Stanford Score-O'
December 7, 1996

This was the first year we held the BAOC Social at Stanford
University. The new location provided a tremendous variety of 
orienteering courses and a larger facility for the social. We had 
courses set in wilderness and campus areas for day and night 
competitions. The campus courses included the first BAOC trail'O 
course (perhaps the first in the western US) designed for 
wheelchair access. 

With my time pretty much taken up with other tasks before and 
during the A-meet, Nancy Lindeman and I had barely two weeks to 
plan and organize this event. Despite all Nancy's help, we still 
needed lots of help from club members on the day of the event to 
make things happen. There were over 120 controls to hang, a 
start'O map to make and copy, clinics to prepare for, a social to 
set up, and events to run. Many thanks to everybody who helped. It 
couldn't have happened without you.

Having learned how trail'O courses were set up only 36 hours
before the event, I had little time to design the course. As
a result, there were a couple of errors in the course and we
gave everyone credit for those sites. As it turned out, there was 
a lot of interest in the course. Had we not needed so much help, 
more people would have tried the course.

For those unfamiliar with trail'O courses, these courses are
designed for participants using wheelchairs. The participants are 
not timed on the course and need to follow set routes to each 
control site. At each site, they need to select the correct 
control from multiple controls set on similar features in 
different orientations (north, south, east, or west sides of 
different features). Orienteers are ranked by the number of 
correct guesses they make. On some trail'O courses, orienteers are 
timed at each site as they try to determine which control is the 
correct one.

Other problems at this event included two controls not set up when 
the first people went out on the orange course (sorry!) and 
competition for parking with attendees for an unexpected arts-and-
crafts fair. We'll have to provide alternatives in the future.

There were no problems with the rest of the courses except
that we had to eliminate a couple controls from a far corner
of the campus closed that day for maintenance. It didn't
matter as everybody took those controls off their maps and
nobody got to more than 27 of the 38 controls. We were set
for the best and fastest orienteers.

The social was a great success. There was lots of food, lots
of time to talk about courses, and lots of time to meet other 
orienteers. The huge room was filled with grazing orienteers. 
After eating, some people attended a review of the A-meet courses, 
some watched a video of BAOC members at the Colorado multiday 
event, and others talked about their orienteering experiences 
throughout the past year. 

While people finished their meals, Evan Custer gave out the
annual BAOC Service Award to Bob Cooley for his super human
contribution to the creation, printing, storage, and delivery of 
BAOC maps over the years. Bob's contributions have also included 
personal funding to develop maps, finding housing for mappers, and 
constantly upgrading the technology used to create the maps.   

There are numerous other people to thank for the success
of this event. They include:

Assistant Director                  Nancy Lindeman
Social Director                     Stephanie Maclean
Registration                        Ev and Jean Beuerman, 
                                    Debbie Friederichs,
                                    Steve Beuerman
Campus Arrangements                 Lans Taylor
Event Director's Clinic             Gary Kraght
Intermediate Clinic                 Lans Taylor
Beginner Clinics                    Marsha Jacobs,
                                    Jean Beuerman
Photocopying errands                Mike Poulsen
Control set up                      Nancy Lindeman,
                                    Lans Taylor, 
                                    Mike Poulsen,
                                    Gary Kraght, 
                                    Dwight and Joe Freund,
                                    Meg Gurstner,
                                    Alan Glendining,
                                    Ev Beuerman
Starts                              Mike Poulsen,
                                    Nancy Lindeman, 
                                    and others
Finishes                            Josh Friederichs, 
                                    Nick Corsano,
                                    Esther Heller
Results (night)                     Alan Glendinning,
                                    Meg Gerstner
Control pickup                      Tapio Karras,
                                    Bruce Bassett,
                                    Nancy Lindeman
A-meet Course Review                Evan Custer and others
Video                               Tapio Karras
Cleanup and countless tasks         Marsha Jacobs,
                                    Nancy Lindeman,
                                    Aileen Abernathy,
                                    Steve Beuerman,
                                    Mike Poulsen,
                                    countless others 

Results (127 people, 64 entries):

