Bear Valley Ski-O

February 23, 1997

by Mike Poulsen, meet director

Over 50 people took part in our first ski-O meet at Bear Valley, which made it possibly the largest ski-O event ever on the West Coast. The sky was blue and the snow was fast, but there was a strong wind and even stronger gusts. I hate to think what the wind-chill factor was.

Below are the complete results, and be sure to check out the photos, taken by Tony Pinkham.

Katie and Tony Anthony We thought we had a cute Start-O course with the controls hung on wooden bears, but the kids opted for the White course, which was great. Jakko Karras won the Start-O after winning the White course with his grandfather, Matti Karras. Galina Shakhnovsky won the White course for women, after taking her husband's new skis halfway through his Long course. (She didn't realize that Oleg needed to complete a second lap, which he did after getting his old skis.) Lisa Wylie won the Short course, with Dave and Scott Payne winning the men's race.

Bill Straka won the Medium course with a close finish (less than one minute) over Jane Taylor, the first woman. Lans Taylor, a former member of the U.S. Junior World Cup Ski-O team, won the Long course. Kent Ohlund was second in a field dominated by Scandinavians and Europeans. Roger Thompson, an orienteer from England, completed the course on snowshoes.

Thanks to Paul Peterson and his staff at Bear Valley Cross Country for allowing us to hold the event. I think a lot of people, including new skiers, found out what a nice area this is. Many thanks to assistant director Tony Pinkham for helping to get ski-O back in the Sierra. Tony was a big help with mapping and course vetting. Also, thanks to those who helped on event day: Nancy Lindeman and Scott Aster (starts), Bill Straka (finishes), and Galina Shakhnovsky (results).

Note: The nice rental cabin in Arnold where a lot of us stayed is available for overnight trips (contact Venita Olsen at 415-854- 2725).


Male  Female                           Time

Start-O (BEAR-O)

1           Jakko Karras               10:54

White Course, 3 km ski, flat

1,2         Jakko Karras               39:00
1,2         Matti Karras               39:00
       1    Galina Shakhnovsky         40:14
       2    Katie Anthony              51:55
       3    Linda & Chris Spieller     53:00
       4    June & Earl Gifford        55:00
 3          Douglas Bird               59:50
 4          Dave, Gregory, & Jonathan 
            Magram, Kirstin Haag       62:26
 5          Daniel Ohlund,
            Chase Danitschek           80:40
            Franzi & Tania Haag        DNF

Short Course, 5 km ski, flat

       1    Lisa Wylie                 54:07
       2    Nancy Lindeman             72:00
       3    Aileen Abernathy           73:00
 1          Dave, Scott Payne          83:18

Medium Course, 9.5 km ski, 50 m

 1          Bill Straka                99:07
       1    Jane & Paul Taylor,
            Nate Gardner              100:00
       2    Stephanie MacLean         110:15
       3    Chelsea Taylor            117:52
 2          Scott Aster               119:08
       4    Janet Peterson            119:39
       5    Christine Shirley         123:22
       6    Sharon Evans              124:39
 3          Jeff Lanam                133:48
       7    Linda & Glenn Wegner, 
            Susan Hall, Andrea Beylen 139:45

Long Course, 12.5 km ski, 120 m

 1          Lans Taylor                54:35
 2          Kent Ohlund                65:00
 3          Tapio Karras               82:22
 4          Matthias Kohler            86:01
 5          Werner Haag                88:32
 6          Derek MacLean              98:38
 7          Tom Jahn                  104:50
 8          Wyatt Riley               115:20
 9          Mark Peterson             128:38
10          Roger Thompson            147:00
            (on showshoes)
11          Bob Cooley                161:40
12          Oleg Shakhnovsky          191:50
MSP(5)      David Milne                99:15
MSP(3,4)    Angelica Kisel            102:07