Sixth Bay Area Scout Orienteering Championships and BAOC B meet
Briones Regional Park, October 12, 1997

by Gavin Wyatt-Mair


Congratulations to Troop 32 from San Jose who successfully re-defended their title. Theirs is a great record: 4 wins in a row!!! It's going to be a difficult task to unseat them. Second place was taken by Troop 89 of Pittsburg, who had a tremendous showing in their first Scout-O. Third place went to Troop 912 of Sunol, who have consistently placed high in all Scout-Os. Despite a relatively poor showing in the morning, Troop 24 from Berkeley (last year's runners-up) made a roaring comeback in the afternoon, winning the score-o and eventually settling for fourth place in their second scout-o.

The competition was organized in two parts: in the morning, there was individual competition according to skill level. Four courses were offered: Course 1 (white), Course 2 (yellow), Course 3 (yellow-orange) and Course 4 (orange). Scouts were required to compete in groups. The top three groups on each course were individual champions, receiving medals and certificates for their efforts. In the afternoon, there was a one-hour score-o'. The totals for each troop were computed from a combination of individual morning results and score-o'. Morning results were weighted based on time, and afternoon results were weighted based on number of correct controls found, with a lateness penalty.

Once again, we had an impressive improvement in orienteering skills amongst the Scouts. More and more scouts are doing the harder courses, and doing them well.

The undisputed scout orienteering champion is Orville Hrabe from Troop 912 in Sunol (Gary Carpenter's ex-troop), who has won course 4 (orange) two years running. His time would put him in third place amongst the regular orienteers!

On course 3, the yellow-orange course, Bart Mackowiak and Mike Sobczyk achieved another first place for troop 32 from San Jose. This is not the first time they have won a scout-o course, and I suspect it won't be the last either!

On course 2, a rookie troop took first and second place. Troop 33 from Los Altos, who had a tremendous turn-out, fielded the team of CJ Arneson and Mark Pearson, who managed to pip their troop-mates by seconds, even though they had never been to scout-o before. I suspect we will see more good things from them next year.

Course 1 was won by Russell Hoellwarth, Jake Huff and Mike Evans of troop 89 from Pittsburg. They charged around the white, turning in a splendid time of just 58 minutes for a relatively long course.

This year, Hugh Wright of troop 566 in Saratoga moved up to first place and bragging rights on the adult course (yellow-orange level). Keep it up, Hugh!

Just for interest's sake, Danny Lazzareschi of troop 24 from Berkeley blazed around the afternoon score course, punching 25 of 27 controls correctly in well under one hour. Many of those controls were orange level controls, so here is another example of a potential top-notch orienteer amongst the scouts.


In addition to the scout orienteering championships, a regular B meet was offered.

Firstly, I apologize for not having sufficient water on the courses. I was counting on the Park Rangers to drive my 180 lbs of water up the hill for me, but they had to pull out at the last minute bcause Thursday's rain made the paths too muddy for their trucks. So I carried as much as I could on Saturday, but it obviously wasn't enough.

All the courses were designed to stay out of the star thistles, which were particularly bad this year. Consequently, the courses meandered through and around the Briones forests, which of course are pretty tough to get through because of undergrowth, poison oak and steepness. The combination of old map, rough terrain, ugly vegetation and steepness was too much for many runners, especially on Blue and Green.

Anna Holmes and Josh Rausch won the White course in 55 minutes. Yellow was won by Rob Gendreau in the very respectable time of 44 minutes. He then went on to take second place on Orange, being beaten by just 1 minute by Maria Vargasova.

The Brown course was won by Erik Ohlund in the blazing time of 53 minutes, almost 30 minutes ahead of nearest rival Yelena Krasnova. Marsha Jacobs put in a good show for third place. Michael Fleishman won a tough Green course in 106 minutes. Kent Ohlund won Red in 94 minutes, even though he made a 10 to 13 minute error on the next-to-last control, and was recovering from a cold. Bruce Bassett, Steve Jankowski and Gary Carpenter were close behind. Blue was won in 96 minutes by Lans Taylor, who managed to pip James Scarborough by 1 minute. Well run, Lans!

The answer to the puzzle question is "Mount Tamalpaias can be seen on the horizon west of the third-last control" on green, red and blue.


There were 320 scouts registered at the meet, and about 90 BAOC runners, for a total of over 400 participants. This is double last years' numbers, and a record for Scout-o; a very encouraging turn-out!

