Las Trampas Results

January 11, 1998

by Scott Aster, meet director

Neither rain nor mud nor ridiculously steep hillsides could keep the die-hard members of our club from getting their fix of orienteering this year at Las Trampas Regional Park. Below are the complete results.

It rained all day on Saturday, as I, along with Manfred Kopisch and Dave Barr, spent 6-7 hours each hanging all of the bags and hauling water, and it rained most of the day on Sunday when everyone was out slipping and sliding on their courses. Because Las Trampas is open rangeland, the areas where the cattle congregated tended to be soupy, sticky water traps which made for slow going for everyone. And the trails were even worse!

Nevertheless, the hillsides did beckon to some who enjoyed the terrain and the weather so much that they tended to stay out on their courses for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour longer than they usually did. Times were slow on all of the courses save White, and quite a few people quit without finishing due to the combination of weather, steep terrain, and technically challenging courses.

This meet would not have happened without certain people stepping in and taking over various tasks even though they would not be at the meet. Bob Cooley did the huge job of designing and tagging all of the courses, while Gary Carpenter vetted every control location. Neither of these two could be present the day of the event, but through their efforts we were able to hold the meet. A huge thanks should go out to them!

Lots of people showed up early on Sunday and helped get everything set up before the rain started up again (around 11 am), and I especially appreciate Dave Barr, Kelly Wells, and Mark Prior for going out on Sunday and picking up some nearby controls before going home and drying out.

I put out a plea on the BayOnet for help picking up bags the next weekend, and was overwhelmed by the response. Peter Graube & friend, Werner Haag, David & Cathy Rice, Brian Moore, Dwight Freund, and the indomitable Kelly Wells volunteered, and between them, they picked up over 30 bags that were still hanging. This club contains some of the greatest people when you consider the help that was extended to me by so many people before, during, and after the event in conditions which could charitably be called less than optimal. Thanks again, everyone!


White       1.7km   113 m

1)  John & Diana Link                  26:00
2)  Rick Fraga & Jana Saasted          32:50
3)  Diane Link                         45:00
4)  Ginny, Andrew & Peter White        62:15
5)  Troop 3829                         65:15

Yellow      2.7km   172 m

1)  R. Alayna, R. Bothwell, M. Strasser      60:20
2)  K. Kerrigan, M. Lasgoty, N. Methuer      60:40
3)  Dan Bigley & Michael Torphy              70:30
4)  Steve Miller - Troop 24                  99:54
5)  Christine Link                          101:04
6)  Mack Cuttitta                           101:08
Vasiley Volkov                                 DNF
Dima Volkov                                    DNF

Orange      4.0km   202m

Cheryl Madson                DNF
Don Gee & Shu Wang           DNF

Brown       2.8km   240m

1)  Penny DeMoss           72:00
2)  George Minarik         79:20
3)  Gavin Wyatt-Mair       83:27
4)  Gary Kraght            84:12
5)  Jerry Goss            105:37
6)  Yelena Krasnova       112:34
7)  Stacy Goss            121:20
Nancy Lindeman               DNF
Dave Kim                     DNF
Ari Houser                   DNF
Leslie Minarik               DNF
Jeff Lanham                  DNF
Rosemary Johnson             DNF

Green      3.7km    225m

1)  Joe Scarborough       126:13
2)  Peter Graube          127:13
Robert Lewis                 DNF
Carol Chen                   DNF
Alex Krasnov                 DNF

Red        5.0km    390m

1)  James Scarborough                83:35
2)  Eric Ohlund                     104:28
3)  Tapio Karras                    112:29
4)  Van Boughner & Neeme Loorits    116:50
5)  Thorsten Graeve                 117:20
6)  Kent Ohlund                     120:57
7)  Paul Canham SLOW (London)       167:39
Peter Rexer                            DNF
Mark Prior                             DNF
Brian Moore                            DNF
Werner Haag                            DNF
Kelly Wells                            DNF
Hugh Wright                            DNF
Steve Gregg                            DNF