Annadel Results

April 19, 1998

by Evan Custer, meet director

The Annadel B meet turned out to be one of the first real lovely days of this El Niño spring. The skies were clear and blue, the sun was shining, and the park was beautiful, with lots of fresh green grass and beautiful wildflowers.

Unfortunately, despite the good weather, we had a very poor turnout for the beginning courses. There were only four entries on White, and 12 on Yellow. There was good attendance on the advanced courses, however. There were an amazing 15 entries on Blue and 31 on Green. Below are the complete results.

Annadel has some of the best orienteering terrain in the Bay Area. It is not as steep as most of our parks, and there is a nice mixture of forests and meadows. In addition, there is extensive rock detail, and a lot of pits and excavations from previous mining activity, which provide technical challenge not generally found in the Bay Area.

Since we had been at Annadel the previous October for a two-day A-meet, I wanted to use the southwest corner of the map, which was not used then, in order to provide fresh terrain. Here is a map that shows all controls for the Orange and advanced courses.

The biggest problem with Annadel is its poor access. The best access is from adjacent Spring Lake Park, which has ample parking. However, the intermediate and advanced courses required a 1.5 km hike to the remote start. The advanced courses were all a subset of the long Blue course, with all four advanced courses sharing most of the final five or six controls, with some forking to prevent following. The Red and Blue courses had most of the climb in the first half, which allowed the runners to cruise downhill for the final half.

Stolen Controls and Map Shortages

Unfortunately, two controls were stolen overnight, affecting the Green, Brown, and Orange courses. The controls were replaced as soon as reported missing, but not until it had already affected 11 participants, including 3 of the top Green runners. As a consequence, the Green and Orange courses will not be used for ranking purposes. (Only one Brown participant was affected, and she took a sporting withdrawal, so the Brown course can be used for ranking purposes.)

Bob Cooley had set the controls late Saturday afternoon. Neither control was visible from any trail. However, the Orange control was at a man-made dam, creating a small pool behind it, and perhaps some of the local residents use this as a Saturday night hangout. The other control was on the way to this dam and pool, and perhaps both were removed by some evening party-goers. In the future, I will try to have volunteers run the courses early to check that all of the controls are in place before the start.

The other problem was an inadequate number of preprinted Blue and Green maps. Up until this year, we would normally have 5 to 8 Blue runners. We had printed up 11 maps, but were four short. We also had a large turnout on Green, and a relatively small turnout on Red. Therefore, we converted some of the extra Red maps into Blue and Green maps by making hand drawn courses. In the future, at events where we have premarked maps, we will ask members to give an indication what course they are planning on running prior to the event, to help alleviate this problem.

Top Times

The Blue course was won by Eino Havas, a visiting Finn, who found out about the event on our Web page. He finished the course in 75:47, or 9.2 minutes/kilometer. Not bad. Neeme Loorits finished second in 85:36, followed by Kent Ohlund in 87:06. James Scarborough came in fourth at 88:39. James has not been training much because of a heavy workload in graduate school this spring. Neal Barlow, Steve Gregg, and Thorsten Graeve finished in the middle of the pack, with less than a minute separating the three of them.

A relatively small field competed on the Red course. Tomas Cihlar won with a time of 67:02, or 9.9 minutes/km. Angelika Riley finished fourth overall and first woman with a time of 85:49.

The Green course was very popular. Unfortunately, the missing control affected three of the top green runners: Joe Scarborough, Dennis Wildfogel, and George Minarik. Joe lost about 2 to 3 minutes looking for the missing control, and Dennis and George lost over 10 minutes each. If they had not been hampered by the absent control, it would have been a very close race. Derek Maclean, stepping down from Blue to Green because he had not orienteered for several months, won with a great time of 42 minutes flat. Manfred Kopisch came in second at 53:57. Joe Scarborough was third at 55:42. Angelika Gerlach was first woman with a time of 82:52. Angelika, spending a year in the U.S. as an au pair, brought her parents, who were visiting her from Germany. (Her father ran the Blue course, and her mother the Orange course.) Looking at the times, the Green course was probably a kilometer or so on the short side.

Marsha Jacobs won the Brown course with a time of 56:44. Tom and Sandy Guldman came in first on the Orange course. Noel and David Grey finished first on the Yellow course, and the Cihlar family won the White course. Of note is that four young club members, Daniel and Linnea Ohlund and Kirstin and Tania Haag, and went out on the White course themselves. Daniel led the pack with a time of 61:01.

Thanks to the Volunteers

I want to thank the many members who helped put on this event. Most important, however, is Bob Cooley. After I realized I would not be able to get out in the field to set the courses because of my prolonged knee injury, Bob agreed to do the final control placement. While doing that, he also modified the map in the region of many of the control circles. He printed all of the maps and clue sheets, set all of the controls and water, and then picked up all of the distant controls.

Ian Tidswell vetted the courses. Tom and Sandy Guldman and Tim Giddings handled registration. Werner Haag and his mother, Johanna, ran the Start-O. Beginner's clinics were given by Gary Kraght and Scott Aster. Leslie Minarik, in her new role as social co-director, had available refreshments and an opportunity for beginners to discuss their courses with some of the more experienced club members. The advanced starts were handled by Neal Barlow, David Meredith, Arild Orsleie, Van Boughner, and Mike Condrin. White and Yellow starts were doe by Shirley Parlan, Linda Curry, and Judy Koehler. Cheryl Madson, Steve Jankowski, and Jill Custer ran the finish. Leslie Minarik, Louise Madrid, Rachel Care, Meg Gerstner, Alan Glendinning, Steve Beuerman, and Rosemary Johnson calculated the results. Finally, the controls were picked up by Bob Cooley, Mark Blair, and Gary Carpenter.


