Point Pinole Results

February 22, 1998

by Steve Gregg, meet director

You should have seen the park on Saturday! I was hanging bags in the midst of a huge downpour, and giant unmapped lakes were forming everywhere. Fortunately the area drains well, and for the most part the orienteers that showed up Sunday morning only had mud to contend with. The worst mudhole of all was right before the last control, apparently. Tom Carpenter finished his course only wearing one shoe, saying he had lost the shoe twice already, and wasn't going to bother putting it back on again so close to the finish! Below are the complete results.

The early starters had some annoying light rain to contend with (which seemed to be centered right on top of us--at one point, you could look around and see blue skies in all four directions), but the weather cleared up by noon and the rest of the day was quite pleasant. As has generally been the case in this El Niño year, the White and Yellow courses attracted very few participants, but the more challenging courses brought out most of the club regulars.

The extended Minarik family swept the top spots on the three Orange courses. Sarah won the regular Orange course with a time of 30 minutes flat, George won the Long Orange in 40 minutes flat, and in the "BAOC Very Long Orange Club Championships", Erik Ohlund came out on top with a time of 55:20 for the 9.4 km course. We'll miss you, Erik, and we hope you enjoyed your stay with us.

I first want to thank everyone for arriving at the park relatively early and finishing your courses in a timely manner. We always advertise that all courses close at 2 PM and at this meet, the very last finisher came in at 2:02! That made it very easy for me to clean everything up and get home in plenty of time for dinner--that's a first in the five years I've been directing meets.

Also many thanks to everyone who helped. Josh Friederichs and company ran registration flawlessly (thanks for taking over this job from me, Josh), George Minarik and the DeMosses helped with starts and finishes, and bag pickup was handled by Werner Haag, Michi Kamijima, and Gary and Tom Carpenter (on their mountain bikes--oops, did I say that word??). Special thanks to park ranger Dave Yoas for being so helpful and supportive of our sport.


VERY LONG ORANGE     9.4 km, 135 m climb, 23 controls

1.  Erik Ohlund			55:20
2.  Neal Barlow			56:51
3.  Neeme Loorits		59:10
4.  Michihiro Kamijima		61:18
5.  Kent Ohlund			65:21
6.  Lans Taylor			65:30
7.  Wyatt Riley			65:36
8.  Tom Strat			68:42
9.  Gary Carpenter		74:50
10.  Dan Greene			75:10
11.  Penny DeMoss		76:01
12.  Angelica Riley		79:14
13.  Gavin Wyatt-Mair		82:55
14.  Mark Blair			85:54
15.  Mark Prior			87:05
16.  Bob Cooley			89:03
17.  Werner Haag		94:12
18.  Harold DeMoss		103:45
19.  Steve Beuerman		145:22

LONG ORANGE      5.2 km, 70 m climb, 11 controls

1.  George Minarik		40:00
2.  Dennis Wildfogel		43:21
3.  Chris Taylor		44:10
4.  Joe Scarborough		46:03
5.  Tom Carpenter		48:30
6.  Josh Friederichs		48:48
7.  Gary Kraght			52:35
8. Dennis Struble (NEOC)	60:54
9.  Terry Gleason		65:16
10.  Rachel & Dwight Freund	84:16
11.  Jeff Lanam			84:25
12.  Jon Gee			103:33
13.  Tracy Thompson 
       & Chelsea Taylor	  	110:00
14.  Don Gee			119:45
15.  Ev & Jean Beuerman		155:16
16.  Alan Glendinning		DNF  (injured on course)

ORANGE        2.9 km, 45 m climb, 9 controls

1.  Sarah Minarik			30:00
2.  Carolyn Cobey			38:20
3.  Marsha Jacobs			40:56
4.  John Pagendarm			42:15
5.  Steve Minniear			54:51
6.  Jack Myers				55:55
7.  Tom & Sandy Guldman			56:30
8.  Mary Granfors & Keg Alexander	65:31
9.  Idell Weydemeyer & David Meredith	70:15
10.  Joe Santana			90:25
11.  Chris Cobey			95:02
12.  Burchill / Konrad / Belor group	124:00
13.  Joe Rivera				141:07

YELLOW        3.8 km, 60 m climb, 11 controls

1.  Jeff Edmonston & Marjorie Wong	77:42
2.  Steve Miller group			118:16
3.  Michael Miller & Numo Jaeger	143:15

WHITE         3.6 km, 55 m climb, 12 controls

1.  David Klipp				44:02
2.  Eileen McAdam group			122:33
3.  Mary, Eric, & Lauren Pagendarm	DNF