Boreal Ridge Results

August 11, 1996

by Ron Gross, meet director

Many volunteers helped make this event a very successful one for 62 entrants, including many BAOCers and three from out-of-state clubs. Dwight Freund did an excellent job of setting the courses, perhaps except for the Orange, which was a good course but much more a Green level in both difficulty and effort. Below are the complete results.

Many stayed with it (the Orange) for well over three hours and only missed one or two punches. It certainly shows the enthusiasm of the up-and-coming GCO members. BAOC member Aileen Abernathy's winning time was the only Orange finish under the 3-hour technical time limit. Well done!

Some confusion on Orange resulted from a missing punch at No. 6. (Credit was given, although belatedly in some cases.) Apparently, a marmot with an aggressive appetite liked the salty taste of the string and chewed through it, dragging the punch away and leaving the bag on the ground. As a result, many runners lost considerable time on this control, and explains some of the unusual number of DNFs. Also, some Orange runners did not finish till after the course closing time and may have missed the last control, No. 10, because it had already been picked up.

On White, Holly Beatis ran away from the crowd and is obviously ready to move up. Yellow times were a little slow, but considering the altitude, hills, and rough terrain, Ken Rose's time was well-deserved.

Syd Reader of BAOC beat this old man and others on Green by over 12 minutes and deserves an added thanks for picking up controls. Thanks also to Steve Smith for picking up the advanced controls well into the afternoon after all had left.

On Red, it was pretty much a BAOC lineup, with Tapio Karras showing steady improvement by winning over a strong field of runners. Many BAOC Blue runners did not come, perhaps because we had no Blue course.

Karen Sessler and husband Fred not only vetted the courses but also did triple duty at registration, beginners clinics, and the finish area. Ellie Lightfoot and Eric Strong, along with a troop of very helpful Boy Scouts, set up the start and finish, and with the help of Julie Gustifson, ran the start, finish, and results posting. Thanks also to all the unknown helpers that I haven't mentioned.



1  Holly Beatis         40:35
2  Larry Hopkins        52:39
3  Gary Miller          55:06
4  Taylor Biggs         57:46
5  M. Carpenter         60:10
6  Connie Taxiera       63:23
7  Steve Gray           68:06
8  Bridget O'Flaherty   73:17
9  Laura Spohr          92:00
10 Carol Steingard      92:25
Laures Stevens            DNF


1  Ken Rose                 75:14
2  Tim & Marlene Raustrom   89:44
3  Andy Lyons               90:24
4  E. Quartemant            91:42
5  Judy Koehler            103:59
6  Ev & Jean Beuerman      114:49
Lia Lorton                    DNF


1  Aileen Abernathy        160:59
Lynn Zonge                     OT  [194:03]
K. Anthony & C. Shirley        OT  [238:31]
Jennifer Kerr                 DNF
L. Stevens                    DNF
M. Carpenter                  DNF
Lesar                         DNF
M. & V. Steiner               DNF
Chris Crain                   DNF
Brian Peterson                DNF
Chris Ferohn                  DNF
Joe Ledesma                   DNF
Mike Catlin                   DNF
David Messinpos                DQ  [lost card]
Andy LaBatt                    DQ  [lost card]


1  Syd Reader           64:18
2  Ron Gross            75:42
3  Trevor Paring        77:05
4  Van Boughner         83:56
5  Patty Clemo         107:27
6  Eric Strong         108:47
7  Gerald de Wit       111:29
8  Steve Beuerman      114:00
9  Vic Revenko         128:09
10 David Best          136:18
11 Nancy Lindeman      159:04
Crowley/Wong              DNF


1  Tapio Karras         70:50
2  Kent Ohlund          75:31
3  Gary Carpenter       77:11
4  Werner Haag          83:45
5  Steve Smith          83:54
6  Robert Galets        83:55
7  Thorsten Graeve      83:58
8  Bob Cooley          103:36
9  Scott Aster         111:16
10 Clint Morse         118:11
11 Peter Olsten        127:43
12 Val Licon           135:39
13 Tom Gray            151:21
14 Jeff Thompson       166:17