An asterisk (*) by the time indicates that the competitor was affected by a missing control. Because of this, the Green and Orange courses will not be used for ranking purposes.
                              Age  #Cntls   Time
Without help
1. Willow & India McEvoy        6     9    19:52
2. Mark Brown                   7     6    20:12

With adult help
1. Christopher Sage             7    10       ?
Johanna Haag                   76    10    38:31

White		2.5k 70m 11 controls

 1. Andrea & Gabriela Cihlarova 
      & Tomas Cihlar                     51:07
 2. Daniel Ohlund                        61:10
 3. Kirstin & Tania Haag & 
      Linnea Ohlund                      61:52
 4. Diane Raphale                        79:15
 Karel Van Haeften, Terry Arellano, 
      & Adara Friley                       DNF (missed last control)

Yellow		2.85k, 100m, 9 controls

 1. Noel & David Gray                    53:17
 2. Sam Jones                            68:37
 3. Shirley Parlan                       68:40
 4. Mary, Jerry, & Jacob Lawson; 
      Stephane Ribaud                    78:25
 5. Judy Koehler                         82:20
 6. Jill Custer                          88:34
 7. Todd & Donna Lewis                   90:40
 8. Don & Jenn Gee                       94:08
 9. Kelly McGuire                       104:35
10. Sharon Evans                        104:36
11. Linda Brown, Nancy Pollock, 
      Teri Balkum, Sonja Brassington, 
      Mark & Eric Brown, 
      Christopher Sage                  136:43
12. Paul Alexander                      154:06
James Cassady                              MSP (#8)
Whitney, India, & Willow McEvoy            DNF
Galena Shakhnovsky                         DNF

Orange		3.0k, 100m, 7 controls

 1. Tom & Sandy Guldman                    65:07
 2. Silvia Gerlach                         74:10
 3. Dave Meredith                         *78:14
 4. Kirk Davis                             80:03
 5. David Klipp                           *82:11
 6. Rachel Care & Louise Madrid            91:19
 7. Jack Myers                            101:38
 8. Ed & Emily Winfield                   102:17
 9. Linda Curry                          *102:24
10. Mark Burchil, Heather Greenham, 
      Tom, Mary & Robert Pforsich         111:51
11. Jeff Edmonston & Marjorie Wong        134:06
12. Tom Crane & clan                      144:47
13. Paul McEvoy                           161:26
14. Ken Organist                          180:52

Brown		3.2k, 75m, 10 controls

 1. Marsha Jacobs                56:44
 2. Rosemary Johnson             85:45
 3. Dave Modiano                 98:33
 4. Meg Gerstner                101:12
 5. Cheryl Madson               108:36
 6. Stan & Daniel Suderon 
      & William Griffin         115:47
 7. Steve O'Keefe               118:55
 8. Ev & Jean Beuerman          138:54
 Leslie Minarik                   *SWL
 Steve Jankowski                   DNF (lost card)
 Olsons                            DNF (lost card)

Green		4.6k, 145m, 13 controls

 1. Derek Maclean                42:00
 2. Manfred Kopisch              53:57
 3. Joe Scarborough             *55:42
 4. Gary Kraght                  56:09
 5. Doug Harrison                58:37
 6. Bill Papendick               63:28
 7. Dennis Wildfogel            *65:42
 8. George Minarik              *66:40
 9. Michael Poulsen              68:50
10. Peter Rexer                 *69:52
11. Scott Aster                  72:18
12. Terry Gleason                82:32
13. Angelika Gerlach             82:52
14. Jascha Lee                   84:11
15. Aileen Abernathy             86:42
16. Stacy Goss                   87:10
17. Mike Fleischman              94:09
18. Vicki Woolworth             *96:00
19. Oleg Shakhnovsky            100:27
20. Carol Chen                  100:32
21. Bill Straka                *101:42
22. Rachel & Dwight Freund      113:44
23. Jeff Lanam                 *119:12
24. Steve Beuerman              121:03
25. Jerry Goss                  121:10
26. Vic Revenko                 153:06
27. Nancy Lindeman              158:00
Mike Condrin                       DNF (got 4)
Charles Brenner                    DNF (got 4)
Robert Eikel                       DNF (got 2)
Arild Orsleie                      DNF

Red		6.75k 285m, 14 controls

 1. Tomas Cihlar                 67:02
 2. Werner Haag                  71:29
 3. Tapio Karras                 83:09
 4. Angelika Riley               85:49
 5. Dan Greene                   88:23
 6. Mark Blair                  102:09
 7. Alan Glendinning            110:55
 8. Trevor Pering               119:07
 9. Van Boughner                130:34

Blue		8.25k, 360m, 16 controls

 1. Eino Havas                   75:47
 2. Neeme Loorits                85:36
 3. Kent Ohlund                  87:06
 4. James Scarborough            88:39
 5. Wyatt Riley                  89:45
 6. Syd Reader                   96:29
 7. Neal Barlow                  99:07
 8. Steve Gregg                  99:38
 9. Thorsten Graeve              99:55
10. Martin Bergstrand           105:17
11. Gary Carpenter              110:15
12. Doug Stein                  112:08
13. Matthias Kohler             121:30
14. Karl Gerlach                129:39
15. Peter Graube                138:17