The Presidio Come-and-Try-It event was a hit despite the rain and a last minute change in directions. Hopefully, nobody missed the event because of this.

I wasn't able to find anyone to direct this meet so I took it on at the last minute. I had little time to prepare as I was busy working on other projects and looking for a home to buy (yes, I found one and made an offer last week). Fortunately, we only needed two courses and we could use the White and Yellow courses from last year (with minor changes to satisfy members that might show up) as this was an introductory event for people that attended the Great Outdoor Adventure Fair. Also, I was lucky enough to have 17 other members show up to help run this event.

It took Marsha Jacobs and I less than 90 minutes to set up the controls and event direction signs. When we each returned to the start area, other volunteers had already begun to show up. They went right to work setting up the start/finish area, registration, parking area, and master maps. Others soon showed up and began beginner clinics for the initial flood of new orienteers. Whenever we needed to do something, someone jumped to the task and it was instantly taken care of. Though I was minimally prepared, the volunteers made this the easiest event I've ever managed. My many thanks to all the volunteers that helped out.

As I had to leave for another orienteering task at 11:30, I turned over the event to the capable hands of Marsha Jacobs and Scott Aster. By that time the new orienteers had begun to finish their first courses and were being greeted by BAOC members who asked them about their courses and experiences. Many of the new people went out for second courses despite the rain. Everyone seemed to be having a good time.

For some of the new people, the BAOC hotline provided the vital last minute change in directions to the event. After the Bulletin was distributed, I found out we could not use Crissy Field because it had been reserved for use by the Celtic Music Festival. I announced the changes on Internet and Ev Beuerman announced the changes on the hotline. At least a couple of confused parties called the hotline when they couldn't find us where they expected us to be (and didn't see our signs in the rain). Remember to call the hotline when this happens in the future!

White Course (1.9km)                             TIME  1st  2nd (course)
 1. Steve Gregg                                  9:04        1
 2. Betty Delucco, Daryl Jamgotchian            14:19   2
 3. Amy Studer                                  20:43   1
 4. Larry Granader                              21:35   1
 5. Annette Leonard and Rich Zupan              21:49   2
 6. Mike Strain, Matt Denberg                   23:10   2
 7. JVJSNP opc                                  29:23   3+
 8. Linda Curry and Prue Draper                 35:45   2
 9. Diana Ferguson, Ginger Mason, Michele Zenor 36:12   3
10. Li Miao                                     36:46   1
11. Byron Woodworth                             37:13   1
12. Lacey and Jeanne Williams                   37:34   2
13. Bruce Hull                                  38:07   1
14. Philip Malkin                               38:13   1
15. Mary, Lauren, Eric, and John Pagendarm      40:43   4
16. Pat Dykeme, Sue Howell, Sam, and Lauren     41:27   4
17. Diane Grant and Jeff Grove                  45:18   2
18. Bowman and Daniel Ching and Kathy Higuchi   57:20   3
19. Michael and Greg Kelderman and Lynn Winter  60:35   3
20. Kathy, Nate, Layna, Anne George             61:25   4
21. Bill and Damico Shields                     71:03   2
22. Girl Scouts 3194/3195 with Virginia Lee     81:18   8
Total number of participants                           52+   1

Yellow Course (3.5km)                            TIME  1st  2nd (course)
 1. Steve Gregg                                 23:27   1
 2. Bruce Bassett                               24:59   1
 3. Gary Kraght                                 32:05   1
 4. Bill Papendick                              32:33   1
 5. Micha and Daniel Roseh and Zohar Kolberg    34:41   3
 6. Robert Lewis                                36:49   1
 7. Joe Papendick                               38:59   1
 8. Oleg Shakhnovsky                            39:59   1
 9. Steve Beuerman                              44:00   1
10. Mike Strain, Matt Denberg                   47:52        2
11. Larry Granader                              48:54        1  
12. A. Bennett and K. McGuffey                  54:38   2
13. Beto and Gerald Peliks                      59:31   2
14. Katie and Erinne Lambden and Megann Young   60:00   3
15. Annette Leonard and Rich Zupan              60:35   2    2
16. Fred, Terry, Nick, Craig, Nan, David, Chris,
      Jon, Michal, Jamie, and Steven            60:44  10
17. Philip Malign and Byron Woodworth           62:47        2
18. Louval and Lacefield                        63:31   2    
19. Bullerl, Maltin, Owen, Suhrke, Gould, Owen  66:53   6    
20. Joe M., Jeff, Andy B., Greg C., Mike M.,
      Toki B., and Joe B.                       67:32   7    
21. Nanette Bassett                             68:17   1
22. Bruce, Susan, Sara, and Laura Gravens and 
      Tiffany Henderson                         68:40   5    
23. Shakhnovsky Galina                          69:00   1
24. Mike McNeill                                70:26   1    
25. Craig Dauch, Elizabeth bischoff, 
      Fred Henning, and Nicole Theuisus         71:56   4    
26. Diane Grant and Jeff Grove                  72:25        2 
27. Laura Lund                                  74:20   1
28. Betty Delucco, Daryl Jamgotchian            75:49        2
29. Li Miao                                     76:49        1
30. Manuel, Sternfels, and Schafer              78:01   3
31. Patricia Dykeme, Sue Howell, Lauren, Sam    79:36        4
32. Linda Curry and Prue Draper                 85:04        2
33. Pascal and Kirsten Vin                      92:54   2
34. Chris and Veronica Knez                     93:03   2
35. Armin, Geoffrey, Andrew, and Al Theiss     119:58   4
36. Ralph and Lynn Mihan                       126:27   2
Total number of participants                           61   18 

Volunteers (18+)
Tony Pinkham (Director)
Marsha Jacobs (Assistant Director and course setup)
Scott Aster (Assistant Director)
Darcy Richardson (Registration)
Kieth Krieger (Registration)
Neal Barlow (Parking and helped beginners)
Bruce Bassett (Parking, White master maps, and helped beginners)
Nanette Bassett (White master maps and other help)
Ev Beuerman (Setup, cleanup, and helped beginners)
Jean Beuerman (Setup, cleanup, and helped beginners)
Steve Beuerman (Finishes and control pickup)
Gary Kraght (Starts)
Jeff Lanham (Beginner Clinics)
Greg Lennon (Beginner clinics and helped beginners)
Kathleen Lennon (Beginner clinics and helped beginners)
Bill Lemon (Starts/Finishes and Beginner clinics?)
Robert Lewis (Beginner Clinics)
Rex Winterbottam (Control pickup)

Everybody (Sharing experiences with finishers)

Who am I forgetting?