Joe Grant Results

February 1, 1998

by Penny & Harold DeMoss, meet directors

I guess when you consider what happened weather-wise since our event, then we actually didn't have it too bad. Yes, it rained steadily all day, but at least no one was lost in that dangerous gully on the Blue course. One wonders how big it is by now, since every time we saw it, it was noticeably more menacing. Below are the complete results.

It was a meager turnout on the White through Brown courses. Garrett and Kristen Pitsenbarger were the only finishers on White, and Jessica Douglas and Audrey Warmuth were first on Yellow. Charles Brenner was a clear winner on a challenging Orange course. Nick Corsano bettered Leslie Minarik on Brown, while Nancy Lindeman was forced to DNF because of that pesky #3.

We were pleasantly surprised at the number of advanced O'ers who braved the conditions. Werner Haag, who couldn't be talked into running Red, led the Green finishers with a 23-second win over Joe Scarborough. Steph Maclean was the first woman in and Janet Petersen was second. On the Red course, where route choice became more varied, Brian Moore finished 1:25 ahead of Dan Greene, with Bob Cooley a strong third. Speaking of route choices, Trevor Pering finished the Red course with his arms full of trash he'd seen while running and just had to bring in. We didn't see all that stuff when we put the controls out where were you, Trevor?

On the Blue course (best course of the day, in our opinion), James Scarborough finished almost three minutes clear of Michikiro Kamijima, who was 7 minutes up on Kent Ohlund. Pity about the rain, because this course in particular was very runnable. I could see when I picked up that it had gotten pretty slippery out there.

As always, we really appreciate the help we got. The "award-winning" Beuermans ran registration in their usual efficient manner. Dan Greene did a couple beginner's clinics before heading out for his run. Stacy Goss showed up early and did starts on White/Yellow then spent the rest of the day clocking in finishers. She really only came to fetch her husband's umbrella from lost and found, and in the end Harold sent her home with the wrong one. That's my umbrella, Stacy!

We know how hard it is to head back out to pick up controls after you've run, so with that in mind: thank you, thank you to the following people: Dave Kim, who also helped set up the finish area; Meg Gerstner, who also brought clothes down from the remote start; Steve Gregg; and Kelly Wells.


Blue    7.4 K   255m climb

1.  James Scarborough           69:13
2.  Michihiro Kamijima          72:11
3.  Kent Ohlund                 79:45
4.  Thorsten Graeve             82:30
5.  Erik Ohlund                 87:47
6.  Steve Gregg                 89:05
7.  Gary Carpenter              92:29
8.  Syd Reader                  92:45
9.  Derek Maclean               100:06
10. Tapio Karras                109:08
11. Doug Stein                  127:54
12. Peter Graube                129:10
13. Mark Prior                  160:47
14. Ralf Willecke               170:00

Red   6.1K  240m climb

1.  Brian Moore                 83:32
2.  Dan Greene                  84:57
3.  Bob Cooley                  86:28
4.  Steve Smith                 87:06
5.  Alan Glendinning            87:53
6.  Steve Jankowski             95:09
7.  Mark Blair                  105:46
8.  Trevor Pering               134:30
9.  Kelly Wells                 136:11
10. Phillip Hoare               147:00
11. Meredith/Kirkov             169:58
12. D. Nicholson                178:30

Green   4.9K   175m climb

1.  Werner Haag                 55:19
2.  Joe Scarborough             55:42
3.  Gary Kraght                 61:42
4.  George Minarik              64:02
5.  Steve Smithwaite            65:42
6.  Mark Petersen               67:45
7.  Scott Aster                 69:35
8.  Chris Taylor                71:45
9.  Stephanie Maclean           72:28
10. Robert Eikel                81:51
11. Janet Petersen              86:54
12. Dave Kim                    91:30
13. Mike Fleishman              91:48
14. William Rassieur            107:05
15. Van Boughner                109:08
16. Mike Branson                125:17
    Eric Anderson               DNF

Brown  3.2k  145m climb

1.  Nick Corsano                63:24
2.  Leslie Minarik              69:18
    Nancy Lindemann             DNF  #3

Orange   4.4K   135m climb

1.  Charles Brenner             66:57
2.  John Pagendarm              83:25
3.  Shawn Larsen                96:35
4.  Liz Butterfield             104:20
5.  Matt & Pat Rabuzzi          117:29

Yellow   3.3K  80m climb

1. Jessica Douglas & Audrey Warmuth     47:12
2. Lise Vaurs                           53:18
3. H. Hall                              56:00
4. Hall/Ober                            67:10
   Ober 779                             DNF #7

White   2.3K  15m climb

1. Garrett & Kristen Pitsenbarger       58:30
   M. Pagendarm                          DNF