Indian Valley

May 18, 1996

One only has to look at the results to tell what the weather was like for this year's Indian Valley event. When there are 48 advanced orienteers, and only 5 White and 4 Yellow participants, one knows that there must have been inclement weather. There had been three days of rain before Saturdays event, and rain was forecast for the weekend, so most beginners stayed away. As it turned out, however, the day was perfect for running. It was cool, with only an occasional brief shower (just enough to warrant putting up tarps over the master maps, start, and finish areas). The sun even came out by the afternoon. Fortunately, the hard corps orienteers didn't let the threat of rain deter them from coming out and having a good time in one of the BAOC's nicest areas for orienteering. The area is predominantly forest, with very little hostile vegetation, and has moderate hills by Bay Area standards. The excellent map, made by George Kirkov in 1992, has a lot of point detail, including many rock features and small clearings. There was plenty of free parking, and the registration, start, and finish areas were all located close to the parking area and bathrooms.

Four advanced courses were offered, Brown, Green, Red, and Blue. Because of the new 'truth in advertising' policy about describing the amount of climb on the courses, many people dropped down a level. As a result, there was about equal distribution of orienteers on the four courses. The closest race was on Brown, where Werner Haag won by 42 seconds over Dennis Wildfogel, and George Minarik came in third 56 seconds later. Derek Maclean had a good run on Green, with Steve Smith taking second place. Arild Orsleie, veteran Indian Valley course setter, won the Red course, with Gary Carpenter coming in second a little over a minute and a half later, and Kent Ohlund claiming third place 56 seconds later. There were several amazing performances on the Blue course. Pascal Vieser won with a time of 84:25 (averaging 10.9 min./k. over the 7.75 k., 570 m.climb course). Lans Taylor was second with a time of 88:32, and Jorg Hofer in third at 91:02. (Unfortunately, James could not participate because of his commencement ceremony at U.C. Berkeley that morning.)

Although the advanced courses were well received, the Orange course was too long and too difficult. Only three of the eleven starters completed the course successfully, with Kathy Wells winning in a time of 90:41. I find the Orange course the most difficult one to set. The Orange course should encourage off trail orienteering, but provide a safer, but longer, trail alternative. The controls should be on big features, and have good attack points. Preferably, there should also be collecting and catching features. I think all of the Orange controls met those criteria. However, I had relatively few of the easier Yellowish-Orange controls. Most of the controls tended to be on the more difficult end of the Orange spectrum. In addition, the course was too long. I will do better next time.

The event could not have gone as smoothly as it did if it were not for the large number of volunteer helpers. I particularly want to thank my co-directors, Keith Krieger and Darcy Richardson. They vetted all of the controls, made the Start-O' map, recruited the registration team, ran the start, helped set up and take down the finish chute and all of the tarps, and helped collect controls. They were always cheerful and cooperative, and it was a great pleasure to work with them. Tom Strat was my course consultant, and he provided me with many valuable suggestions on how to improve the courses. Joe Scarborough, assisted by James, did an excellent job of vetting, and also made a number of helpful suggestions. The registration was handled by Terry Engelhart, Judy Koehler, Kristine Smith, and Ev and Jean Beuerman. Gary Kraght gave beginner's clinics, and Marsha Jacobs and Jill Custer handled the finish and results. I particularly want to thank Michael Poulsen, Bruce Wolfe, and especially Gary Carpenter, for helping me retrieve the 62 controls scattered over the entire mapped area. Finally, I want to thank my wife, Jill, who tolerates my obsession with orienteering with good humor, and was very helpful to me preparing for the event by running errands to pick up equipment and supplies, attaching new purple pens to all of the master maps boards, and helping with the finish and results.


	1.	Jun Wang & Bill Russient	39:54
	2.	Julie Wells	53:39
	3.	Daniel Ohlund & Daniel Beall	77:44
	4.	Joe Kikuchi, Kyle Wagner, 
		Kevin Wagner & 
		Bonnie Van Den Hardel	102:27
		Jean Lionelli & Susan McQuiston	DNF


	1.	Bill Rassieur	61:30
	2.	George & Pat Aster	79:38
	3.	Sally Murphree & Lynne Stafford	97:33
		Alex Englehart & Gabriel Carroll	DNF
Second Course
		Jun Wang	143:56

3.75 k, 200 m. 14 controls
	1.	Kelly Wells	90:41
	2.	JohnHensley & Janice Litvin	94:31
	3.	S. OKeefe	150:39
		Meg Gerstner	MSP
		Louise Madrid	DNF
		Nancy Lindeman	DNF
		Jeanette Wilson & 
		Peggy Gonzales	DNF
		Guldman	DNF
		Ray & Barbara Kujawski	DNF
		Rae & Cary Winther & 
		Susan Schermhorn	DNF
		Robin Foster	DNF

3.5 k, 175 m, 11 controls
	1.	Werner Haag	47:17
	2.	Dennis Wildfogel	47:59
	3.	George Minarik	49:55
	4.	Gary Kraght	55:43
	5.	Michael Poulsen	67:04
	6.	Jascha Lee	79:21
	7.	Robert Lewis	94:04
	8.	Jerry Goss	104:46
	9.	Aileen Abernathy	107:40
	10.	Stacy Robinson	111:33
	11.	Steve Beuerman	121:21
		Mark, Benn, and Matt Winther	DNF

4.65 k, 385 m, 13 controls
	1.	Derek Maclean	70:26
	2.	Steve Smith	75:34
	3.	Bill Papendick	83:07
	4.	Scott Aster	84:23
	5.	Manfred Kopisch	88:27
	6.	Finn Arildsen	101:50
	7.	Steph Maclean	105:10
	8.	Greg Lee	105:31
	9.	Greg Lennon	105:38
	10.	Kathleen Lennon	106:46
	11.	Michael Springer	111:46
	12.	Vic Revenko	137:06
	13.	Gerald de Wit	144:04
	14.	Kent Shaw (DVOA)	153:27

5.75 k, 470 m, 18 controls
	1.	Arild Orsleie	93:53
	2.	Gary Carpenter	95:25
	3.	Kent Ohlund	96:21
	4.	Tapio Karras	101:40
	5.	Alan Glendinning	106:34
	6.	Rex Winterbottom	107:05
	7.	Dan Greene	107:16
	8.	Bruce Basset	117:07
	9.	Bob Cooley	117:26
	10.	Phil Lacroute	125:47
	11.	Mark Blair	157:51

7.75 k, 570 m, 21 controls
	1.	Pascal Vieser	84:25
	2.	Lans Taylor	88:32
	3.	Jorg Hofer	91:02
	4.	Bruce Wolfe	94:56
	5.	Christian Rauftlin	105:34
	6.	Thorsten Graeve	115:05
	7.	Brian Moore	137:58
	8.	Jay Montgomery	169:49
	9.	Tony Pinkham	OT