We would like to thank the East Bay Regional Park district, and the Briones Park rangers for their support. The scouts would like to thank the BAOC for sponsoring the scout-o event, and helping scouting out. Thanks also to all the parents and scouters who took the trouble to bring to bring their scouts to a day of orienteering.

To all our helpers: Thank you VERY much. With record (double) attendance, help was the most essential element of the meet, and you all did a wonderful job! To those I have left out (and I'm sure I have, since there were sooo many ad hoc volunteers), please accept my thanks, too. And of course, thanks to my family (Nina, Arwen, Malcolm, Kelsey, Wendy) for all their help and patience - stuffing packets, telephone calls, mailings, recruiting, results, and putting up with me and my absence.

Nina Tyksinski Registrar, start times, results
Christian Jacobi Maps
Vicki Woolworth Vetting, start-o, registration
Julie Wells Start, finish, results
Kelly Wells Start, bag pickup
Scott Aster Start
Evan Custer Vetting, registration, finish, results, presentation
Terry Gleason Registration
Janice Gleason Results
Nancy Lindeman Registration, presentation
Liz Butterfield Finish
Sarah Lange Finish
Hugh Wright Finish
Max Wright Pack-up
Van Boughner Start, results
Bill Straka Instruction, finish
Josh Friederichs Results
Alan Houser Finish
Esther Heller Finish
Nick Corsano Finish, Results
Alan Glendinning Bag pickup
Syd Reader Results
Steve Gregg Registration