White Course

 1 Perry, Chris, Andrew McCarty,
   Jeff and Doug Jahns                                 28:49
 2 Andrea Stranad, Heather Browning                    29:40
 3 Laura and Susan Gravens, Jonathan Michaels          32:36
 4 Frank and Daniel San Felice,
   Red and Ryan Sinfield                               34:32
 5 Bonnie Janssen                                      38:55
 5 Eric and Robby Kruger,
   Donald and Brian Inouye                             38:55
 6 Linn, Ian, George Haddock                           39:22
 7 Bill Ashworth, Ryan Wackerman,
   Pierson Clair, Michael Buerger                      40:32
 8 Roberta, Kristen, and Garrett Pitsenbarger          40:38
 9 Leslie Bone, Chris and Karrie Garrett               42:12
10 Karla Martin, Lauren Rosario, Brynn Elms            60:37
11 Julia Zaks                                          61:05
12 Janet Elms, Michelle Steinmetz,
   Molly Gingars, Cori Perdue                          63:31
-- Lauren Low, Naomi Obana, Heather Garrett            DNF
-- Barbara Blanke                                      DNF
-- Helen Aynsley, Claudia Pesci                        DNF

Yellow Course

 1 Rebecca Higgerson, Brian Johnson                    37:43
 2 Bruce and Sara Gravens                              52:04
 3 Ev and Jean Beuerman                                61:04
 4 Galina Shakhnovsky                                  65:31
 5 M and P Rabuzzi, A, R, and J Fisher                 87:36
 6 Yahoska Rodriguez and Claire Kelley                 94:34

Orange Course (two controls set late)

 1 William Rassieur                                    45:30
 2 Marsha Jacobs                                       45:32
 3 Aileen Abernathy                                    46:48
 4 Ramana and Lakshmi Yermani                          48:45
 5 Andrew Nicholson, Kniq Keller                       58:13
 6 Jun Wang                                            77:20
 7 Terry and Curtis Gleason                            77:39
 8 Rosalind Archer                                     77:50
 9 Mark, Kit, Nate, Carol, and Ed Perkins,
   Bruce and Russ Douglas                              81:37
-- Oleg Shakhnovsky                                    DNF


 1 Rachael, Dwight, and Joe Freund                     9 pts
 1 Steve Beuerman                                      9 pts
 1 Brodie Lockard, Michele Thibaudeau,
   Kathryn Strachota                                   9 pts
 1 Stacy Robinson                                      9 pts
 2 Alan Glendinning, Meg Gurstner                      8 pts
 3 Gary Kraght                                         4 pts

Short Night'O (Partners) 50 min limit

 1 Wyatt Riley and Angelica Kisel               17 pts 43:21
 2 Rebecca Higgerson and Brian Johnson          10 pts 48:22
 3 Dox Doxiadis and Sarah Edwards                8 pts 47:27
 4 Linn, Ian, and George Haddock                 8 pts 47:53

Short Night'O (Singles) 50 min limit

 1 Patty Clemo                                  13 pts 51:22
 2 Aileen Abernathy                              9 pts 51:49
 3 Stacy Robinson                                7 pts 51:35

Long Night'O (Partners) 70 min limit

 1 Penny and Harold DeMoss                      18 pts 67:18
 2 Paul Muench, Steve Louie,
   Karen Francis-Lai, John Amma                 16 pts 68:45
 3 Glenn and Linda Wegner, Linda Palmer         14 pts 69:51
 4 Andy, Meredith, Michelle, Nick               12 pts 68:23

Long Night'O (Singles)70 min limit

 1 Tapio Karras                        27 pts 70:02 (28 - 1)
 2 Dan Green                           25 pts 67:38
 3 Bruce Bassett                       23 pts 70:09 (24 - 1)
 4 Dennis Wildfogel                    23 pts 70:35 (24 - 1)
 5 Bob Cooley                          22 pts 68:50
 6 Scott Aster                         20 pts 68:02
 7 Hugh Wright                         18 pts 68:54
 8 Josh Friederichs                    17 pts 67:45
 9 Andrea Beylen                       17 pts 69:03
10 Dave Payne                          17 pts 72:07 (20 - 3)
11 Vicki Woolworth                     16 pts 67:52
12 Steve Beuerman                      15 pts 70:23 (16 - 1)
13 Mark Blair                          14 pts 70:46 (15 - 1)
14 Manfred Kopisch                     12 pts 78:23 (21 - 9)
15 Evan Custer                          2 pts (batteries
                                                 lost power)