Mississippi Bar Results

November 2, 1997

by Pete Olsten, GCO meet director

I would like to start by thanking all the people who helped out: Renee Schaffer and all her Girl Scouts, who tackled the difficult task of registration and starts; Mike Catlin, who guided the starts and finishes and helped me clean up; Jennifer Kerr for the beginners' clinics. I urge all club members to volunteer to help at a meet in some way; you'll learn more about the sport and feel good about orienteering.

For the third year in a row, Mississippi Bar was blessed with abundant sunshine (never a guarantee in November). We registered 71 starts by 64 individuals and groups for a total of 138 participants. Check out the results.

The White course had a lot more climb than is typical for White, but I tried to take advantage of the trails along the ridge and give those doing White a chance at some great views from the ridge top. Ken and Pete Duisenberg hustled around the 1.4 kilometer course in 28:45, then moved up to Orange. Colette Lund and Tom Schatz were second in 34:07.

The Yellow course had a small problem in that the bags for controls 5 and 6 were reversed; that's what happens when you try to put out controls at the last second. Everybody received credit, whichever way they punched. Colette Lund and Tom Schatz took 36:09 for the 2.3 kilometers; a second and a first in one day! Sounds like these two are ready for a real challenge. David Link was next in 47.13.

The Orange course might have been the most challenging, with 11 controls. Most of the bags were not visible until you were within 1-2 meters of the feature. There was good competition at this level, with Tim Sardelich coming in at 62:44, Joe Link at 65:12 and Joe Ledesma at 69:35.

The Green and Red courses moved onto the main body of the map. The biggest confusion seemed to be that many runners were looking for the water that is indicated on the map, but does not exist after a dry summer. I did move one control due to excessive poison oak, but the only person to mention it was Dwight Freund. Excellent competition on Green, with BAOC's Dwight Freund taking honors in 103:57. Ron Gross was on Dwight's heels at 104:32.

The Red course was handled by BAOC's Steve Gregg in 85:22, with Bob Cooley at 94:22.

For a first-time effort at both course-setting and meet-directing, I think the result was pretty good. I learned a lot and hope everyone had a good time.


White     1.4km, 30m climb, 10 controls

1. Ken, Pete Duisenberg               28:45
2. Colette Lund, Tom Schatz           34:07
3. Paul Ely                           34:37
4. Mike Hogg, Troop 121               35:36
5. John Jacobs, Terry Seth            42:44
6. Brandon, Patrick, Taylor Lapsys,  
   Troop 94                           49:50
7. Scott, Tom Merchant, James        
   Stoker, James Anderson, Troop 121  52:35
8. Andrew Espinosa                    53:00
9. Joshua, Tony Harrison              54:27
10. Michelle Guardado, Brook Perry    54:33
    Hillary Straus                    54:33
12. Jim Fullard et.al.                56:10
13. Kyle, Michah Black, Cory Wilson, 
    Matt, Pete Filice, Troop 121      59:32
14. Katelyn Brown, Melissa Tirado,
    Laurel Astorino                   59:52
15. Brian Honeyfield, Dominic
    Torrice, Allen Huddleston         83:51
16. Sarah Connelly, Jared Gibson, 
    Lisa Herrera                     105:30
    Wychoff Family                     DNF

Yellow      2.3km, 37m climb, 11 controls

1. Colete Lund, Tom Schatz             36:09
2. David Link                          47:13
3. Andrew Espinosa                     58:51
4. Dox Doxiadis, Sarah Edwards         59:26
5. Bob, Trish Landry                   59:37
6. Edward Quartemont                   62:50
7. Houlton Family                      71:05
8. Luther Burbank, JROTC, Assassins    74:15
9. Jim, Tammy Fullard                  74:41
10. Tom Olson, Troop 265               76:21
11. Luther Burbank, JROTC, Loonies     85:43
12. Timur Hilton                       92:48
13. Luther Burbank, JROTC, Hoorah      92:50
14. Luther Burban,k JROTC, Alpha      102:37
15. Alex Widmann and Girl Scouts      104:46
16. Luther Burbank, JROTC, TGP        122:50
    Laura Schaffer, Sarah Shaw          DNF

Orange     2.7km, 65m climb, 11 controls

1. Tim Sardelich                       62:44
2. Joe Link                            65:12
3. Joe Ledesma                         69:35
4. Ken, Pete Duisenberg                71:33
5. Brian Michaels                      76:20
6. Monica Sandkulla, Jeff Duesing      76:23
7. Jennifer Kerr                       76:27
8. Jim, Charlene Michaels              77:35
9. Brian Donohue, Isabelle Gracia      81:51
10. Bob Landry                         84:38
11. Rich Petersen                      85:47
12. Judy Koehler                       94:23
13. Tom Olson                         104:02
14. Don Gee                           110:06
15. Bob Bundy                         112:52
16. Jonathan Gee                      116:09
17. Ev, Jean Beuerman                 116:37
    Chris Crain                         DNF

Green   4.75km, 67m, 16 controls

1. Dwight Freund                      103:57
2. Ron Gross                          104:32
3. Ellie Lightfoot                    110:33
4. Steve Beuerman                     114:07
5. Marsha Jacobs                      122:09
6. Aileen Abernathy                   141:22
7. Peter Rexer                        155:37
8. Carol Chen                         175:03
   Gary Kraght                          DNF
   Mike Catlin                          DNF
   Jeff Lanam                           DNF

Red    6km, 73m climb, 19 controls

1. Steve Gregg                         85:02
2. Bob Cooley                          94:22
3. Jerry Goss                         111:30
4. Jenni Barclay                      115:03
5. Jeff Thompson                      115:25
6. Tod Flak                           124:02
7. Kevin Casey                        126:23
8. Stacy Robinson                     133:19