Troop competition

         Troop    City                   am      pm      Total
     1.  Troop 32/San Jose........574  1147 1721 
     2.  Troop 89/Pittsburg.......471  1111 1582 
     3.  Troop 912/Sunol..........508  1055 1563 
     4.  Troop 24/Berkeley........229  1170 1399 
     5.  Troop 33/Los Altos.......533   558 1091 
     6.  Troop 5/Palo Alto........478   434  922 
     7.  Troop 139/Davis..........391   287  678 
     8.  Troop 100/Kensington.....326   324  650 
     9.  Troop 234/Moraga.........485    -   485 
     10. Troop 566/Saratoga.......350   126  476 
     11. Troop 200/Lafayette......453    -   453 
     12. Troop 757/Menlo Park.....118   274  392 
     13. Troop 434/Modesto........150   227  377 
     14. Troop 202/Walnut Creek...365    -   365 
     15. Troop 224/Lafayette......242   111  353 
     16. Troop 3887/Pleasanton....258    -   258 
     17. Troop 3206/Moraga........256    -   256 
     18. Troop 810/Walnut Creek...248    -   248 
     19. Troop 318/...............210    -   210 
     20. Troop 351/Moraga.........198    -   198 
     21. Troop 1073/Mountain View.117    57  174 
     22. Troop 3039/Lafayette.....160    -   160 
     23. Troop 805/Danville.......119    38  157 
     24. Troop 275/Penn Valley....117    12  139 
     25. Troop 1125/Pleasant Hill.135    -   135 
     26. Troop 420/Lafayette......121    -   121 
     27. Troop 30/Berkeley........120    -   120 
     28. Troop 84/................112    -   112 
     29. Troop 480/Martinez.......110    -   110 
     30. Troop 370/Concord........102    -   102 
     31. Troop 2641/Lafayette.....102    -   102 
     32. Troop 140/................96    -    96 
     33. Troop 10/Berkeley.........90    -    90 
     34. Troop 81/Mountain View....80    -    80 
     35. Troop 3011/San Leandro....80    -    80 
     36. Troop 779/San Jose........40    -    40
     Course 1  White         3.5km      110m      8 controls
     1 Russell Hoellwarth, Jake Huff, Mike Evans  Troop 33  58:00 
     2 Paul & Tomek Rollinger, Marek Prnszkowski        32  59:00 
     3 Kerry Erspamer, Alyssa Cresci, Bryanna Blosil  3206  62:00
     Course 2  Yellow        3.7km      120m       9 controls
     1 CJ Arneson, Mark Pearson                   Troop 33  74:00 
     2 Thomas Daffern, Andrew Moll                      33  75:00 
     3 Matt Farrell, Dave Biehler                        5  82:00
     Course 3  Yel/Orange    3.8km      120m      10 controls
     1 Bart Mackowiak, Mike Sobczyk               Troop 32  66:00 
     2 Peter Styron, Mike Scheer, Brian Imhoff         202  73:00 
     3 Mark Catlin, Nate Alexander                     139  75:00
     Course 4  Orange        4.0km      120m       9 controls
     1 Orville Hrabe                             Troop 912      70:00 
     2 Tristan Hoare                                   566  97:00
     3 Sean Winslow                                      5 101:00
     Adult     Yel/Orange    3.7km      120m      10 controls
     1 Hugh Wright                               Troop 566  61:00 
     2 Phil Farrell                                      5  84:00 
     3 Walt Young, Steve Haskins, John Longacre         89  91:00
BAOC regular o-meet
     White              3.5km   110m            8 controls
     1  Anna Holmes, Josh Rausch                         54.59 
     2  Emily Bassett                                    67.00 
     3  Rachel Care                                      79.28 
     4  D.Slotsky & Sallie Nelson                        96.34 
     5  James Cassary                                   108.12
     Yellow     3.7km           120m            9 controls
     1  Rob Gendreau                                     44.27 
     2  Vasya Volkov                                     56.16 
     3  Dima Volkov                                      62.20 
     4  Lance Mleynek   & Chris Lee                     116.05 
     5  Brian, Mark & Abby Cilker                       148.23
        Mack Cuttitta                           MSP      86.10              
        Russ Weeks                              MSP     121.09 
        M, L, D, M & A Coustier                          DNF 
        Ken & Linda Mintz                                DNF 
        Anna Holmes, Josh Rausch        (2nd course)     DNF
     Orange     4.0km           120m            9 controls
     1  Maria Vargasova                                 48.10 
     2  Rob Gendreau (2nd course)                       50.49 
     3  Charles Brenner                                 81.26 
     4  Beth Dameron                                    87.18 
     5  Carolyn & Chris Cobey                           96.21 
     6  Tom & Tommy Olson                              100.39 
     7  Don Gee                                        100.51 
     8  Joe Rivera                                     116.37 
     9  Rosemary Johnson                               117.43 
     10 Joe Ciccarello                                 124.17 
     11   Reggie and Pauline                           126.42 
     12 Judy Koehler                                   129.10 
     13 M. Tobias                                      131.59 
     14 Robert & Carolyn Karil                         138.16 
     15 Ev & Jean Beuerman                             154.14 
     16 Barbara Straka                                 158.14 
     17 T & E Presser, S A & J Patterson               159.38 
     18 S F & A Straus & T Plossor                     166.57
     19 Kurt & Laura                                   182.39               
       Rosalie Rybka                                   204.53
     Brown              3.4km   190m            9 controls
     1  Erik Ohlund                                     53.10 
     2  Yelena Krasnova                                 80.25 
     3  Marsha Jacobs                                  109.00 
     4  Rick Boyer                                     126.14 
     5  Terry Gleason                                  136.51 
     6  Louise Madrid & Dennis Wildfogel               140.27 
     7  Bill Straka                                    147.19
        Leslie Minarik                                   DNF
     Green              4.0km   250m            11 controls
     1  Michael Fleishman                               106.58 
     2  Andrzej Sobczyk                                 118.23  
     3  Kelly Wells                                     139.29 
     4  Robert Lewis                                    144.20
        Andel, Thomas   Miller                          199.59 
        Joan Roos                                        DNF 
        Aileen Abernathy                                 DNF
        Vic Revenko                                      DNF 
        Dennis Struble                                   DNF 
        Joe Scarborough                                  DNF 
        Nancy Lindeman                                   DNF 
        Jeff Lanam                                       DNF
     Red                4.7km           280m            12 controls
     1  Kent Ohlund                                      94.36
     2  Bruce Bassett                                    96.46
     3  Steve Jankowski                                  99.19
     4  Gary Carpenter                                   99.49
     5  Doug Stein                                      111.25
     6  Werner Haag                                     111.55
     7  Dan Green                                       119.49
     8  Bill Papendick                                  122.49
     9  Michael Poulson                                 127.57
     10 Peter Graube                                    164.57
     11 Steve Beuerman                                  212.25
     12 Chris Taylor                                    215.13
     13 Dave Ingram                                     227.37  
        Phillip Hoare                                     DNF
        Bob Cooley                                        DNF
        Alex Krasnov                                      DNF
        Josh Friederichs                                  DNF     
     Blue               5.9km           350m            15 controls
     1  Lans Taylor                                      96.17
     2  James Scarborough                                97.19
     3  Michihiro Kamijima                              139.34
     4  Syd Reader                                      154.18
     5  Steve Gregg                                     155.32
        Bob Anglin                                      220.58 
        Fabian Meier                                      DNF
        Van Boughner                                      DNF     
        Wyatt Riley                                       DNF

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