Wildcat Canyon Results Feb. 4, 1996 =======================================

As we put out a couple of controls in a driving rain storm on the morning of the meet, Harold and I agreed that this was a day that would separate the men from the boys. The rain did let up some by the first starts and some people even managed to get around between showers, but the mud remained. If there had been a prize for muddiest competitor, Nancy Lindeman would have won hands down. She returned to the finish when she could no longer see her map and could be heard muttering something about her mother always keeping her so clean as a child. Our new editor showed us he can muck around in the mud as well as the next guy and came in second in the "muddiest" category.

Jorg Hofer managed to get around the long (7.5K) advanced course in 84:33 in spite of the testing conditions. Tapio Karras was quickest on the not-so-short (5.1K) short course in 67:33. It's really beautiful out there right now. The hills are lovely green and there's no thistle. A look at the finish times shows that most people were in no hurry to get back! --Penny DeMoss

Short   5.1K   9 Controls
1. Tapio Karras		 67:33
2. Werner Haag		 82:35
3. Eric Strong		 96:01
4. Ron Gross		 96:50
5. Greg Lee		100:23
6. Scott Aster		116:20
7. Charles Brenner/	149:19
   Larry Breed
8. Tom Carpenter	168:19
9. Robert Lewis		176:25
   Nancy Lindeman 	   DNF
   Ellie Lightfoot	   DNF

Long   7.5K   15 Controls
1. Jorg Hofer		 84:33
2. Steve Gregg		107:09
3. Gary Carpenter	122:24
   Gavin Wyatt-Mair	   MSP
   Oleg Shakhnovsky	   DNF
   David Kim/Barry Fisher  DNF