Red Hills Results

Sunday December 1st 1996

The early morning rain deterred many would be competitors but there was still a good turnout for three courses, white , yellow and blue.Unfortunately on Sunday morning the bags for the white course were just arriving in Los Angeles still in the backpack of an assistant who had helped set the blue course and then driven off home the previous day! Thus the white course had a little added confusion for the beginners by not having punches on some of the hastily constructed temporary bags.

This BLM area in the dry foothills near Lake Don Pedro east of Modest provided a good test with the early morning rain dampening and firming much of the loose ground and causing just a few muddy patches on the trails and streams. While the hills are low there are a lot of them and the brush, while never impenetrable, is sharp enough to require some thought in negotiating. In this the third year for the event, the date being so late in the year ensured that cold and not heat was the concern.

The 1:12000 black and white map , based on the USGS, with additional features (mainly paths) displayed 50' contours. This meant that fine navigation was more an art than a science.

For many entrants this is the only orienteering that they will undertake in the year and the fun and achievement of completing or attempting a course was evident on their faces. It is clear that whatever the level of the competition, an orienteering event has a special ability to bring out the joy of playing in the woods. Many young people from the Modesto area had the opportunity to sample the sport here and it is these who we need to encourage in order to widen the opportunities for all of us to take part in our sport.

Special thanks are due to the volunteers from the Adventure Club in Modesto who helped to work the event, those who came from GCOC and arrived early or stayed late thereby making it a long day and also to those from BAOC who traveled many miles to support GCO and this event.

Adrian Crane
Event director


WHITE COURSE Name     Time

Marvin Ordway        20:08

David Cline 
Deborah Hoffman      22:36

Kurt Smith
Symbria Smith
Chris Smith          28:18

Michael Erat
Judy Bullard         29:47

Jeremy Bishop
Kevin Horner         31:40

Derek Johnson        33:14

Andy Riga
Bryan Wood           33:48

Peter Jeffrey
Dominic Johnson      37:40

Ray Silva            45:53

Jamison Stiehr
Johnathan Crane      45:55

Tom McDougal         46:58

Rod Swartzendruber
Cyndy Davis
Delores Sauls        47:23

Steve  Reymann
Bud Saalwaechter
Eric Saalwaechter    49:05

Gail McGlothlen
Trevor McGlothlen
Emily McGlothlen   1:24:45

Jim Ambrosavage        DNF


David Cline 
Deborah Hoffman    1:17:43

Marvin Ordway      1:26:08

Tom McDougal       1:36:39

Jamison Stiehr
Johnathan Crane
Bryan Wood
Dominic Johnson    1:49:47

Rebecca Higgerson
Brian Johnson
Tabitha johnson    1:50:24

Kurt Smith
Symbria Smith
Chris Smith        1:53:48

Ann Kohlhaas
Jim Youngblom
Reuben Youngblom   2:38:00

Joshua Friederichs 2:53:30

Ray Silva          3:03:10

Eric Saalwaechter
Bud Saalwaechter
Peter Jeffrey
Andy Riga          2:29:18
               wrong punch

Jim Ambrosavage        DNF

BLUE COURSE Name      Time

Mark Petersen      1:23:52

Dan Clark          1:29:49

Greg Lennon        1:51:00

Jay Montgomery     1:53:50

Kathleen Lennon    2:02:39

Randall Brown      2:07:58

Van Boughner       2:40:59

Janet Petersen     2:42:17

Mike Catlin        2:49;48

Martin Roche
Carl Schaeffer
Jan Hanigan         3:14:00

Ados the Adventurer.
Adrian Crane