Nisene Marks Results


Nisene Marks 

We had great weather and a great turnout for this year's event at Nisene
Marks. Despite the location and what I feel is an undeserved reputation 
for the park, about 130 people showed up (about 100 course entrants). 
Despite park fees that nearly tripled this year, we were even able 
to save some money for future mapping projects. Given the attendance,  
the interest expressed for continued use of this park, and the people 
who have volunteered to direct this event next year, this will not be 
the last event at this park. 

Those that showed up for this event were treated to orienteering at one 
of the few totally forested parks in our domain and the first partnership
between BAOC and the Monterey Bay Orienteering Club (MBOC).  For nearly 
all the organizers it was an educational endeavor. For me, it was my first
job of planning courses for a point-to-point orienteering event. For MBOC, 
it was the first point-to-point event they helped plan and manage. For 
Aileen Abernathy, it was her first chance to plan an intermediate course 
(the most difficult to plan), to vet various other courses, and to help
organize and run an event. In addition to their hard work, we also had 
the assistance of Werner Haag, a veteran director for events at this park 
and my codirector.

This event also featured the first use of our newly modified controls 
and the introduction of the White Challenge course (white course by 
memory). Mark Blair cleaned each control and marked it with blue stripes 
for color-blind orienteers. A number of participants said the 
controls were easier to see once they reached the location indicated 
on their clue sheets. There were a number of interested takers for the 
White Challenge but I was late in starting it so Rachel Care and Tania 
Haag won the event unchallenged.

Things went well despite the navigational difficulties presented by the 
park and my desire to avoid steep climbs and exposure to poison oak.  
We presented a full array of orienteering courses for all skill levels 
and the results were about what I expected. Most of the courses had a 
high percentage of entrants completing their courses. The orange and brown, 
courses proved to be the most difficult with just over 50 percent of the
entrants completing them. Of note on the blue course, Jorg Hofer finished
first despite having to return to the master map to copy the
location for control 15, which he forgot to copy earlier. Awards were 
handed out to many of the first place finishers and I'm still looking for a
few to hand out. 

Many of the DNFs were for participants not prepared for the difficulty 
of their courses. Many of them chose to advance to a more challenging 
level at this event and found the navigational difficulties too 
overwhelming. I believe their biggest problem is that we don't currently
train advanced beginners and intermediates for their advancement. We've 
tried a number of things with minimal results. I'm suggesting we now 
return to giving an intermediate clinic at each event like we used to do 
a couple years ago. So as not to burden the meet directors, I and others 
will offer such a clinic at each event we attend. Anyone else interested?
In addition, there is a tremendous need for members to find unfamiliar 
faces and greet them at the finish area with questions about their 
course and choices. A combination of clinics and interaction with 
numerous other orienteers would be extremely helpful to those anxious 
to try more challenging courses. 

Anyway, the event was a success largely due to the tremendous efforts 
by the following BAOC, MBOC, and GCO members: 

Directors               Tony Pinkham, Werner Haag
Assistant Directors     Aileen Abernathy, Bill Banker (MBOC)
Course designers	
	Start'O           Werner Haag
	Beginner          Karen and Michael Smith (MBOC)
	Intermediate      Aileen Abernathy
	Advanced          Tony Pinkham, Werner Haag
Vetting                 Werner Haag, Tony Pinkham, Aileen Abernathy
Consultant (orange)     Marsha Jacobs
	Newspaper article Nancy Lindeman
	Fliers            Karen Smith (MBOC), Aileen Abernathy
Control Setup           Werner Haag, Tony Pinkham, Karen Smith (MBOC), 
                        Bill Banker (MBOC), Aileen Abernathy
Housing                 Joan Lowden
Shuttle Service         Ron Gross (GCO/BAOC), Mike Poulsen, Tony Pinkham,
                        Werner Haag
Registration            Ev, Jean, and Steve Beuerman
Beginner Clinics        Bill Banker (MBOC)
Start'O                 Werner Haag, Ellie Lightfoot, Mike Poulsen
Starts                  Nancy Lindeman, Aileen Abernathy, Karen Smith (MBOC),
                        Steve Beuerman
Finishes                Aileen Abernathy, Karen Smith (MBOC)
Results                 Tom Carpenter, Robert Lewis
First Aid               Bill Banker (MBOC)
Control pickup          Steve Beuerman, Werner Haag, Thorsten Graeve, 
                        Rachel Care, Tania Haag, Sam Freund, Greg Lennon,
                        Kathleen Lennon, and Gavin Wyatt-Mair


