser		88.40
13.	Fairbanks/Thompson	98.55


1.	Williams/Williams	64.00
2.	Robert Bundy		67.20
3.	Ed Quartermont		78.58
4.	Livingston/Buffington	79.05
5.	James Stroup		89.00
6.	Mark Looney		89.20
7.	Chamberlain/Ivy		92.00
8.	Mully/Mully/Pagaling	92.30
9.	Fisher/Campbell/Baker	97.10
10.	Fricano/Dent/Kramer	100.30
11.	Kreutzer/Cooper/Penw.	111.30
12.	Uamos/Gillilund/Kramer	113.55
13.	Dannenbrg/Bryson/Term	119.10
14.	Reese/Fakes		123.55
15.	Walter/Walter		137.50
16.	Dyson/Dyson/Gour	142.30
17.	Georgianos/Gay		143.00
18.	Mitchel/Richardson	148.00
	Two Teams 		DNF


1.	Michaels/Michaels	80.40
2.	Rich Petersen		130.10]
3.	Duisenberg/Duisenberg	139.38
4.	Brown/Buffington/Hoke	156.33
5.	Xiong/Li  et al.	172.50
6.	Gee/Wang		186.50
7.	Roe/Roe			211.40
8.	Luther Burbank/Hoorah	232.50
9.	Luther Burbank/2-Sexy	235.50
	Two Teams 		DNF


1.	Gary Kraght		78.27
2.	Ron Gross		134.36
3.	Mike Gandwin		141.55
	4 O-Rers 		DNF


1.	Dan Clark		87.05
2.	Penny DeMoss		94.58
3.	Pete Olsten		120.12
4.	Karl Gerlach		125.02
5.	Harold DeMoss		126.32
6.	Jeff Thompson		130.40
	Andrij Pencifoy		DNF