Start'O (First Try)				
1	Charlee Chayatanan                     BAOC   8:56
2	Chris Fernandez                        BAOC   9:20
3	Yosef Michel                           BAOC   9:23
4	Andrew Fernandez                       BAOC  10:18
5	Jessica Lightfoot                      BAOC  11:30
6	Ryan                                   BAOC  11:46
7	Kirstin and Tania Haag                 BAOC  13:08
8	Lucia Livak                            BAOC  19:58
9	Kyle Fernandez                         BAOC  21:09
10	Elena Livak                            BAOC  24:49
Start'O (Second Try)					
1	Lucia Livac	                      BAOC   4:20
2	Tania Haag                             BAOC   5:32
White 2.0K 40m  				
1	Dennis Johnson, Yossi Michael          BAOC  18:05
2	Steve and Tracy Brown                  BAOC  22:02
3	Mike Branson                           BAOC  34:21
4	Julie Wells	                      BAOC  34:41
5	Rachel Care	                      BAOC  40:13
6	Nancy and Brian Martin	                BAOC  43:07
7	Lucia Livak	                      BAOC  44:10
8	Kirsten and Tania Haag                 BAOC  49:15
9	Lek, Lynn, and Charlie Chayatanan      BAOC  50:11
10	Clare, Nancy, and Elena Livak          BAOC  51:28
11	Jean Burkhead                          BAOC  62:31
12	Carol Pecot, Ingrid Karau, Rich Seymour	BAOC  77:40
13	Dennis Aquino                          BAOC  84:00
14	Daniel Ohlund, DJ McKenzie             BAOC 106:14
White (second course)					
1	Michael Sobczyk, Krzysztof Kuligowski  BAOC  16:43
White Challenge (white course by memory)					
1	Rachel Care and Tania Haag             BAOC  28:30?		
1	Valdare DiFrinzio                      --     93:14
2	Kurt Kohanowich, Antonio Abrantes      MBOC? 108:58
3	Norma and Harry Domash, Ann Gilbert, 
              Pat Michelson, and Tom McCall  --    140:45
Yellow 2.2K 90m  			
1	Michael Sobczyk, Krzysztof Kuligowski	BAOC	28:09
2	Rebecca, Chris, Andrew, Kyle Fernandez	BAOC	42:00
3	J. Louvau, I. & R. Lacefield	      BAOC	56:01
4	Ross, Ryan, Erin, Colleen, Ryan Tate, 
      Corey Maley, Sara Thygesen             BAOC  58:00
5	Jill Cammon, Cher Lobash               BAOC   71:15
6	Nancy Pollock, Linda Brown             BAOC  116:43
MSP	Hilary Holt                            ?     MSP # 6	
DNF	Steve Dreksler, Terry Bilodeau         MBOC? missing ctrls	
Yellow (second course)					
1	Mike Branson                MBOC     50:28
2	Nancy and Brian Martin      --       74:45
3	Steve and Tracy Brown       --       81:56
Orange 2.6K 190m  			
1	Tom Carpenter               BAOC     57:43
2	Andrzej Sobczyk             BAOC     63:11
3	Sam Freund                  GCO      70:03	
4	Ellie Lightfoot             BAOC     93:46
5	Stephen Papa, Jon Gibbons   BAOC    106:40
6	Louise Madrid               BAOC    117:04
7	Hugh Wright	                 --
8	Aron and Bob Walker         BAOC    156:24
9	Ted Hullar, Lisa Loeb       --      165:05
10	Dan Craft, Gareth Scott     BAOC    170:18
OT	Al, Geoffrey, Andrew Theiss	BAOC    228:31
DNF	Ken Livak                   BAOC    injury	
DNF	Eric Heins                  --      missing ctrls	
DNF	Ray and Barbara Kujawski	BAOC    missing ctrls	
DNF	Jeff Lanham                 BAOC    missing ctrls	
DNF	Mark Galipean               --      missing ctrls	
DNF	Joan Lowden                 --      missing ctrls	
DNF	D Joe Anderson              BAOC    missing ctrls	
DNF	Chris Shirley               BAOC    missing ctrls	
Brown 2.8K 210m   				
1	Dennis Wildfogel            BAOC      62:55
2	Michael Poulsen             BAOC      80:19
3	Stephanie Maclean           BAOC      83:12
4	Michael Fleishman           BAOC     100:46
5	Robert Lewis                BAOC     101:44
6	Jascha Lee                  BAOC     113:34	
7	Kelly Wells	           BAOC     125:23
DNF	Dwight Freund               GCO/BAOC missing ctrl	
DNF	Amy Burgess	           EWOC    missing ctrls
DNF	Rich Seymour, Ingrid Karau  MBOC?   missing ctrls	
DNF	Nancy Lindeman              BAOC    missing ctrls	
Green 3.9K 220m  				
1	Bill Borrie	           EWOC      90:37
2	Manfred Kopisch             BAOC      94:15
3	Van A. Boughner             BAOC      98:34
4	Roy Want                    BAOC	   107:11
5	Ron Gross                   GCO/BAOC 107:39
6	Eric Strong	           BAOC     109:50
7	Trevor Pering               BAOC     119:36
8	Vic Revenko	           BAOC     140:38
DNF	Kathleen Lennon             BAOC	 missing ctrl	
DNF	Frazier Stevenson           BAOC  missing ctrls	
Red 5.6K 350m				
1	Derek Maclean               BAOC     95:15
2	Bob Cooley                  BAOC    100:03
3	Steve Gregg          :      BAOC    102:49
4	Tapio Karras                BAOC    111:16
5	Syd Reader                  BAOC    114:51
6	Chris Turton                 --     121:11
7	Gary Carpenter              BAOC    137:28
8	Bill Papendick              BAOC    164:20
DNF	Greg Lennon	           BAOC  missing ctrls
DNF	Bill Banker	           MBOC  missing ctrls
DNF	Dan Clarke                  BAOC  missing ctrls	
Blue 7.8K 435m				
1	Jorg Hofer                  BAOC    105:38
2	Kent Ohlund	           BAOC    106:46
3	Thorsten Graeve             BAOC    129:31
4	Gavin Wyatt-Mair            BAOC    182:08
DNF	Jim Yentz                   BAOC	  injury	
DNF	Mike Lwin                   MBOC? missing ctrls